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U.S. Federal Civil Rights Law Under Section 1983 provides:

     Every person who, under color of any statute, ordinance, regulation, custom, or usage, of any State or Territory or the District of Columbia, subjects, or causes to be subjected, any citizen of the United States or other person within the jurisdiction thereof to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws, shall be liable to the party injured in an action at law, suit in equity, or other proper proceeding for redress.

     The Fourteenth Amendment, ratified in 1868, has generated more lawsuits than any other provision of the U.S. Constitution. Section 1 of the amendment has been the centerpiece of most of this litigation. It makes "All persons born or naturalized in the United States"citizens of the United States and citizens of the state in which they reside. This section also prohibits state governments from denying persons within their jurisdiction the PRIVILEGES OR IMMUNITIES of U.S. citizenship, and guarantees to every such person DUE PROCESS and EQUAL PROTECTION OF THE LAWS. The Supreme Court has ruled that any state law that abridges FREEDOM OF SPEECH, freedom of religion, the right to trial by jury, the RIGHT TO COUNSEL, the right against SELF-INCRIMINATION, the right against unreasonable SEARCHES AND SEIZURES, or the right against CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENTS will be invalidated under section 1 of the Fourteenth Amendment. This holding is called the INCORPORATION DOCTRINE.

Meeting of October 14, 2008


Location:  Lancaster County Human Relations Office, 225 West King Street, Lancaster, PA   17602


Present:  Stan J. Caterbone, Complaintaint

                 Leslie Hyson, Executive Director

                 Adrian Garcia, Intake Officer


Complaint: Employment Discrimination v. H&R Block for denying Enrollment Form for Tax Preparation Classes to Prepare Taxes


Incident:  October 6, 2008 at H&R Block Office at Manor Shopping Center, Lancaster, Pennsylvania


Recorded Transcript of Meeting With Lancaster Human Relations Commission

(meeting was recorded with consent of all parties present)



[Stan J. Caterbone] Alright, so you are telling me that I did not submit a written complaint to this office before (2007)?


[Adrian Garcia] No, actually what I was telling you was that you are now visiting me to talk about the H&R Block denial of your application to teach tax preparation classes (to prepare taxes).  Is that why you are here?


[Stan J. Caterbone] Correct, but you said that I did not submit a written complaint before.


[Adrian Garcia] I you that it was not in our jurisdiction.


[Stan J. Caterbone] And you never submitted that in writing?


[Adrian Garcia] I believe that we tried to contact you on a couple of occasions.


[Stan J. Caterbone] By how?


[Leslie Hyson] I know we tried to contact you by phone and by email.


[Stan J. Caterbone] I did not have a phone.


[Leslie Hyson] You set up a meeting with me and you did not show.


[Stan J. Caterbone] I know and I told you why. But the complaint was submitted before that.  Mam, I submitted everything to him (Adrian Garcia) before that.


[Leslie Hyson] Correct.  A formal complaint was not filed.  Did you come back in and file a formal complaint?


[Stan J. Caterbone] Did you give me a complaint (form) when I was here?  Then why didn’t he give me a complaint form when I was here?


[Leslie Hyson] Because Adrian told you we did not have jurisdiction.


[Stan J. Caterbone] Then why would I file a complaint?


[Leslie Hyson] That is what we are telling you, sir.  Number one, Federal Law permits only ..


[Stan J. Caterbone] Don’t you have to provide that in writing?


[Leslie Hyson] No, I don’t.


[Stan J. Caterbone] Listen, Mam, let’s not continue this discussion, let’s get back to H&R Block.  You seem to be talking in circles.


[Leslie Hyson] No, you’re talking in circles.  Every time things don’t go your way you want to end the conversation.


[Stan J. Caterbone] Mam, you have nothing in writing to support what you are telling me. 


[Leslie Hyson] We do.  It tells you what is covered under our jurisdiction that is why Mr. Garcia gave you… it tells you who is covered under our jurisdiction.  You gave us a CD-ROM with information but none of that is within ..


[Adrian Garcia] None of that is within our jurisdiction.


[Stan J. Caterbone] If I submit something in writing don’t you feel it is ethical for you to submit something back saying why it is not within your jurisdiction to support your conclusion?


[Adrian Garcia] We would not be treating everyone the same if we did that because we don’t do that for everyone else.


[Stan J. Caterbone] Okay, I’ll take this up with another party.  Let’s talk about H&R Block.


[Adrian Garcia] H&R Block.  You are filing a complaint fo discrimination and I asked you base upon what?  Your first answer to me was to me was because you were a federal whistle-blower.  Okay, that’s one.


[Stan J. Caterbone] One is I have a federal law suit against the City (Lancaster), the County (Lancaster), and the (Lancaster) Police; and I believe that I am being retaliated against.  It could be because I’m Italian decent.  It could be because of all of the lies and slanderous rumors about me in this (Lancaster) county.  I have three (3) false imprisonments.  Do you know what 30 false arrests are?  I was arrested 30 times and the charges were dismissed.  I was in prison 60 days for nothing – 60 days for nothing.


[Adrian Garcia] Okay. So you think…


[Stan J. Caterbone] Let me finish.  I was in prison 60 days because someone lid in the county (Lancaster County Bail Supervision Office) and said I did not attend a bail supervision meeting – an intake meeting.  I went to court the second day they took me into prison.  They proved I DID attend but they changed the bail bond (from unsecured to secured, and I was released some 60 days later after winning my own appeal of the bail bond decision by Judge Paul K. Allison)


[Adrian Garcia] So one of your allegations is because of the record of the contacts you have with police during the occasions, that is what you believe is denying you an application?


[Stan J. Caterbone] I said whistle-blowing.


[Adrian Garcia] Mr. Caterbone follow what I am saying.  This is a give and take conversation; we won’t both talk at the same time.  Let me regurgitate what you are telling me.  What you are telling me number one is the whistle blowers act.  If you read our brochure that one is not covered.  So we’ll put that on aside.  Your second one is again the county (Lancaster) and several other agencies and you said it was retaliatory.  If you look here (pointing to brochure) this agency does have a provision for retaliation – it is a complaint against this office, not a complaint you may have with other agencies.  That’s your second allegation.  Your third allegation you begin by saying that it may be because you are of Italian decent.  But you went in and asked for an application, correct?


[Stan J. Caterbone] Yes.


[Adrian Garcia] Did other people go in and ask for an application with you?


[Stan J. Caterbone] Was I accompanied by someone?


[Adrian Garcia] Were other people in there for the same purposes?


[Stan J. Caterbone] No.


[Adrian Garcia] So, another words we have no one to compare and contrast.


[Stan J. Caterbone] Yes you do.  You have the brochure (H&R Block Tax Preparation Brochure) that says they have to (provide enrollment form).  That is their policy, sir.


[Adrian Garcia] I understand that.  That is not my question.


[Stan J. Caterbone] That is their policy, sir. Do I have any -  are you asking me for a witness?


[Adrian Garcia] Well, everyone that come into this office because what you are hinting at here is public accommodation, but the problem with public accommodation is that when you are going into an area you already..


[Stan J. Caterbone] I’m not filling out an application, I’m trying to ge an application for enrollment into the tax preparation class which the policy state they provide for everyone.  They even have a discrimination clause in here (H&R Block Tax Preparation Brochure).  If you would read it, you would see that.  Apparently, they are treating me different.


[Adrian Garcia] And I am trying to get to why.


[Stan J. Caterbone] I just gave you five (5) reasons.


[Adrian Garcia] I already eliminated one and I’m about to eliminate the second one.


[Stan J. Caterbone] Well, what would be covered?


[Adrian Garcia] Someone has to live in Lancaster County, National Origin.  Why do you think it is National Origin?


[Leslie Hyson] Sir, I’m asking you because you were there.


[Stan J. Caterbone] Because Italians have a history.  Do you know how many Italians…


[Leslie Hyson] I’m not arguing with you.


[Stan J. Caterbone] I know, I’m giving you the answer.  Do you know how many Italians work in this county (Lancaster)?  Do you know back in the well, 20’s we were the minority to the Irish and to the Germans.  We went through this.  That’s why.  Name the first Italian President (of the United States).


[Leslie Hyson] I don’t know.


[Stan J. Caterbone] There were none. Never!


[Adrian Garcia] So, you’re saying it could be because your Italian.  Has she said to you in the denial of the application anything as…


[Stan J. Caterbone] Yes.  First of all she failed to give me an 800 number, which they have.  She gave me a ticket, a yellow memo pad that said “Sheryl” and a 569 number.


[Adrian Garcia] Okay.


[Stan J. Caterbone] I think that is deception.  I mean..


[Adrian Garcia] Did you call the number?


[Stan J. Caterbone] No.


[Adrian Garcia] Why didn’t you call the number?


[Stan J. Caterbone] Because they were obligated to give me an application (enrollment form) there. I did not go in there to apply, I went to get an enrollment form. It says here (H&R Block Tax Preparation Brochure) “To enroll simply contact your local H&R Block Office by telephone, mail, or in person”.  I went in person.  They refused to enroll me.


[Adrian Garcia] Any you believe it is because you are Italian?


[Stan J. Caterbone] Part of it, yes. Yea, I’ve been in this county (Lancaster) for 2 or 3 years submitting applications – not one person would give me an interview.  I’m talking about from Turkey Hill to brokerage (financial services) firms. Did you ever read my resume?


[Adrian Garcia] Yes.


[Stan J. Caterbone] Do you know what my qualifications are?


[Stan J. Caterbone] Well, maybe you should refresh your memory and go back to my website.  Do you know I’m pro se?  I represent myself in the courts.


[Adrian Garcia] I remember seeing it.


[Stan J. Caterbone] Do you know I just won (an appeal overturning lower U.S. District Court ORDER to dismiss two (2) civil actions) in the Third Circuit (U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals)?  Do you know I beat Fulton Bank, Lancaster County ….


[Adrian Garcia] I know you have a pretty extensive list.


[Stan J. Caterbone] Do you know who I blew the whistle on?


[Adrian Garcia] I can’t remember.  I can’t remember the details.


[Stan J. Caterbone] Listen.  I blew the whistle on ISC.  I was the one that blew the whistle.  ISC, the Lancaster County Corporation.  They were selling arms to Iraq.  Do you understand that?


[Adrian Garcia] Okay, let’s stick to the matter at hand.


[Stan J. Caterbone] They were indicted four (4) years after I blew the whistle on them.


[Adrian Garcia] I gave you.


[Stan J. Caterbone] I don’t know why you’re sitting there laughing at me!


[Adrian Garcia] I gave you… That’s deceiving.  I’m not laughing at you.


[Stan J. Caterbone] You were!


[Adrian Garcia] What I want to know is what did she say that makes you believe that it is because you are of Italian heritage that she is denying you the application?


[Stan J. Caterbone] The fact that she denied (giving) it.


[Adrian Garcia] Did you see anyone else go in and ask for an application that was Italian?


[Stan J. Caterbone] No, I did not see anyone go in there.


[Adrian Garcia] So, in other words there is no one that I can compare and contrast to?  If you came in here and said I went in and asked for an application and a person came in as I was leaving and asked for an application and they got it…


[Stan J. Caterbone] They have to provide the application, sir.


[Adrian Garcia] That is not what it says here.  My job is to enforce what it says here.  My job is to ….


[Stan J. Caterbone] Your job is to abide by the statute regarding discrimination and take my complaint.


[Adrian Garcia] Order 64.  That is the only thing this office can deal with.  But so far your not meeting the burden for us to even open up a case.


[Stan J. Caterbone]  I don’t understand why I am not meeting the burden.


[Adrian Garcia] Well, you’re not giving me anything that falls …


[Stan J. Caterbone] Is that your personal opinion?  It is discretionary?


[Adrian Garcia] No, I think you are here …


[Stan J. Caterbone] Isn’t it?


[Adrian Garcia] No.


[Stan J. Caterbone] I think it is your discretionary opinion.  So if I find a case that contradicts you, then what are you going to do?


[Adrian Garcia] Say Congratulations.


[Stan J. Caterbone] I’ll go do that.  I won’t waste your time anymore.  Thank you very much.


[Adrian Garcia] Your welcome. (Turn Digital Recorder Off and Leave Office)


August 27, 2007

Adrian Garcia
Intake Officer
Lancaster County Human Rights Commission
225 West King Street
P.O. Box 83480
Lancaster, PA 17602

Re: Discrimination Complaint

Dear Mr. Garcia:

Enclosed is the documentation to support a discrimination complaint according to Ordinance #64, and its mandate which states “WHEREAS, the County of Lancaster has fostered the cause of those civil rights protected by state and federal law by providing for a Lancaster City-County Human Relations Commission, as set forth in Resolution No. 45 of 1964”.

