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CCHR Abuse Case Interview Form (ver. 1.0), Jan, 1, 1992

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Citizens Commission on Human Rights
6362 Hollywood Boulevard,
Suite B Los Angeles, CA 90028
Phone: (213) 467-4242 Fax: (213) 467-3720

NAME: Stan J. Caterbone AGE: 33
ADDRESS: 615 Wyncroft Lane, Apt. 2
CITY: Lancaster STATE: PA ZIP: 17603
WORK PHONE: (717) 392-3682 ' HOME PHONE: Same
FAX: (717) 392-0532

DATE: January 1, 1991
FORM FILLED OUT BY: Stan J. Caterbone

Brief summary of abuse (Drugs, Electric Shock Treatment, Psychiatric Rape, Confinement):
Fabricated allegations of suicide, "going to the beach with a gun to kill himself", made by James Warner on August 12, 1987 to the Stone Harbor Police Department. Incarcerated and taken to the Burdette Tomlin Hospital in Stone Harbor, New Jersey, on August 12, 1987 by Officer Steve O'Conner and Henry Stanford of the Stone Harbor Police Department, and accompanied by Steve and Tom Caterbone (brothers). Hospital officials refused to release me, and after several hours, I was forced into signing a contract with the hospital that said "I, Stanley J. Caterbone will not take my life tonight or anytime" as a requirement for my release. [SEE PAGES 40 TO 41 OF ROY GRIFFEN'S CHRONOLOGY OF EVENTS, DATED DECEMBER 20, 1991]

On September 9th, 1987, I was denied bail for again fabricated criminal charges of September 3, 1987, (all charges dropped in March of 1988) unless I admitted myself into the Psychiatric Unit of St. Joseph Hospital in Lancaster, PA. Officials of the Lancaster County Prison, attorney Robert Byers, Mary Lynn DiPaolo, Dr. Al Shulz, Yolanda Caterbone (Mother), and Michael Caterbone (brother) all collaborated that the only way bail would be allowed to be posted is by admitting myself, voluntarily, into the Hospital. After learning that the requirment (hospitalization), for posting bail was not required, I released myself from the hospital. During the five days of hospitalization, I was made to take lithium several times per day. I was also denied any opportunity to communicate with any attorneys or representatives regarding any of my legal affairs. [SEE PAGES 45 TO 46 OF ROY GRIFFEN'S CHRONOLOGY OF EVENTS, DATED DECEMBER 20, 1991]

On June 7, 1991, I was again incarcerated and arrested on fabricated charges, again by the Stone Harbor Police, again by Officer Henry Stanford, for driving while under the influence. During a sobriety test on the sidewalk, I again asked Officer Stanford what the charges were and he replied "It doesn't matter, it is my word against yours, -and we know who they will believe, remember '87. When I passed two breathalizer tests (.08), Officer Stanford refused to release me and I was placed in a holding cell. After several hours, an Officer McLaughlin arrived from the Avalon Police Department, with a warrent for my arrest, for outstanding warrents (fabricated traffic violations of August 14, 1987), which attorney Byers had since said were dropped, and again placed under arrest. The two officers, McClaughlin (Avalon, NJ) and Stanford (Stone Harbor, NJ) requested $340.00 for bail. I requested to go to my car for the cash, which was one block away, and Officer McGlaughlin refused stating "you may have a gun in the car". I was taken to the Cape May County Prison, fingerprinted and improsoned until the next day. I posted bail the following day. [SEE PAGES 74 TO 75 OF ROY GRIFFEN'S CHRONOLOGY OF EVENTS, DATED DECEMBER 20, 1991]

On September 3, 1987, I was arrested for burglarizing my own leased property, charged with stealing my own property, charged with destroying my own property, charged with terrorizing my own employee, who I kissed goodbye, and awaited for her safe return into my building, and charged with making an alleged bomb threat to my own place of business, by the Manhiem Township Police Department, the Lancaster District Attorney, District Justice Murray Horton, and District Justice Richard Reeser. [SEE PAGES 44 TO 45 OF ROY GRIFFEN'S CHRONOLOGY OF EVENTS, DATED DECEMBER 20, 1991]

