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Action Plan

Advanced Media Group has been working with Downtown Lancaster developers, Lancaster City Officials, and major stakeholders to facilitate this action plan developed in 2006.

Project 1 – Excelsior Place on East King Street
In 1998 Advanced Media Group had developed a comprehensive plan for the revitalization of the Excelsior Place Historic Property (Sprecher Brewery) located 1 block from the proposed Downtown Lancaster Convention Center. We had planned a unique entertainment complex comprised of a Pub, an upscale restaurant in the lower catacomb, and a nightclub in the first floor. We had also developed and designed a state-of-the-art video conferencing facility to compliment the Convention Center. We have joined in the talks and discussions with principals, stakeholders, and taxing authorities concerning the present proposals and the future of the revitalization of Downtown Lancaster and the Convention Center.

Advanced Media Group/Project Hope filed a Civil Action in the Court of Common Pleas of Lancaster County against Drew Anthon and the Eden Resort Inn (Lancaster County Hoteliers) for their attempts to withhold the Tourism Tax and Hotel Tax that supports the Downtown Lancaster Convention Center. The City of Lancaster supported the civil action. We also proposed an alternative plan to move the Convention Center to the Hotel Brunswick and Lancaster Square to all of the major stakeholders.

In 2007 Advanced Media Group signed a Non Disclosure Agreement with a local real estate firm to continue the advancement of the Excelsior Place Business Plan.

Project 2 – UPS/MBE Copy Store or FedEx/Kinkos Copy & Print Store
Advanced Media Group has an exclusive agreement for a UPS Shipping/Copy Store or a FedEx/Kinkos in Downtown Lancaster. The Advanced Media Group had selected the site of the corner of Queen and Chestnut Streets, a former bank owned by the Hotel Brunswick. The site has a walk in safe suitable for the records management service. Advanced Media had been in talks with the Hotel Brunswick for the past year regarding leasing options. There is no such service currently serving the needs of downtown businesses and it is a vital component for the Lancaster County Convention Center. In 1998 Advanced Media Group had contacted Mail Box Etc., and began initial franchise due diligence. However when the Lancaster County Convention Center was stalled, Advanced Media Group also put the project on the back burner. In 2005 Advanced Media Group negotiated for the exclusive right of first refusal to move the UPS Store at Stone Mill Plaza to downtown Lancaster.

The UPS/MBE Franchise is ranked number 4 among all franchises and number one in the shipping-postal store categories by Forbes.

Advanced Media Group would also add services such as scanning, imaging, and records management services that would attract an additional market to the concept. The UPS/MBE Franchise is ranked number 4 among all franchises and number one in the shipping-postal store categories by Forbes. Advanced Media Group is currently studying several site locations, including storefronts at the Brunswick Hotel, and a possible East King Street site. Advanced Media Group would like to cater to the many legal firms that conduct business in the Lancaster County Courthouse.

In 1990 Advanced Media Group developed and copyrighted the AMG Legal Systems Prototype which was a digital search and retrieval application designed to help legal firms deal with the complexities of organizing and filing court cases.

Advanced Media Group has specialized in records management and has a vast knowledge base and experience in optical publishing and records management. This service would allow firms to convert and store records off-site in a secure location with state-of-the-art retrieval services.

Typical Desktop Publishing services and binding services would also be offered.

Project 3 – Downtown Lancaster Movie Theater
A downtown Lancaster Movie Theater is vital to support the Lancaster County Convention Center and the Downtown Lancaster Revitalization at large.

Advanced Media Group has been performing due diligence on reopening the movie theaters at the Hotel Brunswick for the past 18 months. A recent site survey confirms that the movie theaters are in operating condition and negotiations with local business leaders and the Hotel Brunswick have been continuing for the past year. The Brunswick movie theater has 2 screens with approximately 500 seats per screen.

Advanced Media Group is proposing a multi-purpose theater capable of providing live theatrical and concerts by opening up both theaters to a common stage.

Project 4 – Big Box Retail in Downtown Lancaster
Advanced Media Group has been attempting to help facilitate the attraction of a big box retailer for Downtown Lancaster. In 2006 Advanced Media Group had discussions with the owner of Bulova Technologies regarding the development of that building to a retail store. The Advanced Media Group has contacted the Corporate development teams of the Hard Rock Café and Best Buy Electronics Stores.

In 2005 Advanced Media Group had talks with former Mayor Charlie Smithgall in attempts at trying to lure a Cabelas or a Pro Shops (click to see what a Pro Bass Interactive Store looks like) to the site.

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