I am alleging discrimination according to:

1. Section 7: Racial or Ethnic Problems
2. Section 8: Employment Problems
3. Section 11: Unlawful Public Accommodation Practices
4. Unpopular Political Views
5. Retaliation for Whistleblowers due to Federal False Claims Act regarding International Signal & Control, Plc.,

Most of these activities cover a period of 20 years, and are continuing today. Please note that a Civil Rights Complaint was filed in Pennsylvania Civil Rights Section on July 21, 2006, and an amended Employment Discrimination complaint was filed on February 8, 2007. More information is available on the website of Advanced Media Group, http://www.amgglobalentertainmentgroup.com/.

I remain,

Stan J. Caterbone
Advanced Media Group

February 8, 2007

Nelson Brewster
Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office
Civil Rights Enforcement Section
14th Floor Strawberry Square
Harrisburg. PA 17120

RE: Complaint received in the Civil Rights Enforcement Section (CRES) on July 21,2006

Dear Mr. Brewster:

In addition to the Complaint that you had received on July 21, 2006, I would like to add the following Employment related complaints regarding discrimination, and other causes of actions regarding my Civil Rights

1. Attached are several applications for employment, my resume, and several communications via email soliciting employment with potential opportunities for employment. As you can see, I have applied for employment at a wide variety of companies, including the City of Lancaster and the County of Lancaster. All of these applications occurred from approximately October of 2006 and this date. I am alleging that due to the fact that I would have accepted any position, even that of a clerk at both Turkey Hill and McDonalds, I have been subject to a vast array of discrimination towards a Whistle Blower2, and discrimination3 for my political views and beliefs.

1 §1983 Civil Rights Acts and 18 U.S.C.A. Acts state the following: “The underlying purpose of the scheme of protecting constitutional rights are to permit victims of constitutional violations to obtain redress, to provide for federal prosecution of serious constitutional violations when state criminal proceedings are ineffective for purpose of deterring violations and to strike a balance between protection of individual rights from state infringement and protection from state and local government from federal interference”, 18 U.S.C.A. §§ 241, 242; U.S.C.A. – Const. Art. 2, 53; Amend. 13, 14, 5, 15, § 2: 42 U.S.C.A. §§ 1981-1982, 1985, 1988, Fed. Rules Civil Proc. Rule 28, U.S.C.A.

2 In the case of United States v. Holck, 389 F. Supp. 2d. 338, criminal responsibility defines single or multiple conspiracies by the following: “Governments, without committing variance between single conspiracy charges in an indictment and it’s proof at trial may establish existence at continuing core conspiracy which attracts different members at different times and which involves different subgroups committing acts in furtherance of an overall plan”. This illustrates the legal analysis of the 1987 conspiracy to cover-up my International Signal & Control, Plc., whistle blowing activities.

3 §1983 Civil Rights Acts and 18 U.S.C.A. Acts state the following: “The underlying purpose of the scheme of protecting constitutional rights are to permit victims of constitutional violations to obtain redress, to provide for federal prosecution of serious constitutional violations when state criminal proceedings are ineffective for purpose of deterring violations and to strike a balance between protection of individual rights from state infringement and protection from state and local government from federal interference”, 18 U.S.C.A. §§ 241, 242; U.S.C.A. – Const. Art. 2, 53; Amend. 13, 14, 5, 15, § 2: 42 U.S.C.A. §§ 1981-1982, 1985, 1988, Fed. Rules Civil Proc. Rule 28, U.S.C.A.

I was denied an application at McDonalds on the Millersville Pike on more than 4 occasions, and was only allowed to submit an Employment Interest Form. This all occurred over the last 45 days. I was also denied interviews at all places of employment. I had submitted resumes to several of the more professional employers.

There is no excuse for this behavior given the fact that I have never failed at any business endeavor in my life. My professional accomplishments are truthful and honest and I challenge you or anyone to find otherwise.

I hope to hear from you in the very near future. I appreciate your help regarding these serious allegations.

Stan J. Caterbone
Advanced Media Group

Cc: file

Filed in July of 2006

Tom Corbett, Attorney General

Civil Rights Enforcement
15th Floor, Strawberry Square
Harrisburg, PA 17120
(717) 787-0822
Fax: 787-1180










     b. TONY BONJIOVI 1987




     a. NOVEMBER OF 1987
     b. APRIL OF 1998







Conestoga Police Department and Southern Regional Police Department; Chief Fiorill, Sgt. Robert Busser, Officer M. Fedor, Officer Rob Berger
Pflumm Contractors, Inc., and employees, Millersville, PA
Thomas Grassell, Conestoga, PA
Wagon Wheel Restaurant, Conestoga, PA
Residents of Conestoga, PA (Mr. and Mrs. Tim Decker, residents Stone Hill Road)
Lancaster County District Attorney, Lancaster, PA
Lancaster County Public Defender Office, Lancaster, PA
Mannheim Township Police Department
The Alley Kat Restaurant, Lancaster, PA
Yolanda M. Caterbone, Lancaster, PA
Steven P. Caterbone, Miami, Florida
Michael T. Caterbone, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Phillip W. Caterbone, Austin, Texas
Commonwealth National Bank (Melon Bank), Pittsburg, PA
Fulton Bank, Lancaster, PA
Farmers First Bank, Pete Richter, Lancaster, PA
Bank of Lancaster County, Lancaster, PA
Sovereign Bank, Millersville, PA
Citizens Bank, Lancaster, PA
St. Joseph Hospital, Regional Medical Center, Lancaster, PA
Lancaster General Hospital, Dr. Emily Pressly, Dr. Bill, Employees and staff, Lancaster, PA
Financial Management Group, Ltd., et al, Lancaster, PA
Attilio M. Grossi, Lancaster, PA

February 20, 2005 – Letter to the Editor After finding my cat killed and left by my pond:
“While I was away for a family emergency, I had someone let my two cats out after being inside for a few days, which I have always done in the past. I returned after being in South Florida for one week. Upon driving toward my driveway, my one cat was anxiously awaiting my arriveal. However, my second cat was not there. This was immediate cause for concern, since being mother and son, they had always stuck together. After a few days I knew that my cat was either abducted or was harmed. No way would he be around and not come home.

The other evening I went over to my suspect neighbors home, whom I know often has been mischevious toward my property in the past, and asked him if he saw my cat. He went on to tell me how big my cat is and how he is the "king of the neighborhood". I found this conversation to be typical bull.... He said "don't worry it will show up soon!"

Last evening I found my dead cat lying by my pond with a possom chewing on its ear. I examined the body and found that it's neck had been broken with no other signs of any other wounds.

I called the Humane Shelter and talked to a Cruelty Officer who said" There is nothing we can do if you did not see anyone phycically harm the animal"

Is this the way it is? You have to prove a crime before they will investigate? Sounds alittle backwards to me, but then again I ofter forget where I am at.”

March 7, 2005 – Email to Dan Berger, formerly of Fiancial Management Group, Ltd., and brother-in-law of Honorable Lawrence Stengel, United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvanai;
Advanced Media Group
From: amgroup01@msn.com
Sent: Monday, March 07, 2005 3:53 PM
To: danielberger@comcast.net
Subject: Conversation

OK, Danny, attached is the document that I had promised. As far at the other issues concerning the Middle East, here it goes. The following is a communication that was specifically for the "intelligence community". As you probably are aware, there are some 15 or more agencies that comprise that part of our government. The following paragraph was never saved as a file, the only way to authenticate the document would be to perform a forensic autopsy on the hard drive to which it was written. The document was displayed on my screen for several days. I had written the communication sometime on or around January 1, 2005. I apologize for not knowing the exact date, but I never really had any reason to resurrect it before now. By memory, the following is the communication: "We finally have an opportunity for real peace in the Middle East, and you continue to play your childish games with me. Stop collecting a paycheck and go and support our president and troops. Your efforts would be far better served. THE PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD DESERVE PEACE AND NOTHING LESS" Remember the timeline of events. The Presidential Inauguration was on January 20, and the Iraq elections on January 21. I went on to expand upon that communication and told Chris Mathews during a debate (no evidence thereof) that "It is about people, not governments" hence the Inaugural speech!
There, it is what it is???????”

Commins Hearing

Phillips Office
February 2, 2005 – Phillips Office Supply, Lancaster, PA email;

Advanced Media Group
From: amgroup01@msn.com
Sent: Thursday, February 10, 2005 5:11 PM
To: cmailbox@buyphillips.com

Subject: RE: Repair Service Center

Just wondering why it takes you 8-10 days to receive whatever it is that you are waiting for when I can receive anything I want within 2-3 day! Just curious. I'll take any necessary action that is within my power and rights to provide a fair and reasonable conclusion to your attempts to humiliate and degrade me. Do you Understand!

----Original Message Follows----

From: "comments"
To: "Stan Caterbone"
Subject: RE: Repair Service Center
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005 16:37:14 –0500

Mr. Caterbone - I have researched your issue and spoke with Mr. Leonard Brown who is the Director of our Technology Service. He indicated that he talked with you last week and indicated that your issue would be resolved within 8-10 days. He explained the circumstances and informed me that you were satisfied with the resolution. Please e-mail comments@buyphillips.com if this is incorrect and require me to look into this further.
Thank you.

-----Original Message-----
From: Stan Caterbone [mailto:amgroup01@msn.com]
Sent: Tuesday, February 08, 2005 7:53 AM
To: comments

Subject: Repair Service Center

And where is my facsimile machine guys? Serial Number 372122034, Sharp ux-b700. Let me see if I got this right. I dropped it off with an authorization from Sharp, the manufacturer, case no. 2214140, and you still have not repaired that machine? You had the machine how long now??? I would say about 3 weeks or longer. You know the emotional stress and duress that this causes me is about enough to constitute a very fruitful legal engagement. And especially considering that you are conducting your activities with malice.

Weis Markets July 4 2006
SRPD Lawsuit
Senator Specter
Lancaster County In Forma Pauperis Denials
Pennsylvania Housing Finance Fabricated Statement
Los Cabos
Hamilton Hearing Frisking, etc
Lancaster City Police Littering; fabricated stop sign arrest;
Citizens Bank Extortion

July 2, 1987 - In an effort to continue all efforts and business activities, Stan Caterbone visits the Office Works, owned and operated by High Industries, to purchase a printer while staying in Stone Harbor. FMG, Ltd., had an open account, which Stan Caterbone authorized, as an officer of FMG, Ltd.,. The Office Works demands cash payment and refuses to put the purchase on credit.

July 6, 1987 - In an effort to document the conspiracy theory, Stan Caterbone requests Tom Caterbone to call Robert Kauffman to inquire about the status of his affairs, and to tape the conversation. Tom Caterbone identifies himself as John Green, a client of Stan Caterbone's and Robert Kauffman states the following: "Stan Caterbone has moved his office to Stone Harbor, NJ.. he is not taking care of business, and I need to see to it that his clients are taken care of for the time being.. he has been spending a lot of money, an airplane, a place at the shore, and he seems to think that he is too important for his traditional clientele.. There is some history of mental disorders in his family history.. I can't come right out and say that that is what's going on, .. I wish Stan would get some professional help.. However for the time being, Stan is not taking care of business, and I need to be concerned for his clients.”

July 6, 1987 - Stan Caterbone telephones Dr. Al Schulz, psychiatrist at St. Joseph Hospital, and client of Stan Caterbone's in order to thwart the allegations of insanity. Dr. Al Shulz had disclosed that several persons, including Mary Lynn Dipaolo and Jere Sullivan had called him concerning Stan Caterbone's behavior and activities. From the allegations, Dr. Shulz advised that Stan Caterbone was suffering from illusions of grandeur, and prescribed Lithium treatment, and to return to Lancaster for consultation. Stan Caterbone insisted that the allegations were purely fabricated, and that no one had any legal right to interfere with his business and or legal affairs, let alone his confidential medical records.

July 6, 1987 - Stan Caterbone contacts David Drubner, of Boston, Ma, a friend of Stan Caterbone's brother’s Mike, and an attorney. During the conversation, David Drubner questions Stan Caterbone about "taking some medication", and supports the allegations of insanity.

July 6, 1987 - In the following days, Stan Caterbone had made numerous telephone calls to local, state, and federal authorities, for intervention and help regarding all of the preceding events and circumstances. The following is a brief description of each: Manheim Township Police Department, responded "what bank branch repossessed your aircraft"; Pennsylvania State Senator Gib Armstrong, responded, "I will call the Pa Attorney General's Office and have them call you; the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Philadelphia-based field office; U.S. Representative Robert Walker (RPa), a detailed and explicit conversation with Mrs. Robert Walker, who would only advise Stan Caterbone to put his situation in writing and submit it to the Congressman in his Washington, D. C. office. In addition: David Wouls (Executive Vice President of the Lancaster chamber of Commerce & Industry), Stan Caterbone talked at length, and in detail, making allegations of misconduct with members of the same; National Association of securities Dealers (NASD), in Washington, D.C., Stan Caterbone discussed the securities related violations. And also: the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), also in Washington, D.C., and discussed securities laws violations; the Pennsylvania Securities Commission, of Harrisburg, Pa, discussed the implications of Stan Caterbone's illegal lockout, and his legal and formal positions, including incorporating officer of FMG, Ltd., Stan Caterbone received no support or follow-up communications concerning all of the above requests, despite his apparent emotional duress, and extreme situation.