On December 4, 1987 at the annual shareholders meeting of Financial Management Group, Ltd., the company that I had founded, Mr. Robert Kauffman conveniently arranged and hired armed security guards stand _at the entrance of the meeting. This strategy was used for the sole purpose of purporting and supporting his fabricated allegations of criminal misconduct and mental illness of myself, by suggesting that I was going to attend the meeting, which was perfectly within my rights, as a 20% shareholder of Financial Management Group, Ltd., the Executive Vice President, and Secretary, and President of FMG Advisory. Mr. Kauffman attempted to insinuate that I was contemplating attending the meeting in order to cause violence. I did not attend the meeting, nor had any plans to do so. [SEE PAGES 53 OF ROY GRIFFEN'S CHRONOLOGY OF EVENTS, DATED DECEMBER 20, 1991]

In March of 1991, David D. Dering, the president of American Helix Technology Corporation, told all employees during a special staff meeting, that I "was a runaway ex-convict that would end up in jail soon, and that I was "bad news". Mr. Dering also spent approximately 20 minutes slandering my character, my reputation, and my business activities. Mr. Dering was threatened by my disclosure of filing a civil Anti-Trust suit against American Helix and High Industries, its parent company, for allegations of conspiracy to sabotage my business activities in 1987 with "Digital Technologies", which resulted in the formation of American Helix, by persons which were involved in my business affairs in 1987, and which was my business. (Scott Robertson, Robert Long, Norris Boyd, High Industries). [SEE PAGES 73 OF ROY GRIFFEN'S CHRONOLOGY OF EVENTS, DATED DECEMBER 20, 1991]

On July 6, 1987 in the first conversation with Dr. Al Shulz since 'November of 1986, Stan Caterbone learned that numerous persons, including Mary Lynn DiPaolo and Jere Sullivan had personally called Dr. Shulz and fabricated allegations of mental illness in the previous' days. Dr. Al Shulz also accused Stan Caterbone of suffering from "illusions of grandure", and did not believe any of his extensive business dealings, specifically the "Digital" movie and its related activities. [SEE PAGES 34 TO PAGES 35 OF ROY GRIFFEN'S CHRONOLOGY OF EVENTS, DATED DECEMBER 20, 1991]

On or about July 30, 1987 Stan Caterbone retained the services of Dr. Marshall Levine, a psychiatrist from Northfield, NJ, to conduct an objective review of his mental state of mind, soley to discredit the fabricated allegations of mental illness. Dr. Levine conducted a 2 hour interview at his home in Stone Harbor, NJ and requird Stan Caterbone to complete the MMPI test. Stan Caterbone also paid Dr. Marshall Levine a $600 fee for the services. After submitting the MMPI test, and not hearing from Dr. Levine, Stan Caterbone finally called Dr. Levine for the results. Dr. Levine had disclosed that he had conducted telephone interviews with family members, without the consent or knowledge of Stan Caterbone, and specifically not adhering to the original agreement of a complete objective and impartial review. Dr. Levine prescribed Lithium drugs, and would not send any written communications regarding his findings or conclusions. Stan Caterbone requested for a refund of all monies paid, however Dr. Marshall Levine refused. [SEE PAGES 39 TO PAGES 40 OF ROY GRIFFEN'S CHRONOLOGY OF EVENTS, DATED DECEMBER 20, 1991]

It should be noted that I have never been convicted of any crime, before or after the above occurences. In fact, I have never had any altercation with the law before the above incidents, except for a few speeding violations that dated back to 1982.

Many other incidents described in detail in Roy Griffen's chronology of events of December 20, 1991.

When did the abuse occur?
See above.

List the names of the psychiatrists involved:
Name Office/Hospital Phone
Dr. Al Schulz St. Joseph Hospital (717) 291-8083
Dr. Marshall Levine Northfield, NJ forthcoming