July 8, 1987 - A formal notification of the termination of Stan Caterbone's Registered Representative Securities license with the Planners Securities Group Inc., of Atlanta, GA is received, with a "cc: Robert Kauffman".

July 8, 1987 - Stan Caterbone's brothers, Steve, Phil, Mike, and Tom, arrive unexpectedly and uninvited at the residence of Stan Caterbone's in Stone Harbor, NJ, and refuse to leave until Stan Caterbone agrees to take Lithium and return to Lancaster to undergo treatment by Dr. Al Schulz, for mental illness.

July 16, 1987 - Stan Caterbone travels to New York, from Boston, MA, to visit with Bob Walters of Power Station Studios, to discuss the allegations of Blackmail, and to find out who is involved, including Scott Robertson and Power Station Studios. Stan Caterbone discusses the illegal repossession and other related matters, however during the conversation, becomes suspicious when Bob Walters and Tony Bongiovi disclose that the "Digital" Movie project is suddenly suspended until a later time.

July 17, 1987 - Stan Caterbone travels to Hollywood, California to meet and visit with Ted Gamillion and Gamillion Studios (Film Studio), and Marcia Silen of Flatbush Films. Ted Gamillion had previously solicited the consulting of Stan Caterbone in order to help reorganize the financing of the film studio, after earlier arrangements in North Carolina had gone sour. Stan Caterbone had spent several days visiting and touring the studio. Ted Gamillion agreed to allow Stan Caterbone to represent the studio in order to secure the required financing. Ted Gamillion provided Stan Caterbone with substantial amounts of confidential financial, legal, and tax documents for the project. During the visit, Marcia Silen had disclosed to Stan Caterbone that Scott Robertson had made allegations of insanity about him (Stan Caterbone) to persons at Power Station Studios and at Flatbush Films.

July 24, 1987 - Michael M. Hartlett sends a letter to all creditors of FMG, Ltd., informing them that stated the following: “Stan Caterbone is no longer an officer of the corporation; he was removed from office on July 1, 1987; he had been purchasing items under FMG, Ltd., and obtaining corporate discount and rates; and formally notifying them that Stan Caterbone had never had the right to purchase items through FMG, Ltd., or make corporate commitments on behalf of FMG, Ltd., or contract or in any way obligate FMG, Ltd.,.”

July 30, 1987 - Stan Caterbone had paid $600 to Dr. Levine, a Psychiatrist from North field, New Jersey, for an objective evaluation of his mental state of mind, in order to prove the fabricated allegations of 'insanity". Dr. Levine had conducted a 2 hour meeting in his residence in Stone Harbor, NJ, and required Stan Caterbone complete the Minneapolis Multiphase Personality Inventory (MMPI). Stan Caterbone completed the test, immediately returned it to Dr. Levine. After several weeks without any communications from Dr. Levine, Stan Caterbone had called for the results. Dr. Levine had explained that he had conducted telephone interviews with members of Stan Caterbone's without notice or consent to the original request of Stan Caterbone to conduct an objective and confidential examination. In addition, Dr. Levine prescribed Lithium drug therapy, and disclosed a diagnosis of Bi-Polar Mood Disorder without providing any reports concerning a study or evaluation of his behavior or present state of mind.  He only used the explanation of others contacted by telephone.

August 6, 1987 - The legal firm of Appel, Yost & Sorentino, of Lancaster, Pa., send a formal notice to Stan Caterbone, demanding the return of a facsimile machine leased from the ACM company of Lancaster, Pa. Attorney Appel advises Stan Caterbone that it is the property of FMG, Ltd., and should be returned at once or legal action will follow.

August 8, 1987 - John M. Wolf, Executive Vice President of Commonwealth National Bank sends Stan Caterbone a formal letter advising that the repossession of July 2, 1987 was both lawful and appropriate, and declines to accept a settlement of $5 million for lender liability violations.

August 10, 1987 - Stan Caterbone receives a facsimile from the Board of Directors of FMG, Ltd., signed by Robert Long threatening to file criminal charges for "embezzlement (we have checks to prove it), burglary, employee theft, corporate opportunity and slander against our firm".

August 12, 1987 - Yolanda Caterbone, mother of Stan Caterbone, Steve, Phil, Mike, and Tom Caterbone, all brothers, arrive unexpectedly and uninvited to the residence of Stan Caterbone in Stone Harbor. After several requests for the visitors to leave the premises are denied, several brothers refuse to let Stan Caterbone leave the premises. Stan Caterbone flees, and the brothers chase after him. Stan Caterbone runs into a neighbors house to ask to use the telephone to phone the police. However, after realizing that he is scaring the occupants, he flees to the Stone Harbor Police Department, a few blocks away, in an effort to obtain a restraining order and to lawfully have the unwanted persons vacate his residence and personal property. Officer Steve Conners and Officer Henry Stanford refuse the request, and hold Stan Caterbone in custody. After some 30 minutes, the officers, accompanied by Steve and Tom Caterbone, place Stan Caterbone into a Police Cruiser and proceed to the Burdette Tomlin Hospital, in Stone Harbor. Upon arriving, Stan Caterbone is interrogated and questioned extensively about a "gun". A hospital staffer then accuses Stan Caterbone of an attempted suicide (fabricated allegation from a phone call from James Warner of Lancaster, PA; which is later found in the hospital report) and keeps him in custody for 4 or more hours. Another hospital staffer performs an extensive mental health evaluation. Stan Caterbone is given an ultimatum of signing a contract in order to be released form the hospital, the contract stated: "I Stanley J. Caterbone will not take my life tonight or at anytime".

August 14, 1987 - The same family members again arrive unwanted at the residence of Stan Caterbone in Stone Harbor, NJ. After another confrontation, similar to the incident of two evenings before, Stan Caterbone fleas to the Avalon Police Department for another attempt to get a restraining order. However, en route, just a few blocks from the Avalon Police Station, an Avalon Police cruiser pulls Stan Caterbone over and arrests him for the following violations:
1. Driving Beyond the speed limit.
2. Driving an unregistered vehicle (all required registration materials were in Lancaster, PA)
3. Containing an empty beer can in his vehicle (which was at .1 east three days old)
In addition, the Avalon Police Department repossessed his car and locked it in the Avalon Police Department Compound, which was his only means of transportation and communication by car phone.  They also accused him of having controlled substances, which were over the counter muscle relaxers for his back pain.

August 24, 1987 - Robert Kauffman sends a letter to Millard Johnson, Stan Caterbone's client, regarding his previous intentions of paying the $25,000 demand note of Stan Caterbone to Millard Johnson. Robert Kauffman had previously promised to pay the debt to Millard Johnson during a meeting. Robert Kauffman, told Millard Johnson to contact the FMG, LTD., attorney, Craig Russell in order to file legal claim, and formally disclosed that he would: “ no longer handle any discussions concerning Stanley J. Caterbone. “ In the last paragraph, Robert Kauffman discloses that "attorney Mr. Patterson, no longer represents the Caterbone family regarding his pending bankruptcy or guardianship". Notes: Stan Caterbone never gave any legal jurisdiction or rights to any family member, has never filed for bankruptcy, was not bankrupt, or even knew of an attorney named Mr. Patterson.

September 3, 1987 - Robert Kauffman calls detective Larry Sigler or the Manheim Township Police Department to report an alleged Terroristic threat made two days prior, on September 1, 1987, by Stan Caterbone between the hours of 9:00 and 1 pm noontime. Detective Larry Sigler issues a warrant for the arrest of Stan Caterbone with District Justice Murray Horton that was issued at about the same time as the arrival of Stan Caterbone at Romar Aviation. At approximately 3:00 pm Mary Lynn Dipaolo picks Stan Caterbone up at Romar Aviation for a scheduled visit and dinner. After Stan Caterbone becomes annoyed at Mary Lynn Dipaolo's unjustified allegations, Stan Caterbone borrows her car to go home to his residence in Conestoga and to go play basketball. At approximately 7:00 pm, upon leaving the playground, he is approached by Nancy Arment, FMG, Ltd., secretary, who is elaborated and crying, asking "why are you doing this?". At approximately 9:00 pm, in an attempt to recover additional stolen personal and business tiles, Stan Caterbone proceeds to the offices of FMG, Ltd., where he is greeted by employee Stacy Waters and allowed to enter the building. Stan Caterbone insists that Stacy Walters accompany him throughout the building as he recovers files in the offices of Robert Kauffman, Michael Bartlett, and Robert Long. In addition retrieving a Back-Up (FMG, Ltd, records and communications) copy of the computer system which he integrated. Upon leaving, Stan Caterbone temporarily disconnect the systems which he had integrated and developed for FMG, Ltd., which fall under intellectual property rights. Stacy Walters assists Stan Caterbone in loading the tiles in his automobile, and Stan Caterbone kisses Stacy Walters goodbye, and awaits for her safe return to the building until leaving. Upon entering his residence later that night, Stan Caterbone is taken into custody by the Conestoga Police, and requests that the files that he had taken out of the offices of FMG, Ltd., be taken along to prove his rights to the property, and his position within the company. Stan Caterbone was then taken to the jurisdiction of Manheim Township Police, where he is arrested and taken into custody.

September 4, 1987 - At approximately 2:00 am, Stan Caterbone is arraigned before District Justice Richard R. Reeser for the following charges: Terroristic threats; burglary; unlawful restraint; unlawful use of computers; theft by unlawful taking; robbery; and criminal mischief. Bail is set at $20,000 and Stan Caterbone is placed in The Lancaster county prison. He was not permitted to post real estate for bail.

September 5, 1987 - The Lancaster New Era and the Lancaster Intelligencer Journal report the alleged crimes, reporting that Stan Caterbone is an ax-employee; that FMG, Ltd., sustained $60,000 because of his actions; and that he threatened 2 female employees. The entire arrests and reports fail to acknowledge that Stan Caterbone is an individual lessee of the property, and in accordance with law, still holds all of his offices of PING, Ltd., and is the founder of the company. The above incident further facilitates the ongoing conspiracy, and publicly discredits Stan Caterbone in every way, financially, professionally, and most importantly conveniently supports the continued allegations of insanity.

September 9, 1987 - Stan Caterbone is given an ultimatum by the Lancaster county prison authorities, Robert Bayer, Yolanda Caterbone, and Mary Lynn Dipaolo of posting the required bail only if Stan Caterbone voluntarily admits himself into the Psychiatric Unit of St. Joseph Hospital, or remain in the Lancaster County prison. Stan Caterbone is released from Lancaster County prison, and immediately escorted to St. Joseph Hospital and admitted into the Psychiatric Unit.

September 15, 1987 - Stan Caterbone questions the legality of the ultimatum for posting tail, and upon learning that it is unlawful, arranges for his discharge - Upon his discharge, the St. Joseph Hospital administrators learn that FMG, Ltd., had terminated his health insurance, and demand payment of $3, 064.60 for the six days of hospitalization. Stan Caterbone is not able to pay, and leaves the hospital and returns to his residence of Conestoga, PA.

September 15, 1987 - Stan Caterbone receives an invoice from St. Joseph Hospital for $3,064.00.

September 16, 1987 - Stan Caterbone receives a call from Howard Eisler, an Investigator for the Pennsylvania Securities Commission who requests a meeting with Stan Caterbone. A meeting is scheduled for September 29, and Stan Caterbone arranges for Robert Beyer and Millard Johnson to attend.  September 21, 1987 -ISC and the British Ferranti firm agree in principal to merge, creating what appeared to be a $1.5 billion defense/electronics conglomerate, after six months of negotiations.

September 29, 1987 - Howard Eisler conducts a meeting at the Residence of Stan Caterbone, with all parties consenting to have the meeting recorded by Stan Caterbone. Howard Eisler was not able to provide a believable explanation of what he was investigating or why he had contacted Stan Caterbone. Stan Caterbone explains all of the circumstances regarding his prior meeting with ISC/Chem Con executive Larry Resch, and details his allegations of wrongdoing of James Guerin/ISC/Chem Con6 and the discussions of that meeting on June 23, 1987, with ISC executive Larry Resch. Stan Caterbone also discloses his ISC stock holdings, and his relationships with ISC and Chem Con associates. Millard Johnson testifies to Howard Eisler during the meeting regarding a previous meeting in August with Robert Kauffman, where Robert Kauffman tried to persuade Millard Johnson to fabricate a story that a legitimate personal loan of $25,000 to Stan Caterbone in June of 1987, was instead intended for investment and embezzled by Stan Caterbone. Robert Kauffman wanted Millard Johnson to support this story to authorities. Stan Caterbone spent more than 4 hours explaining and detailing all of his allegations and business activities including how he founded and built Financial Management Group, Ltd.,; his mortgage banking activities; the illegal repossession of his aircraft; all of the fabricated arrests; and the chronology of events after the June 23 meeting with ISC executive Larry Resch. Howard Eisler ended the meeting and requested copies of documents from Stan Caterbone.

October 2, 1987 - District Justice Murray Horton conducts a preliminary hearing for all criminal charges against Stan Caterbone. Attorney Robert Beyer refuses to discuss any issues regarding his individual lease of the FMG, Ltd., offices, or any issues resulting in the illegal activities of anyone other than Stan Caterbone District Justice Murray Horton orders Stan Caterbone to defend all of the criminal charges in the next term of criminal court in Lancaster County. Stan Caterbone ordered to be bound over for the next term of criminal court of Lancaster County.

October 18, 1987 - The Unemployment Compensation Review Board formally and officially decides against a claim for benefits by Stan Caterbone and cites misconduct and wrongdoing as the reasons.

October 27, 1987 - Lancaster Aviation files a civil suit with District Justice Murray Horton for alleged unpaid bills of some $5,000.

November 9, 1987 - Stan Caterbone visits with Parent Federal Savings and Loan's president, John Depatto, to discuss him problems in meeting his current mortgage payments. John Depatto immediately disclosed to Stan Caterbone that foreclosure proceedings have officially begun, and that the full loan of approximately $110,000 is immediately due. Stan Caterbone stands up from the conference table and declares, "You tell Mr. James Guerin he is in trouble", and abruptly walks out of the offices.

November 23, 1987- A Referees Decision by the unemployment Compensation Review Board upholds a recent decision to deny Stan Caterbone from collecting any benefits, again citing misconduct and wrongdoing. Stan Caterbone calls Howard Fisler, of the Pennsylvania Securities Commission and demands an explanation for not returning to obtain any documents as promised in the meeting of September 29th. The phone call was recorded.

November 25, 1987 - Stan Caterbone receives a letter from the Pennsylvania Securities Commission, Howard Zisler, citing a misunderstanding and lack of communication, and now requests that Stan Caterbone submit a written complaint of all allegations discussed in the meeting of September 29, 1987.

November 26, 1987 - Stan Caterbone visits the Pennsylvania State Police barracks in Lancaster, to file a formal complaint to the White Collar Crime Division. Stan Caterbone was treated as if he was making the entire story up, and received no help.

December 4, 1987 - Financial Management Group, Ltd., holds its first annual shareholders meeting, for the year ended June 30, 1987, at the Treadway Resort Inn. In an effort to promote propaganda against Stan Caterbone, and to support the fabricated allegations of insanity, FMG, Ltd., president hired armed security personnel to guard the doorways of the meeting, insinuating that the meeting was under a threat of violence, and to collaborate his recent allegations of Terroristic threats, which Stan Caterbone was previously arrested and awaiting trial.

December 17, 1987 - The United States Postal Inspector acknowledges receipt of formal complaint from Stan Caterbone regarding executives from FMG, Ltd., illegally changing or address; opening of confidential personal and business mail; and withholding and possibly destroying confidential personal and business mail at Stan Caterbone's leased property of 1755 Oregon Pike, Lancaster, PA, also the headquarters of FMG, Ltd.,.

January 26, 1988 - The Pennsylvania Homeowners Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program formally and officially denies Stan Caterbone of benefits citing the following: " Applicant was terminated from job FMG, Ltd.,), therefore was not suffering from circumstances beyond his control".

March 12, 1988 - All CRIMINAL charges of September 3, 1987 by the Manhiem Township Police Department and the Lancaster County District Attorney Office are dismissed.  There was not one guilty plea or conviction in the County of Lancaster.

March 14, 1988 - Stan Caterbone is served notice by Lancaster Constables regarding Parent Federal .Guerin' Bank) v. Stan Caterbone Mortgage Foreclosure of his residence at 2323 New Danville Pike, Conestoga, PA.

May 1988 - Stan Caterbone is forced to sell his residence, and subdues to the undo influence that he was responsible for all circumstances, and moves to Florida with his brother Mike for a few months and returns home for the wedding of Pam and Dave Pflumm on September 10, 1988.  Stan Caterbone was a member of the wedding party.

Sep 15, 1988 - Seven Chem-Con executives, including Christian, are criminally indicted for the firms $15 million defense contracting fraud.

October 23, 1988 -Stan Caterbone, destitute, without a personal residence, automobile, or any income, and with accumulated debts of more than $65,000 from all related incidents in the 1987 "Blackmail", sells his FMG, Ltd., holdings to Robert Kauffman and is given $72,000 in proceeds at settlement. This by and of itself will be proven to be extortion. Robert Kauffman was in fear of Stan Caterbone exercising his large voting rights in the upcoming FMG, Ltd., annual shareholders meeting, which included the election off FMG, Ltd., Board of Directors. Stan Caterbone had approximately 19% of the outstanding shares of FMG, Ltd., and had the potential to vote someone of his selection to a Board seat. Scott Robertson had solicited the deal for both parties, and acted as negotiator for both.

July 19, 1989 - Stan Caterbone, Scott Robertson, and American Helix agree on a one year consulting agreement for $1,000 per week.  American Helix will never fulfill in its entirety, and will be terminated in the following April.

April 1990 - The American Helix Board of Directors, lead by S. Dale High/High Industries, vote to terminate Scott Robertson of American Helix, and to discontinue the financing of the CD-ROM business which Stan Caterbone was directly involved. The joint venture agreement with Network Technologies, or Washington, D.C., had lost an estimated $450,000 in the past 9 months, and the technologies, which were to be delivering revenues, had proven to be worthless. Scott Robertson had solicited, negotiated, and administer the deal, Stan Caterbone had raised serious concerns at to the capabilities of both the technologies, the business, and Network Technologies, early in the project. High Industries then conducted several meetings with Stan Caterbone to purchase the business, however, Stan Caterbone had told the executive in a meeting on Good Friday, that he was solely responsible for any business that was left, and any there was no real value. High Industries agreed to pay Stan Caterbone his weekly consulting tee only until June 30, in hopes of negotiating an agreement to keep American Helix in the CD-RON business, which was only feasible with Stan Caterbone, because of his knowledge and expertise in "Digital" technologies.

August 2, 1990 - Stan Caterbone discovers that in July, Fulton Bank embezzled $5,000 from the checking account of Stan Caterbone due to an error by Fulton Bank's accounting department Fulton Bank refused to credit the account for more than 60 days, without crediting the lost interest income.

Dec 12, 1990 - Ferranti reports a near $40 million loss for the first half year, but says it hopes to begin showing a profit before year-end in March 1991a Stan Caterbone receives a call from James Christian while in custody in the Loretto State prison. Stan Caterbone asked Jim Christian if he had authorized or had knowledge about the June 23, 1987 meeting between himself and ISC executive Larry Reach. James Christian answered the question as follows:

"I never knew of such a meeting, authorized a meeting with Larry and yourself. Larry (Reseb) was the courier for Jim Guerin, that is how I and Chem Con got set up and used as the scapegoat to divert attention away from “You should talk to Earnest Schriber of Lancaster Newspapers, you can trust him.. Guerin's attorney (Tate) called to offer me $1.00 to settle my $93 million law suit against Guerin".

Dec 14, 1990 - At a Christmas party of Bradley DeForge's, Mike Dipaolo, during a conversation with Stan Caterbone, had stated that "You (Stan Caterbone) had Guns and Knives in 1987" as the reason for the mental illness fabrications. NOTES: Stan Caterbone quickly left the party. In addition, during the same time, other such statements from friends, regarding his present "mental condition", began to mysteriously resurface only after knowledge of his activities to take legal recourse for the 1987 incidents, and to pursue his due access to the law. Stan Caterbone, in order to get work accomplished on the project, traveled to Captiva Island, and continued his project, the "AMG Legal Systems Prototype" disc. The "AMO Legal Systems Prototype" project was a CD-ROM system, designed by Stan Caterbone, that would include all of his relevant information concerning his alleged ISC Cover-Up, including audio conversations, and authentic documents, all stored on one optical disc, or a CD-ROM.
The disc and system was finally completed on May 16, 1991.

December 20, 1990 -Stan Caterbone telephones his cousin Ron Roda, from Captiva Island, Florida, to inform him that he will arrive home in a few days. During the conversation, Ron Roda, disclosed to Stan Caterbone that both Jim Warner and Jere Sullivan had made telephone call to his brothers, Phil and Tom, and made allegations of insanity about Stan Caterbone, and advised the need for medication.

December 23, 1990 -Stan Caterbone forwards a letter to the Department of Defense Mapping Agency regarding his bid for the $2.5 million CDROM contract (DMA 700-90-0011), then in negotiations. Stan Caterbone alleges misconduct in the procurement and for the first time publicly discloses his allegations of Blackmail immediately following his meeting with ISC executive Larry Resch on June 23, 1987.

January 9, 1991 - Lt. Madenspacher of the Manheim Township Police Department call Stan Caterbone at his lab/office in him home at approximately 2:00 pm. Lt. Madenspacher explains that he had received a copy of the letter to the Department of Defense, that Detective Larry Mathias had forwarded to him. Lt. Madenspacher questioned his motives of the letter and stated: "What are you going to do.. We (Manheim Township Police Department) just don't want to see a multi-million dollar law suit come down our way.." Stan Caterbone responded, "You know that I was an individual lessee of that property, and in addition I had never resigned any offices or my Board of Director's seat of FMG, Ltd., .. You also know that I had met with Larry Resch of ISC on June 2S, 1987, and that I made allegations of misconduct.." Lt. Madenspacher responded, "We were forced into that (the arrests of Stan Caterbone on Sept. 3, 1987), we were caught between a rock and a hard place, we were forced into that".  Lt. Madenspacher then changed the subject to "Digital" technologies, and described the activities of the police department of using the same in the telephone surveillance of criminal suspects. Lt. Madenspacher then requested to meet with Stan Caterbone. Stan Caterbone agreed, however due to his current busy schedule, confirmed he would contact him later to schedule a meeting.

January 10, 1991 - Stan Caterbone sends a letter to Lt. Madenspacher of the Manheim Township Police Department, to schedule a meeting for Thursday, Jan. 17th at 3:00 pm, at his office at American Helix Technology Corporation, at the Green field Corporate Park. Stan Caterbone requested a response only if the time was in conflict of his schedule.

January 17, 1991 - Lt. Madenspacher fails to show up for the scheduled meeting with Stan Caterbone at Amen can Helix, and never contacted him before that date to change the meeting, or called to apologize for not being able to keep the prior commitment.

January 18, 1991 - Stan Caterbone sends documents concerning the Blackmail" of 1987 to several reporters of the Lancaster Newspapers,: Tim MeKeele; Earnest Schreiber; and Thomas Planner. Tim MeKeele also received a tape with some excerpts of the September 29, 1987 meeting with the PA Securities Commission, where Stan Caterbone discusses allegations of misconduct against J. Guerin and ISC.

January 19, 1991 - High Industries American Helix illegally and without notice locks Stan Caterbone out of his office and the facility of American Helix, who was currently under a joint venture agreement with Stan Caterbone and his Advanced Media Group, Ltd., for his digital technologies business. NOTES:: This "Lock-Out" was similar to that of FMG, Ltd., on July 1, 1987. Again conveniently when Stan Caterbone had raised issues and allegations involving Guerin and ISC.

January 21, 1991 - In fear and confused about his involvement, and in respect to the massive fraud of the ISC/Ferranti merger, Stan Caterbone sends a package to Ferranti’s legal counsel in England by way of United Postal Service' Overnight International Delivery Service (Tracking Number 1773 0619 670). NOTES: Stan Caterbone was in fear that a potential "Cover-Up" by U.S. authorities, and specifically the Lancaster community, would place his life in danger, and wanted to insure that the information concerning his knowledge of ISC misconduct before the lSC/Ferranti merger, and his disclosure to local, state, and federal authorities in the summer of 1987, at least would be received by Ferranti, reducing the possibility of someone terminating his life in order so that these circumstances would not be used as an asset in the present Ferranti Legal efforts.

Jan 22, 1991 - In an effort to support his allegations of misconduct and the allegedly threatening activities of Stan Caterbone, American Helix president Dave Dering has all of the locks in the building changed by a professional locksmith, which is nothing more than an act of propaganda.

February 1, 1991 - ABC News 20/20 features the story "Weapons Sales to Iraq" about the ISC/Cardoen cluster bomb technology and how it got to Saddam Husain. Feb 17, 1991 - Stan Caterbone receives a letter from Sandra K. Paul, of the Citizens Ambassador Program, a division of People to People International, notifying him that he has been selected to participate in the upcoming Printing and Publishing Delegation to the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe in the coming August. People to People International are a nonprofit organization started by the late Dwight D. Eisenhower to facilitate the communications of experts from various professions throughout the world. The objective of the delegation was to exchange ideas, information, and technologies of the printing and publishing industries with American counterparts in the Soviet Union, and various Eastern European countries.