List the names of any other people involved:
Name, Phone (All parties below have supported and or fabricated allegations of insanity, and or psychiatric treatment)
Michael Hartlett, (717) 898-560-4499
Mary Lynn DiPaolo, (717) 569-0022
Michael DiPaolo, (717) 569-0022
Jere Sullivan, (703) 579-6143
James Warner, (717) 397-9968
Detective Sigler, (717) 569-6401
Robert Kauffman, (717) 569-560-8300
Detective Mathias, (717) 569-6401
Howard Eisler, (717) forthcoming
David Drubner, (203) 753-9292
Yolanda Caterbone, (717) 394-7710
Steven Caterbone, (305) 751-0352
Phillip Caterbone(717) forthcoming
Thomas Caterbone, (717) 299-5194
Robert Beyers, (717) 394-7204
David D. Dering, (717) 392-7840
Allon Lefever, (717) 293-4444
Scott Robertson, (717) 393-8082
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Roda, (717) 394-1160
Linda Murphy Berger, forthcoming
Karen Hickman, (717) forhtcoming
Michelle Hodge Miller, (213) 546-5124
Ronald Roda, (717) 299-5469
Wayne Landis, (717) 843-9227
Art Kerst (717) 392-4797
Evelyn Sullivan, (717) 392-3221
Benjamin Roda, (717) 392-9999
Joseph Roda (717) 397-3791
Amy Hinterlighter, (215) 640-4852
Dan Moyer (717) 295-1200
Jack Mahn (609) 368-1551
Bob Walters forthcoming
Victor Makarowicz (717) 569-8296
Herb Fisher (717) 394-6463
Fred Martin (FBI) (717) 232-8686
Jeff Jamounou (717) 232-8000
Sen. Gib Armstrong forthcoming
Steven Hobday (717) 393-8637
Cristine Housner (717) 293-9293
District Justice Murray Horton forthcoming
District Justice Richard Reeser forthcoming
James Christian forthcoming
Lt. Madenspacher (717) 569-6401
Richard Hobday (717) 393-8637
Tim Hogentogler (717) 569-8057
John Baumgardner forthcoming
Daniel Berger (717) 872-1313
Alan Loss (717) 560-4499
Nancy Arment (717) 872-9355
Omar Landis (717) 859-5466
Peter Peneros (717)295-1200
John M. Wolf II 393-5601
Chuck Smith (717) 569-5341
Peter Wolfson (717) 299-6615, (717) 569-5341
Craig Russell (717) 293-9293
Rich Braverman (717) 295-1200
Dr. William Umiker (717) 394-9936 –
William Kogler (404) 951-0600
Claude Pea (404) 951-0600
Thomas Flannery forthcoming
Jay Curtis forthcoming
Mike Kawahara forthcoming
Benjamin Phister forthcoming
Mike Hess (717) 299-7382
Bruce Kline forhtcoming
John DePatto forhtcoming
Michael McDonald forthcoming
Lewis Schweller (609) 645-1111
Michael Orstein forthcoming
Mr. Tottaro, Asst. District Attorney (Lancaster) forthcoming
Marc Finegold (717) 392-7840
Pete Richter (717) 394-0547
Farmers First Bank (717) 394-0547
Jill Carson (Fulton Bank) forthcoming
Norris Boyd (717) 569-0484 Cliff Weaver forthcoming
Ric Fox (717) 774-5244 Detective Bodan,
PA Attorney Generals Office forthcoming

Give the sequence of the abuse in detail from the beginning to end, providing the dates for all occurrences and the names of the people involved in each occurrence.
See Roy Griffen's Chronology of December 20, 1991, pages 1 to 88.

Date Occurrence
See Roy Griffen's Chronology of December 20, 1991, pages 1 to 88

List out the specific harms resulting from the psychiatric treatment which you are aware of:
Loss of professional and personal ruputation. Loss of income. Extreme sense of cuation when engaging in interpersonal relationships. Extreme loss of respect among personal and professional peers. Complete and thourough mistrust for psychiatric profession. Sense for the inadequate and abuse of psychiatric diagnosis, and familiarity and personal experience of psychiatric abuse in order to support political, financial, and or personal agendas and gains. Extreme loss of dignity. Extreme loss of respect. Permanent psychological scares from experience. Extreme mental duress, stress, and other related anxieties. Complete loss of faith of Psychiatric profession and related supporting systems, including law enforcement, judicial, and legislative, considering the pleas for help to resolve the criminal conspiracy in the early stages of July, 1987.

Loss of Patent and intellectual property rights of Financial Management Group, Ltd., and Digital technologies, including the PSDMS (Power Station Digital Movie Sound).
Loss of Accumulated Business assets worth at least $2,500,000.

Do you have government connections personally or through family members? If so, what?
-Federal contracts with the National Institute of Standards and Technology for CD-ROM manufacturing. Procurement for same with the Defense Mapping Agency of the Department of Defense. Phillip Caterbone (brother), fellowship with the National Institute of Health of Bethesda, Maryland (1990-1991). Samuel A. Caterbone (brother), military service, USAF (1969-1971). Samuel Caterbone, Jr., (father), alleged association with the Central Intelligence Agency, CIA, (disclosed by Dominic Roda, uncle & Godfather, on November 17, 1991, and by Midge Caterbone, aunt, on November 22, 1991. Both persons acknowledged the time period of 1974 to 1981 where the whereabouts of Sameul Caterbone Jr. were unknown to all persons, including all family members.

Do you have family or friends who think you should undergo further psychiatric treatment?
See list. All persons have advocated the use of medication. Reasons were never disclosed. The persons would especially disclose the belief for psychiatric treatment when I persued legal recourse for activities of 1987.