February 22, 1991 - Federal prosecutors seize $800,000 from Clark, claiming he was privy to information about ongoing criminal acts within ISC that generated the tainted cash.

February 1991 -In an American Helix staff meeting, with all employees present, but Stan Caterbone, president David Dering had spent approximately 20 minutes alleging that Stan Caterbone almost ruined his company, and that he "is a runaway ex-convict, that will end up in jail very soon". The above discussion was disclosed by engineer Al Thornburg, immediately following the meeting.

May 23, 1991 - At approximately 2:00 pm, Jay Curtis, (appearing as a Department of Defense contractor, who had recently solicited the services of Stan Caterbone and his Advanced Media Group, Ltd., to provide engineering in the development of "Digital" simulation and training applications for various U.S. Military Logistics bases) had called Stan Caterbone. The following is synopsis of the conversation: "Because of your recent discussions concerning your knowledge and information about the ISC Scandal, and an alleged "Cover-Up", I had to do a background check on you, to insure against any problems when including you in by proposal to the U.S. Department of Defense... Everyone backs up your story, and is looking over your documents now, including the CIA, IRS, SEC, FBI, Scotland Yard, Attorney General, the British M-4, and others. They are all verifying and confirming your "cover-up" allegations.. They don't know what to tell the Press and Media "I also know that you submitted documents to Mr. Thomas Flannery of the Lancaster Intelligencer Journal". "How did you know about the CIA and its involvement with ISC, how did you know that, and what do you know?" NOTES: Jay Curtis kept pushing Stan Caterbone on the CIA issue, and what he had known and how he knew, Stan Caterbone kept telling him that the whole situation was to emotional, and that he was afraid for his life. Stan Caterbone had to eventually tell Mr. Curtis that he could not discuss this anymore. He abruptly changed the subject and hung up on Mr. Curtis. Stan Caterbone immediately went to a friends house, and disclosed that fact that he was in fear for his life. He quitly sat on the steps with his friend, Abby. Later that night, his friend Dave Pflumm would take him to the corner bar for a few drinks, while unknowing to Stan Caterbone, Ted Koppel was disclosing the story of the CIA’s involvement with ISC. Several hours later, Ted Koppel broke the story about the CIA and ISC's covert operations to sell arms to Iraq. Immediately following the conversation with Mr. Jay Curtis regarding the CIA and ISC, Stan Caterbone packed a suitcase and confidential information assets, in preparation to leave Lancaster, in total and legitimate fear for his life.

May 23, 1991 - ABC News/Nightline and Ted Koppel feature the first in a series of stories, relating to CIA knowledge of a covert operation to supply munitions to south Africa implemented by ISC and Carlos Cardoen. The story featured Lancaster and ISC. The report ties Guerin to the National Security Agency project in the 1970’s. The report was investigated by ABC News, the Financial Times of London, and the Lancaster Intelligencer News. Tom Flannery of the Lancaster Intelligencer Journal, appeared on the program and was given credits on the show.

May 24, 1991 - The Lancaster Intelligencer Journal reports on the above story. At approximately 1:30 pm, Stan Caterbone drives out of Lancaster, en route to a safe haven, and stops at a convenience store and reads the early edition of the Lancaster New Era, learning for the first time of ABC News/Nightline story about ISC and the CIA the evening before, just hours after his conversation regarding the same to Jay Curtis.

June 7, 1991 - Stan Caterbone is again arrested by the Stone Harbor Police. After passing several sobriety tests, and two Breathalyzer tests, Stan Caterbone is placed in a jail cell, and refused to be released. Several hours later, Stan Caterbone is cited for outstanding arrests warrants of Avalon, NJ, dated back to August 14, 1987, by an officer of the Avalon Police department who suddenly appeared. Both arresting officers demanded $340.00 for the posting of bail. Stan Caterbone requested that the required cash be retrieved from his car, located just a few blocks away. The Avalon police officer responded by saying, "we can't let you go to your car, you may have a gun in there". Stan Caterbone was immediately escorted to the cape May county Prison, fingerprinted and processed.

June 8, 1987 - Stan Caterbone calls Mike Orstein, Lt. of the Stone Harbor police patrol, and requests that he retrieve the required cash from his car, and post the required bail. At approximately 2:30 pm, Stan Caterbone is released on bail.

June 11, 1991 - Stan Caterbone left the Stone Harbor Marina at approximately 12:30 am en route to Lancaster, Pa, to retrieve some files concerning the ISC cover-up. Upon driving north on Route 47 (the normal route to Lancaster), approximately 10 miles outside the Cape May county Courthouse, Stan Caterbone noticed a car following him closely. Suspicious, Stan Caterbone decreased his speed from 55 mph to 35 mph, in order for the car to pass him. However, the car remained directly behind, adjusting the speed accordingly. In an effort to elude the car, without raising suspicion, Stan Caterbone gradually increased his speed, while also increasing the distance between the cars, resulting in the loss of his taillights to the ensuing vehicle - Because of the winding road, Stan Caterbone looked for an abrupt turn-off, in hopes of dashing the eluding vehicle, by loosing sight of his taillights. There was little or no traffic on the route during the early morning hours, and Stan Caterbone stopped at an intersection, and noticed that the headlights of the ensuing vehicle were not visible in his rear view mirror, meaning that his taillights were also not visible to the ensuing vehicle. Immediately upon pulling from the intersection, Stan Caterbone noticed a narrow dirt road that lead into a field of small trees, the perfect place to sit for the ensuing auto to pass him, unnoticed. The ensuing vehicle pulled to the intersection, and continued north on route 47, in the direction of Lancaster. Stan Caterbone sat in his vehicle a few minutes, until continuing on his travel, north on Route 47. Approximately five (5) minutes later, a car traveling in excess of SS mph, approached Stan Caterbone, traveling south on the same road (2 lanes) As the two cars approached each other, and approximately 30 yards from reaching each other, the approaching vehicle drove directly into the lane of Stan Caterbone, with its high beams on, and continued straight for his vehicle, or what appeared to be a head-on-collision. Stan Caterbone drove off of the berm of the road, missing a line of trees by less than 12 inches (eluding a life threatening disaster), and passed the vehicle that was still in the north bound lane, heading south. Stan Caterbone, shaking and sweating furiously, noticed the cars brake lights go on, and the car apparently turned around, and began pursuing Stan Caterbone again. Stan Caterbone drove as fast as he could to Route 55, hoping to find traffic in order to hide and loose the pursuing car. Stan Caterbone arrived in Lancaster, at approximately 3:00 am, and again noticed a car sitting in the parking lot of the vacant "Sportsman's Den", at the intersection of the New Danville Pike and Prince Streets. Upon driving west on Hershey Avenue, Stan Caterbone noticed the car following him. In an effort to identify the license plate, Stan Caterbone made a few turns in the area of Hamilton Watch, and followed the car heading north on S. West End Avenue. The car was a late model, gold or tan, Cougar or possibly a Buick Park Avenue. Stan Caterbone watched the car increase his speed, and finally changed directions and proceeded to his residence, and parked a few blocks away, and walked through the woods, to his apartment in the Hershey Heritage complex. Stan Caterbone then used a flashlight, in order not to reveal his presence, and returned to his vehicle, sometime in the early morning, during daylight.

June 19, 1991 - Stan Caterbone leaves Stone Harbor, in constant fear for his life, and remains in seclusion, in various parts of Eastern Seacoast, spanning from Captiva Island, Florida, to Boston, MA, in order to prepare an official request Congressional Investigation of all related matters.

Jul 11, 1991 - Stan Caterbone files an official request C300 pages) for a Congressional Investigation into all of the ISC and preceding issues with U. S. Representative Robert Walker CR-Pennsylvania), and Speaker of the House, U. S. Representative Thomas Foley. Overnight Mail Service of the United States Post Office, outside of Baltimore, Maryland, sent both requests.

July 12, 1991 - Stan Caterbone returns to his home, in Lancaster, PA, at approximately 12:00 pm, after remaining in seclusion immediately following the phone conversation of May 23, 1991 with Jay Curtis, regarding the CIA and ISC. ABC News/Nightline features it's second story about Lancaster's ISC and Arms to South Africa and Iraq.

July 18, 1991 - U.S. Representative Robert Walker sends a letter to Stan Caterbone relating to his request for a Congressional Investigation into all of his allegations of misconduct and criminal wrongdoing regarding his alleged ISC/Fraud "cover-up". The letter said : "Thank you for your recent letter and information on International Signal & Control corporation. I appreciate your thinking of me; however, since this case is before the courts, it is unethical for me to interfere with judicial process. If you think I may be of assistance with other matters, please feel free to contact me".

August 1, 1991 - Stan Caterbone receives a notice of a warrant for his arrest by the Stone Harbor (NJ) Municipal Court, regarding summons #081370. Stan Caterbone called the Court Clerk, Pam Davidson, to explain the circumstances. The Court Clerk refused to identify herself, and did not have time to listen to his explanation. She then questioned why he (Stan Caterbone) wanted to write to the Judge to explain. Stan Caterbone writes a formal letter to Judge Peter M. Tourison, of the Stone Harbor Municipal Court explaining his allegations of misconduct, and the issues surrounding his recent arrest of June 7th, and all of the arrests dating back to August of 1987. Stan Caterbone had described in detail his assertions and evidence that the arrests were conveniently orchestrated while he was seeking legal recourse for the alleged ISC "Cover-Up'. Stan Caterbone also explained his fear for not returning to the Stone Harbor Municipality, in light of the fabricated arrests, and other questionable incidents. Stan Caterbone requested another means of settling all outstanding frivolous traffic violations, other than appearing in Stone Harbor Municipal Court. Stone Harbor Municipal Court Judge, Peter M. Tourison, sends Stan Caterbone an official letter acknowledging receipt of his previous letter and explanations. Judge Tourison concluded his notice by demanding that Stan Caterbone appear in Court, as scheduled, "to have this matter taken care of in the proper manner.

August 13, 1991 - Ferranti announces it has recovered $650,000 hidden by Guerin in a number of Swiss Hank accounts. Ferranti also announces a fiscal 1991 loss of $282 million. Stan Caterbone responds to Judge Tourison letter of August 8, and discloses the recent attempt on his life, the past June, just outside or Stone Harbor, and states that because of the apparent criminal conspiracy within the same municipality, Stan Caterbone formally notifies the Judge that he refuses to return to Court, as requested.

August 15, 1991 - Guerin and Cardoen are shown to have been deeply involved in a failed $100 million arms procurement plot linked to the infamous Iran-Contra scandal.

August 16, 1991 - Stan Caterbone receives a formal notice and demand from American Helix President David D. Dering, for the return or equipment, currently in the possession of Stan Caterbone, and notice of the termination of the business agreement, dated October 1, 1990 between Stan J. Caterbone and American Helix Technology Corporation. Stan Caterbone receives a facsimile from Mike Hess (former ISC engineer who frequented S. Africa and who solicited Stan Caterbone in late 1989 for work), and refuses to sign a non-disclosure agreement with Stan Caterbone and the Advanced Media Group, Ltd., as requested to continue a further relationship considering the recent activities from the May 23rd phone call and the national media publicity regarding the ISC Scandal.

August 19, 1991 - Stan Caterbone sends a letter to attorney Timothy Lanza via the Lancaster Bar Association, and asks for an explanation as to his misrepresenting to Stan Caterbone for the past month that his order for Advanced Media Group, Ltd., stock certificates were ordered, when in fact Stan Caterbone verified with authorized personnel of the H. Burr Kein company that the order was never placed. Timothy Lanza had personally disclosed to Stan Caterbone on several occasions that he was awaiting the delivery of the certificate kit via UPS. Stan Caterbone responds to the previous letter of David D. Dering, and his request for the return of American Helix equipment, currently in the possession of Stan Caterbone. Stan Caterbone formally notifies David Dering that the equipment will be held as collateral, according to statutes of the Pa. Uniform Commercial Credit code, that the equipment will not he returned until the past due invoice {# 1018), of the Advanced Media Group, Ltd., of July 12, 1991 for $4,914.00, which was due upon receipt according to their business agreement, was paid in full.

August 29, 1991 - A federal judge dismisses Christian's $93 million suit against Guerin, but Christian vows to re file the suit.

September 13, 1991 - ABC News/Nightline features another story about ISC, the CIA, and Arms Deals, in preparation for the beginning of the-Confirmation Hearings of George Bush's nomination or the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Robert Gates, which begins just three days away, by the Senate Intelligence Committee.

September 14, 1991 - Ferranti and Clark reach an agreement to settle their legal battle, although either party does not disclose details. September 16, 1991 - The first day of the Robert Gates' Confirmation Hearings brings questioning by Senator Murkowski, of the Senate Intelligence Committee, about knowledge of the ISC operations by Robert Gates. Gates, whose candor about Iran-Contra resulted in his 1987 withdraw when nominated for the same slot by then President Reagan. In a less-than sincere line of questioning, Robert Gates denies any knowledge of ISC, Guerin, or Carlos Cardoen, including any operations to sell munitions to Iraq or South Africa. In addition, he denies any knowledge of any CIA involvement in the same.

September 19, 1991- Stan Caterbone visits the office of Senator Bill Bradley (D-New Jersey), in the Hart Office Building, Washington, D.C., and delivers documents, tapes, and a video, all relating to his allegations of an alleged "Cover-Up" regarding the ISC Scandal. Assistant Jackie Widrow, who signed a receipt, took the materials.

September 21, 1991- Stan Caterbone delivers a contract for the consulting services he has agreed to provide to J. Oman Landis, in order to insure against any wrongdoing, and especially in light of Mr. Landis' assertion the previous Friday that "you (Stan Caterbone) are taking a break (from business) to rest your mind". This assertion conveniently supports the alibi of mental insanity, that has been made by numerous persons, including Mr. Landis' friends, the High's, who wholly own American Helix Technology Corporation. Several hours after delivering the contract to Mr. Landis, and after beginning to work, as outlined in the contract, Mr. Landis called Stan Caterbone into his office and said "there were some developments over the weekend, why don't you continue on your normal duties of driving (limousines), this has nothing to do with the contract that you asked me to sign".

October 1, 1991 - Stan Caterbone receives a facsimile from David Dering, President of American Helix, formally charging Stan Caterbone with charges of 16,730.00. David Dering also demands that the equipment be returned, and upon receipt, American Helix would forgive $11,816.00 ($16,730 - $4914)(Caterbone's invoice) of unpaid charges to Stan Caterbone and or the Advanced Media Group, Ltd., Stan Caterbone sends by certified mail, a copy of a recent complaint (filed Sep. 6, 1991) to the New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicles, and a demand for the title to his boat, and again allegations of criminal wrongdoing by the Stone Harbor Marina, for not delivering title, given the bill of sale was satisfied on June 10, 1991, and a fee for the title was paid as well. Stan Caterbone personally meets with Ted Koppel, of ABC News/Nightline, at the Washington National Airport, at approximately 5:30 pm. Stan Caterbone questioned Ted Koppel if he knew a Mr. Jay Curtis, and why he was questioned about the CIA's involvement with the ISC affairs, just hours before the broadcast. Ted Koppel denied any knowledge of Mr. Jay Curtis, and stated that Thomas Flannery was involved in the broadcast requested the phone number of Stan Caterbone, and said that he would contact him later, due to his present time constraints, and asked "what do you want, and what is the story line?" Stan Caterbone responded, "Justice and protection, someone is trying to cover me up, and someone already made attempts on my life... someone keeps getting information from me, while I'm left sitting in Lancaster like a sitting duck".

October 2, 1991 - Stan Caterbone responds by facsimile, to the Oct. 1, correspondence, to David D. Dering. NOTES: Stan Caterbone requested supportive documentation regarding the suspicious charges of $16,730.00 as declared, in order to consider the request for the return of the equipment. David C. Dering responds by facsimile, demanding for Stan Caterbone to meet him at the Holiday Inn, in Lancaster on Friday, Oct 4th, with the equipment in his possession, and states that he will deliver the required supportive documentation of the charges as requested.

October 2, 1991 - Stan Caterbone responds by facsimile to Ted Koppel, as to his question concerning the "story line" October 31, 1991 - Guerin and 19 others, including Larry Reach, are indicted on 75 criminal counts by the Philadelphia based grand jury. Laura McQueen, administrator for the New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicles, called Stan Caterbone at approximately 3:30 pm, to notify him that she was trying to sort out the problem with his complaint regarding title to his boat. Ms. McQueen acknowledged that the Stone Harbor Marina had submitted an application for a title, apparently dated on or about June 10, however the identity of the boat did not match that of for Stan Caterbone’s. Ms. McQueen also admitted that there seemed to be evidence of wrongdoing, but denied to state whether the matter was presently being investigated. Ms. McQueen also stated that the title in question was being microfiche, and that within a few days, they should be able to trace the title, and resolve the problem. Robert Clyde Ivy, Terrance Faulds, Wayne Radcliffe, Gerald Schuler, and Thomas Jaslin enter not guilty pleas to all charges handed down by the Philadelphia grand jury.

November 24, 1987 - Robert Shireman, ISC financial executive pleads his guilt in the ISC $billion fraud and scandal.

November 25, 1987 - Anthony Stagq, ISC executive in charge of Singapore operations, pleads guilty in the Arms Export violations.

November 27, 1987- ISC Executive Larry Resch pleads guilty to his role in the massive contract fraud in the Ferranti/ISC merger of November, 1987.

December 3, 1991 - Philadelphia grand jury hands down a "superseding indictment", clarifying the money laundering portion of the charges. The indictment states that between November of 1986 and June of 1989, Guerin looped $450 million through phony bank, vendor, -and customer accounts to give the appearance several of the bogus ISC contracts were real. The preceding information also allows for the possibility of an indictment of William Clark, and possibly his attorney Joseph Roda. The largest of the fake contracts was the Pakistan Missile deal, in which Larry Resch was charged and indicted by the grand jury for managing. Stan Caterbone's best friend in the whole world, little "Abbey Pflumm", shouts his name, "Taan", for the first time.

December 3, 1991 -Mike Hess, a former ISC engineer that also has done work for Stan Caterbone, visits Stan Caterbone to deliver all materials in his possession which is the property of the Advanced Media Group, Ltd., Stan Caterbone and Mike Hess engage in an argument when Mike Hess becomes annoyed at Stan Caterbone’s continued caution and suspicion of Mike Hess's real motives and agenda for the relationship. Stan Caterbone had witnessed several incidents of inconsistencies with the attitude of Mike Hess, with specific respect regarding Stan Caterbone's efforts for justice and legal recourse concerning the affairs of 1987. Stan Caterbone admitted in several occasions that he will never trust anyone, especially given his former association with ISC, and most importantly his activities and travel to South Africa.

December 4, 1991 - Stan Caterbone calls the Citizens Commission of Human Rights, after seeing the organization featured on the Murray Povich Show, and talks to Roy Griffen. The organization's mission is to investigate abuses within the mental illness profession. Roy Griffen requests information, and agrees to investigate his allegations. Stan Caterbone states that he will Federal Express a copy of this chronology.

December 5, 1991 - At approximately 10:00 am, Stan Caterbone sent a package of information via Federal Express (tracking number 9734766S93) to:

Roy Griffen
Citizens Commission for Human Rights
6362 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(800) 869-2247
The package was received at 9:56 am (PST) by L. Mezkerlsl, at the front desk.

December 5, 1991 - At approximately 4:52 pm, James Guerin pleads guilty to eight (B) grand jury indictments of October 31. The indictments are as follows:

· Criminal Conspiracy
· Violation, Arms Export Control Act
· Violation, Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid act.
· Money Laundering
· Securities Fraud
· Filing False Income Tax Return
· Aiding and Abetting the Commission of crime.

Sentencing is scheduled for February 25, 1992, with a minimum of 14 years, and a maximum of Life in prison.

December 4, 1991 - Stan Caterbone receives uninvited visitors at his residence, cousin Sam Miller family, who in September left him stranded in Florida. They conveniently need a place to stay, while visiting in Lancaster, and purposely cause distractions to his efforts for legal recourse.

December 11, 1991- Stan Caterbone finally requests that Michelle and Jason Miller vacate his residence.

December 20, 1991- Stan Caterbone receivers a notice from the Internal Revenue Service regarding a discrepancy in income reported on his 1989 Federal Income Tax Return. The items in question were his "disability income" from Monarch life insurance and American Helix "non-employee income".

December 23, 1991- Stan Caterbone responds to the IRS letter and submits a copy of the chronology of this conspiracy, along with the entire audio transcript (2 - 90 minute cassettes) of his meeting of September 29, 198? with the Pennsylvania Securities Finding of Facts Resulting in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Page 41 Commission and requests assistance in his ordeal. The correspondence was sent via 'Return Receipt Requested" in order to insure proof of delivery. Stan Caterbone sends an updated chronology to Roy Griffen of the Citizen's Commission for Human Rights.

December 28, 1991- Stan Caterbone sends a formal notice to attorney Howard Cerny, 245 Park Avenue, New York, informing him to return the previously submitted information and tapes regarding this case, and also informing him that he no longer wishes to discuss these issues with him or any member of his firm.

December 30, 1991- Stan Caterbone travels to the U.S. 9:50 am courthouse in Philadelphia, PA, and personally delivers the chronology and a copy of the "1987" Pennsylvania Securities Commission meeting to Chief Judge Bechtel, who is presiding over the ISC court preceding. 10:00 am Stan Caterbone visits the U.S. Attorney Generals office in the same building and files a formal complaint, "Criminal Conspiracy to "cover-up" the International Signal a Control scandal. The proper form is filed with the clerk. Assistant U. S. Attorney General Gray asks Stan Caterbone to briefly describe his complaint. Stan Caterbone gives Gray the chronology along with the tapes. Stan Caterbone briefly describes the meeting of June 23, 1987 with Larry Resch, the nay 23, 1991 phone call from Jay Curtis, the arrests by Manheim Township, and the attempts on his life. Agent Gray took notes, and said he is not familiar with the case, but would personally see that the information is passed to the proper authorities involved in the case. During the conversation, Mr. Gray asked the exact same question that was asked by both Joe Roda and Investigator Eisler of the Pennsylvania Securities Commission) "But you did not work for them (ISC), you were not involved with them?" Stan Caterbone gave this response to all questions by Mr. Gray: It's all in there (the chronology), all of the information and events".

January 6, 1992 - Stan Caterbone sends a copy of the criminal conspiracy chronology and a complete audio transcript of the PA SEC meeting of 1987 to the legal counsel of the Pennsylvania Securities Commission via Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested: P825 695 935.

January 8, 1992 - At a "Town Meeting" in Columbia, Pennsylvania held by U. S. Senator Arlen Spector, Stan Caterbone personally delivers a copy of the criminal conspiracy chronology to Anon Spector after the meeting and asks Arlen Spector to read the letter, Mr. Spector replied, " I will do that".

January 9, 1992 - Stan Caterbone receives the Return Receipt from the Pennsylvania SEC, signed by Sharon F. Heinspach on January 8, 1992.

November 8, 1997 Stan Caterbone solicits Attorney Matt Samley, of the law firm of Xelkallis, Reese and Pugh, to provide a legal opinion as to the circumstances involved in the cover up. Mr. Samley quickly asks if anyone had called Stan Caterbone about the issues. Mr. Samley agrees to review the documents and will provide a legal opinion of any criminal and prosecutorial misconduct.

November 23, 1997 - Stan Caterbone delivers materials to Mr. Samley and also sends via Federal Express the same materials to Christina Rainville, of Shnader, Harris, Lewis, and ……. With a letter requesting a legal opinion from Ms. Rainville.

December, 8, 1997 - Ms. Pam Pflumm call Dr. Albert Shultz regarding the behavior of Stan Caterbone.

December 15, 1997 - Stan Caterbone telephones Jim Christian to again confirm that he did not have knowledge of his meeting with Mr. Larry Resch. Jim Christian began threatening Stan Caterbone from public disclosure of these issues; he said, “You have to forget about it. Your life will be worse off than it is now, you better just forget it”

January 14, 1998 - Stan Caterbone visits with Fr. Edward Lavelle for advice and guidance concerning his situation. Stan Caterbone only asked that Fr. Lavelle call Mr. David Pflumm, and ask he and is key employees refrain from inflicting any additional mental duress upon his person Fr. Lavelle refuses unless he is told to do so by Dr. Al Shulz. He offers no further assistance. 1:00 pm A few hour later, Stan Caterbone visits Dr. Al Shulz for his quarterly appointment. Immediately upon entering the appointment, and before the plaintiff will speak any words, Dr. Al Shulz will contemporaneously accuse the plaintiff and declare: “Stan, you are very sick. You are not well! You need to take additional medications”. The recorded transcript will prove the horrid implications of these conversations.

February 20, 1998 The plaintiff is forced to vacate his position of Controller of Pflumm Contractors, Inc., due to the purposeful and intentional infliction of mental duress, perpetrated as a direct reprisal against the Plaintiff’s rightful pursuit of due process of the law concerning all issues contained herein.

April 21, 1998 The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry will again illegally deny the Plaintiff of his legitimate claim for Unemployment Compensation Benefits, which again is an act of reprisal against his rightful pursuit of fair access to the law, and his disclosures of the incidents contained herein.