In all of the events, activities, and incidents described herein, No one, has ever stated any particular event or incident to support the many allegations of mental illness. Any allegations, the suicide, financial bankruptcy, and others, have always been proven to be fabricated, and I have always had sufficient evidence that they were fabricated. However, to this day, I, have never had any opportunity to discuss all related affairs, contained herein, with the exception of the 4 hour meeting on September 29, 1987, with the Pennsylvania Securities Commission. However, after that meeting, I have not heard from the investigator, Mr. Howard Eisler, or any representative of the Pennsylvania Securities Commission, until 2 months later, when I recieved a notice to put my complaint into writing.

In addition, during the preliminary hearing of the criminal charges of September 3, 1987, my alleged attorney, Robert Byers, refused to discuss any of my defenses, including that I was legally never terminated from the FMG, Ltd., Board of directors, that I was an indiviual leaseholder of the building I allegedly burglarized, that all of the files taken were my property, as well as others.

How do you feel about what psychiatry did to you?
Ruined my life, my businesses, my opportunity for income, and virtually all relationships encountered prior to 1987. Loss of all personal assets, including homes, monies, and business accomplishments. It is the single most reason for the lack of any type of quality of life, which I presently am deprived, which will soon result in becoming homeless.

Have you contemplated taking any action against the psychiatrist or do -you want to take action? If so, what?
Yes, civil suits to recover financial damages, personal and professional reputation, and punative damages for extreme emotional and mental duress.

Any other comments or information you would like to provide?
This case is directly involved with a "Cover-Up" (criminal conspiracy) to supress my knowledge and allegations of misconduct of International Signal & Control (ISC), which I made public in May of 1987, and to ISC executive Larry Resch on June 23, 1987, during a meeting at my office. I was a shareholder of ISC stock during that time. In addition, Jere Sullivan and James Warner, both of whom personally fabricated allegations of isanity, were directly involved with ISC. Jere Sullivan worked for United Chem Con, (Guerin company), and has been a business partner of Mr. Larry Resch since 1987. James Warner (Lancaster Solid Waste Management Authority) was working with attorny Steve Spinello, of the law firm of Hartman, Underhill, & Brubaker, on the $50 million incinerator. Steven Spinello was also negotiating the ISC merger with Ferranti International, of London, during the time inwhcih I made allegations of misconduct regarding Mr. James Guerin, ISC, and United Chem Con. During this same time, Mr. James Warner made repeated allegations of insanity, and also officially reported a fabricated allegation of suicide to authorities of the Stone Harbor Police Department, of New Jeresy. Ferranti and ISC finally merged the following November, of 1987. In September of 1987, I made allegations of fruad within ISC to Howard Eisler, an investigator with the Pennsyvania Securities Commission, during a 4 hour meeting in my home, 'that was solicited by the Pennsylvania Securities Commission.

All allegations of insanity (surfacing in July of 1987 and continuing to present), conveniently discredited all of my allegaitons of misconduct within ISC, its executives, and its operations, as well as my allegations of criminal conspiracy and fruad by Robert Kauffman, Michael Hartlett, FMG, Ltd., executives, Commonwealth National Bank, as well as all other related parties.
In 1989, Ferranti disclosed allegaitons of the "Billion Dollar Fraud" by James Guerin and ISC, by inflating the value of ISC related contracts.

On October 31, 1991, ISC founder James Guerin, Larry Resch, and 17 others were indicted by a Philadelphia Federal Grand Jury on charges of a "$ 1.14 Billion Fraud (Ferranti/ISC Merger of November, 1987)" and the illegal sales of Arms to South Africa and Iraq. Mr. Guerin and Mr. Resch have since pleaded guilty to all charges.

Thank you for filling out this survey. Please send it to us in the enclosed self addressed envelope.

As per my conversation with your representative on December 16, 1991, I would expect to receive a copy of your findings, reports, and or conclusion of your investigation, for myself, as well as my legal representatives, and or their agents.

Audio tapes of authentic recorded conversations of above incidents, forthcoming. In addition, I possess the following information assets, which, beyond a shadow of a doubt, collaborate, support, and prove all of the preceding:

Paper Documents
Audio Transcripts
VHS Video
CD Audio
9-Track Tape
CD-ROM/CDTV Demo Discs
Full Color Photographs
News Articles
Appr. 18 Hours
9,079 Images
50 Hours
150 Megabytes (1 disc)
60 Minutes (1 disc)
2 Reels- Appr. 5 0 400 Appr. 200

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