The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry’s 1987 rulings against the Plaintiff have been also proven to be in err, which conveniently and intentionally subjects the Plaintiff to financial hardship and mental duress, all purposefully hindering the Plaintiff’s right to access the law. The record of the plaintiff’s claim for Unemployment Compensation Benefits is corrupted.

Diary of Mental Duress Pflumm Contractors, Inc.,
I started to log incidents of mental duress in December of 1997 after the incidents became consistent and demonstrated not be random acts of mere occurrences. This behavior and malicious treatment was an extreme divergence from the previous 45 months of my tenure and a polarization of my relationships with all employees involved, including Mr. David Pflumm.

Ms. Susan Bare (Office Manager, Reporting Directly To Me)

In December, her attitude became especially hostile toward me, upon many occasions challenging my computer knowledge when in fact she has limited experience. She had continued to persist in wanting to change procedures, which I had repeatedly told her that systems are reviewed at the end of the fiscal year, and any necessary changes would only be made during the off-season, as in previous years. She had continued to challenge my authority, which was out-of -character, and not consistent with her job description. She had often become upset and snippy when I would not go out and get her lunch, which was not in my job description.

Mr. James Leonards, (Asphalt Paving Supervisor)

In the week preceding Christmas vacation, Mr. Leonards had requested that I submit a form to Wholsen Contractors, which was incidental to any contracts. The form requested banking accounts, which I had refused to answer. I would not release the corporate confidential banking information to a General Contractor of whom we were at credit risk for collecting payments for services rendered, not the other way around. Mr. Leonards continued to harass me about the document, and kept waiving the document in front of my face. He continued, and I told him to have Wholsen call me. I had counted five incidents regarding this document, which I never submitted. This information was immaterial to any negotiations with Wholsen, and was intended only as a means of mental duress.

Mr. Leonards had shown interest in learning estimating software on the computer. He persistently requested the opportunity, and I had suggested that he evaluate competing software before any final decisions were made. He had on his own, obtained a demonstration of software, which he evaluated. It was not what we required, and before Christmas, I had procured another demonstration disc for his evaluation. He promised to evaluate that software over the Christmas vacation. Mr. Leonards kept giving me excuses, and was never evaluated., merely to inflict mental duress.

On many occasions Mr. Leonards insisted on challenging my computer knowledge with incidental technical questions, knowing that I was becoming annoyed. Mr. Leonards only began working on a computer at home, within the past several months.

On January 15th, I went out to start my car, and Mr. Leonards and Mr. Ralph Carruthers from the lobby door, made gestures at me thinking that I was leaving, when in fact I was merely warming up my car. When I returned to the lobby, Mr. Leonards and Mr. Carruthers had disappeared.

On or about February 24th, upon logging into my AOL account, a “Buddy List” message from Mr. James Leonards appeared on my computer screen that said “Stan is that you?”. The only way that I am able to receive “Buddy List” messages is to sign up for the service, of which I had never done, which means that Mr. Leonards must have illegally accessed my account and signed my account up for the service. The evening before, a neighbor saw me looking for my cats with a spot light, and yelled “Stan is that you?’. This is certainly a clear example of mental duress, among other electronic privacy violations.

Mr. John Brown, (Truck Driver)

On January 9th, Mr. John Brown was receiving his pay check and made the following remark “ Stan, why didn’t you go to Cancun with Dave, you look like one of those Mexican’s”.

LN Dockey (Office Assistant, part-time)

Consistently called my car phone upon leaving the office to ask where I was going, and when I was coming back, which was none of her business. She reported to me, I did not report to her. She knew that this annoyed me, and was out-of-character and inconsistent with prior behavior.

Mr. Brian Langsett (Subcontractor)

Mr. Brian Langsett continued to make calls to my home, and during the week of February 20th, screamed and yelled into my voice mail, which resulted in my changing my line to a private phone line. Mr. Langsett consistently left messages on my voice mail, knowing that I was not going to answer them back.

Mr. Ralph Carruthers (General Manager)

On January 22nd, Mr. Ralph Carruthers entered my office and requested that I redo a pay application for the Lancaster Township Park Avenue project that I had done. I informed him that I had nothing to do with that pay application because I was on vacation. He stormed out of my office, mad that I wouldn’t redo the pay application and telling me that I had done it. Immediately following his departure, Mr. David Pflumm stormed into my office and got inches away from my face and said “Do you and Ralph have a problem, what is your problem?” I nervously and quite upset said, “Dave, I didn’t prepare that pay application, I was on vacation”. Mr. Pflumm replied, “Yes you did”. I immediately said, “ Dave, mental duress is a serious matter, you don’t mess with someone’s mind, like that you just don’t play with someone’s mind like this., I was on vacation” Mr. Pflumm went on to say that I did do the pay application. I asked him “Do you have a problem with me? He replied no.

I later went to the file and retrieved the original pay application for Lancaster Township’s Park Avenue. Mr. David Pflumm with his handwriting prepared it. I later showed it to him and he said nothing. THIS IS MENTAL DURESS.

Mr. David Pflumm

In August of 1997, I was responsible for the formulation, presentation, and collection of a Change Order for the removal of rock at the Cecil County Community College, which we subcontracted the work from e.e. Murray Construction Company. We had negotiated a unit price per cubic yard of rock removed, and we were required to document the measurements, which accounted for a billing of some $275,000 to e.e. Murray.

I had spent several hundred hours on the project, most of which I had done at my office at home. Through November, it became apparent that the e.e. Murray was trying to pass on their own problems and mistakes with their contract with the College to us, in an effort to relieve themselves of the $275,000 contractual liability they had with Pflumm Contractors, Inc., This process was an enormous burden, given the impact the loss would have to our financial, and especially considering that e.e. Murray had no legal loophole to avoid payment to us, regardless of any dispute they had with the college. I had proven this through thorough documentation and the specifics of our contractual arrangements.

My policy and the policy of Pflumm Contractors, Inc., up to this point had always been to take legal action after all other efforts for collections and contract disputes have failed. I had demonstrated an outstanding performance in reducing the amount of bad receivables, which had almost caused the company into bankruptcy prior to my affiliation. More Mr. David Pflumm had always demonstrated a hard line stance in all collection matters, even to the extreme of causing the dismissal of his own employee for failing to reimburse the company for a $700 repair bill. Mr. David Pflumm was not known for his fairness or good faith negotiating. His tendency was to inflate production figures, and was lack in leniency to anyone that owed him money. This was clearly demonstrated in past contractual disputes with the Hershey Library, Dutch Family Inn, Consolidated Construction, and various other small accounts. His policy was consistent no matter what the amount of the payable. Mr. Pflumm was quick to take legal action in all disputes as soon as negotiations proved fruitless.

As early as late October I had advised Mr. Pflumm that we were exhausting our efforts for collection of the $275,000 and that e.e. Murray was not negotiating in good faith and was in my opinion engaging in fraudulent tactics. This transaction was of even greater importance than any other bad receivable due to the fact that a majority of the funds at risk were pure profits. As early as November, it was the advise of our corporate attorney, Mr. Matt Samley of Xakellis, Reese and Pugh, that a civil law suit should be immediately filed. I had Mr. Matt Samley detail all of the legal parameters of his legal opinion supporting his contentions.

In November, I had informed Mr. David Pflumm that I personally removed myself form the dispute on the grounds that e.e. Murray Construction Company was not acting in good faith, I had exhausted all available resources and means of collecting the monies without a civil law suit being filed, and Mr. David Pflumm refused to take legal action.

By my departure on February 20th, all efforts for collecting the $275,000 proved fruitless, and Mr. David Pflumm continued his procrastination of filing a civil lawsuit. I am of the firm belief that the many of the negotiations and situations surrounding the collection of payments from e.e. Murray was strategically used as ploy to inflict mental duress for the following reasons:

1. I had exhausted most of my time during September, October, and November while also managing my regular duties, and had requested a fee for the collection of funds that was well beyond the scope of my duties.

2. e.e. Murray Construction Company had no legal foundation for not paying Pflumm Contractors, Inc., regardless of whether e.e. Murray collected the funds from the Cecil County Community College.

3. e.e Murray had collected enough funds from Cecil County Community College in January, and still refused any payment to Pflumm Contractors, Inc.,

4. Mr. David Pflumm had exhibited and demonstrated an extreme sense of leniency toward filing a civil lawsuit that was unprecedented during my tenure and in the history of the company.

5. Over half of the $275,000 was cash for the company.

6. I allege that during the month of February, communications were used to deceive the true nature of the situation.

7. Mr. Pflumm had always taken my advice on such matters during my tenure.

8. Lastly, the only reasonable explanation for not filing a civil complaint is that the situation was not being truly disclosed by Mr. David Pflumm and e.e. Murray and that a lawsuit would become public record and has adverse and irrevocable damages to e.e. Murray Construction Company.

In late January Mr. David Pflumm laid a large envelope addressed to his home on my desk. Inside was a letter addressed to me from Airways Charter Service, including a brochure depicting a plane, identical to that which was illegally repossessed from me in 1987. This was clearly a demonstrated tactic for mental duress. In the history of my tenure, we have never discussed or had any remote need for such a service, and more importantly, the package was addressed to Mr. David Pflumm’s home.

On week of February 20th, Mr. David Pflumm had provided me with documentation that required my signature from Town & Country Leasing for my automobile that that had I signed would have given the leasing company the right to repossess the automobile at any given time while providing me with no legal recourse to prevent such repossession. Mr. Pflumm had agreed to personally guarantee the payments for the automobile for the duration of the lease, under any and all circumstances. He has breached his agreement.

During the weeks preceding my departure, in the course of my travels, I had passed many employees on many different occasions during the course of the day. On every occasion, not one employee would acknowledge me with a gesture or waive.

During my tenure at Pflumm Contractors, Inc., not only did I resurrect the company from near bankruptcy, and restore the company to the best financial condition it has ever experienced, even as important was the management policies that I had implemented that had for the first time given the employees fair and equitable place of employment. And their gratitude was often displayed and demonstrated toward me. The behavior of the company, as a whole, was drastically out of character and malicious, which had resulted in a hostile environment directly threatening my mental welfare. There is not a reason in the world where I should have been so maliciously treated. The pain and suffering was so great, that I specifically sought the advice and help of Fr. Edward Lavelle on January 14th, in the Office of the Bishop.

Any further detail to this document would greatly compromise my rights for any future litigation, which may or may not transpire.

I Attest,
Stanley J. Caterbone

August 2001 – AIM Management Company begins to systematically sabotage my business with al l of the Wholesale Representatives and Advanced Media Group, which resulted in the loss of approximately $50,000 per year of revenues. This was is the beginning of the loss of my earning capacity to present.

2002 to 2004 – Day trading business was again sabotaged by malicious mirror trading of my stock portfolio resulting in the loss of profitability on my trading transactions. Persons and or organizations would systematically trade against me while also employing techniques of psychological tactics to distract me from concentrating on my own instinctive nature and financial analysis required for profitability.

Dec 16, 2004 Plaintiff sends a complaint to Agent Sarsfield of the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office in Pittsburg regarding illicit telephone activities:

December 15, 2004
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Office of Attorney of General
Bureau of Consumer Protection
Pittsburgh Regional Office
6th Floor, Manor Building
Pittsburgh, PA 15129

Attn: Ms. Shannon J. Sarsfield
Ref: Verizon Customer Relations, C-006142-2004

Dear Ms. Sarsfield:
I appreciate your review of the aforementioned file. I was also in receipt of the November 19, 2004 response of the complaint from Verizon. For the record, I have made several previous attempts prior to the July 28th request to be place on their Do Not Call list. I had made several calls in the previous months, and the calls did not stop. My telephone has been used as a means of harassment and intimidation, with my calls often being intercepted, misdirected, or impersonated. And often calls from “Out of Area” made several times a day, with no answer. If you were to do an audit of my calls (in/out) over the last several years, you would reveal the nature of these activities.

Dec 16, 2004 Plaintiff sends a complaint to Agent Sarsfield of the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office in Pittsburg regarding illicit telephone activities:

December 15, 2004
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Office of Attorney of General
Bureau of Consumer Protection
Pittsburgh Regional Office
6th Floor, Manor Building
Pittsburgh, PA 15129

Attn: Ms. Shannon J. Sarsfield
Ref: Verizon Customer Relations, C-006142-2004

Dear Ms. Sarsfield:
I appreciate your review of the aforementioned file. I was also in receipt of the November 19, 2004 response of the complaint from Verizon. For the record, I have made several previous attempts prior to the July 28th request to be place on their Do Not Call list. I had made several calls in the previous months, and the calls did not stop. My telephone has been used as a means of harassment and intimidation, with my calls often being intercepted, misdirected, or impersonated. And often calls from “Out of Area” made several times a day, with no answer. If you were to do an audit of my calls (in/out) over the last several years, you would reveal the nature of these activities.

Dec 16, 2004 Approx 1:00 pm Plaintiff meets with Michael Landis, County Detective for Lancaster County, in his office at the Lancaster Courthouse to discuss J. Karpathious and death threats and the Southern Regional Police Department. Plaintiff sends email to Michael Landis and a copy of the 1998 Affidavit in the email. Supreme Court announces plans to review Lambert Appeal the next day.

Dear Mr. Landis,
Thank you for taking the time to meet with me yesterday. I appreciate your time. I understand your frustration in trying to understand the circumstances regarding my situation. I have enclosed a document, which I authored in 1998 to help you. Also, if you could, maybe you could help to facilitate my application for food stamps with the County Assistance Office. I would appreciate it.

Feb 18, 2005 - Plaintiff sends the following letter to the Chief of Police of the Southern Regional Police Department:

February 18, 2005
Chief John A. Fiorill
Southern Regional Police Department
3284 Main Street
P.O. Box 254
Conestoga, PA 17516

Dear Chief Fiorill:
I am very disappointed in the way that our meeting had ended. I will be filing complaints With the appropriate authorities concerning the threats and abuse by Officer Busser. Remember you had requested that meeting. And as you stated, “I do not believe anything that you say”, well Sir, that is certainly your choice, however I have never provided anything but the truth to you or any member of your department. The burden of proof to my allegations falls within your jurisdiction. If you are telling me that I have to prove every allegation when I report a crime, I just don’t know how that is possible. But you are the Chief of the department, so I guess I will have to protect my person and property in any manner that deems appropriate. I apologize for becoming loud and frustrated, however when you tell me that I am lying and I am most certainly telling the truth; and then you and Mr. Busser yell that I am nuts and to “get out of here”; and that no one will respond to any of my calls to your office, well we have a very serious problem. You both have challenged my integrity, my truthfulness, credibility, and my sanity. And Mr Busser pulling out his night stick and holding it up to hit me, that is more than enough for me. I get the picture loud and clear. I hope that you do as well.

Cc: Donald Totaro, Lancaster County District Attorney

Feb 19, 2005 Plaintiff files the following complaint with the The Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC) after the incident of Kerry Egan calling 911 to file a false report of plaintiff sending an email stating to kill himself.

Saturday, February 19, 2005
The Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC) is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C).

February 19, 2005 7:26 am
At approximately 5:00 am this morning the Conestoga Police entered my home and accused me of sending an email to Kerry Egan threatening to kill myself. The officer verbally and physically abused me because I did not know what he was talking about and he kept interrogating me and handcuffed me because I said that I was not on the internet after 10:00 pm on February 18, the evening before. The officer told me that I sent an email to Kerry Egan and she called 911 at approximately 5:00 am this morning. I told the officer that I did I fell asleep at approximately 1:00 am and did not awake until the officer arrived at my house. The officer was quite abusive and tried to accuse me of lunging at him, when in fact he was throwing me around. Pam Pflumm, who previously filed trespass charges against me, and whom I was to have no contact with, illegally entered my home with the officer, via a key which I had kept on the deck. Before they entered my home, I called 911 and requested that the Pennsylvania State Police come to my aid because of the verbal and physical threats that I received earlier in the day from Officer Busser and Chief of Police Fiorill of the Southern Regional Police Department. After they had left, I took a shower and almost collapsed from exhaustion and trauma. I got dressed and went to the emergency room of Regional Hospital, former Saint Joseph Hospital. Dr. Laird attended to my concerns.

Feb 20, 2005 Plaintiff calls Southern Regional Police Department and Humane League to file formal complaint of Cruelty to Animals. Both refused to investigate or file any reports. Complaint phoned in to the Humane League on Feb 20, 2005 As described to a Letter To The Editor, Gil Smart While I was away for a family emergency, I had someone let my two cats out after being inside for a few days, which I have always done in the past. I returned after being in South Florida for one week. Upon driving toward my driveway, my one cat was anxiously awaiting my arrival. However, my second cat was not there. This was an immediate cause for concern, since being mother and son; they had always stuck together. After a few days I knew that my cat was either abducted or was harmed. No way would he be around and not come home. The other evening I went over to my suspect neighbors home, which I know often has been mischievous toward my property in the past, and asked him if he saw my cat. He went on to tell me how big my cat is and how he is the "king of the neighborhood". I found this conversation to be typical bull.... He said "don't worry it will show up soon!" Last evening I found my dead cat lying by my pond with a possum chewing on its ear. I examined the body and found that its neck had been broken with no other signs of any other wounds. I called the Humane Shelter and talked to a Cruelty Officer who said" There is nothing we can do if you did not see anyone physically harm the animal” Is this the way it is? You have to prove a crime before they will investigate? Sounds a little backwards to me, but then again I often forget where I am at.

Feb 21, 2005 Plaintiff sends letter to Fulton Bank regarding the death of Thomas Caterbone and the alleged indiscretions and illegalities of the activities of Fulton Bank.

Monday, February 21, 2005
Project Hope

Mr. Scott Smith
Fulton Financial Corporation
One Penn Square
P.O. Box 4887
Lancaster, PA 17604

Dear Mr. Smith:
The reason I had called you on Friday morning was to discuss an outstanding issue with you. I am not threatening you or coming to you as an adversary, but rather just trying to understand how your institution can be so cold and rude to my family. On Thursday I visited the Manor Branch to discuss the account for Tom's Project Hope, our nonprofit foundation that advocates awareness for suicide prevention, with a focus for teenagers. Of course this foundation was founded after the suicide of my youngest brother, Tom, in 1996. Well, I never had so much trouble trying to gain access to our account's statements than I did on that day. All that I heard was how much I would have to pay to get copies of the statements. Which in itself is a little disheartening, considering we are a non-profit giving something back to the community. We are a major donor for CONTACT Lancaster. And it is this attitude that inspired me to address the very reason Tom's Project Hope was unfortunately founded. I had asked the Customer Service person what would happen if I made an attempt to deposit a check in an account that did not have funds available at that time. She said "we have to give you the choice to deposit the check or wait until there are funds". I said are you sure, she said "oh yes, you have the choice to make the deposit or not". I said that is what I thought was the policy or rule. In 1996 my brother, Tom, had his accounts with your bank. He was given a check in the amount of approximately $60,000 by an account from Ms. John Depatto.

Forgive me but I do not have the energy to retrieve all of the details at this time. My brother went to the Manor Branch to deposit that check, and was refused on at least 3 occasions from making that deposit. I know this because he was calling me asking for advise and help. I remember telling him to seek legal counsel because this was not right. Your tellers refused to take the check for deposit because there were no funds available. I kept telling him that this was wrong and that he should make the deposit incase funds became available the check would be honored. But your tellers kept refusing to make that deposit. I then went on to learn that funds did become available and were paid to other entities that had NSF checks waiting for funds, which would have been behind my brothers check had your tellers accepted that deposit. If you carefully review the financial problems my brother encountered prior to his death, you would see that this was the one transaction that started a spiral of events that caused him a great amount of stress and duress. And I know this because I was trying to help him. I eventually took him to the emergency room of St. Joseph Hospital just 4 days prior to his death.

Now, Sir, you tell me how you would feel if you were in my position, and what would you want to happen. I have kept this to myself for far too long, and since I have had my own problems with your institution in a similar way back in 1987. I would like to understand why we are treated like this, and ask that these matters be addressed. Put yourself in my position, would you want anything less?

Feb 22, 2005 Plaintiff sends email to Lancaster District Attorney Donald Totaro after Supreme Court announces the Supreme Court of the United States is reviewing Lambert Case, one day after Plaintiff reviews affidavit for the first time in 7 years.

Dear Don:
Just so there are no misunderstandings, I have never had, nor do I have now, any information regarding the Lambert proceedings. I have never spoken to anyone concerning the same. I am very suspect as to the timing of this announcement and find it very disturbing given the document that I had innocently resurrected after 8 years. My only intent in writing that document was to find resolve for my own tragic situation. I believe a jury trial would have been the only fair way for an equitable resolution to this case. Had that occurred in the beginning, I don't believe we would be confronting this issue today. I meant no disrespect toward your office or that of the state. As far as the police, it is the same, except that I was very angered at the few that have treated me with such malice, which is in no way a condemnation for the men in blue. I was literally fighting for my life, and still continue to this day.

Feb 26, 2005 Plaintiff sends letter to President Bush and White House staff addressing concerns regarding National Security Issues and this case and receives positive signal to proceed to court. Iraq
National Security

To: President George W. Bush
From: Mr. Stan Caterbone
Subject: Write a Supporting Comment on National Security (Iraq)

Dear President Bush:
I need to know if any information contained herein compromises the security of the United States of America. I have been getting mixed signals as to this question, and my life has been constantly Threatened because of this document. I would submit to a polygraph to verify the credibility of any of the facts contained in this document. I was the sole author of this writing back in 1998. If you believe that this document does threaten our National Security, I would like to personally deliver the accompanying information assets to yourself or the National Security Agency upon request. If you believe that this document does not compromise the National Security in any manner, then I would ask that you uphold my civil liberties in continuing my efforts to adjucate these matters and find an opportunity for remedy in the appropriate court of law.

Mar 14, 2005 Plaintiff files complaint to the American Civil Liberties Union of Philadelphia, PA after the Intake Director directed plaintiff in filing protocols.

March 14, 2005
American Civil Liberties Union Of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA
Re: Complaint

I have had many persons levy attacks and harassment upon me with explicit statements defaming my character and slandering me with such statements as calling me "insane, crazy and nuts". I have been abused, both emotionally and physically, which are a matter of record, by the Southern Regional Police Department, formally the Conestoga Police Department. I have had several fabrications and false reports concerning alleged suicide attempts, all of which have been proved to be total lies. There has been total disregard for my civil liberties and numerous violations of my civil rights. All of these incidents are intended to provoke and illicit the very same behavior they accuse me of; that of being mentally unstable.
The reason for this is simple, to discredit my allegations and to prevent me from taking legal action and to block access of due process against the private and public entities of the County of Lancaster, and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. These attacks, harassment, and intimidation began in June of 1987 and continue today. In the last several weeks, in the matter of 4 days, I was detained and abused by Police in the middle of the night on 2 different occasions. At 4:00 am one morning a person called 911 and reported that I had emailed a message threatening to commit suicide, proven to be a lie. I had a Police Officer raised his nightstick and threaten to hit me while he was in a violent rage, only to have another officer take step in and disarm him. I have had the Police literally break into my home, because I would not open the door, for fear of my safety after being abused the previous day. The officer handcuffed me and shoved me around because I would not admit to wanting to kill myself. In the last several weeks I have had no less than 6 persons attack my mental stability and in an effort to break me emotionally. In 1987 I had made public allegations of fraud against a Defense Contractor, International Signal& Control (I was a shareholder), after a meeting in which they wanted me to finance some questionable activities. From that meeting forward, these illicit and malicious acts have been occurring quite frequently. It cost me money, financial opportunity, friends, time; and everything imaginable except my life. And there was at least one attempt on that. In 1987 ISC was in the midst of a multi-million dollar merger with the British Defense Contractor, Ferranti International. My allegations caused grave consequences to that deal. Four years later executives of ISC were indicted for the "largest fraud in U.S. History"; ($1 Billion dollars), and for exporting arms to Iraq by way of South Africa. In 1987, when I made these allegations, I was making the first digital movie; ironically, I received the original patent research materials days after that meeting with ISC, from a prominent patent law firm in Philadelphia. I have been Arrested at least on 6 occasions, and the most outlandish, for stealing my own files from my own office. I have spent 6 days in prison. I have been taken to the Hospital on 2 occasions, and have been detained by police on several other occasions for persons making false claims that I threatened to commit suicide. I have never been convicted of any crime, and all charges are conveniently discharged before any court proceedings. All charges of suicide have been proven to be false allegations and fraudulent false reports. In the last week, I had obtained my medical records from the Regional Medical Center, while I was maliciously and fraudulently admitted there after my arrest in 1987, and there are 3 reports from 3 different psychiatrists which all reveal that there was never any attempt by anyone in the Hospital administration or medical staff to validate any of my statements; which in and of themselves were used to indict me and support the diagnosis of manic depression. Of, course, all of my statements were true, which all are methodically proven in the following supporting documents. I have had my airplane, loaded with all of my files, repossessed in the middle of the night by the Common National Bank of Lancaster (Mellon), before any payments were due. This happened immediately after my meeting with International Signal & Control, in 1987. I was trying to find safe haven in Stone Harbor, New Jersey, where we were making a movie. Tony Bongiovi, of Power Station Studio in New York, had solicited me to help him produce the 1st Digital Movie, again in 1987.I have been precluded from any seeking any kind of remedy in the courts due to the sensitive nature and involvement of National Security issues. It has been reported that the CIA and National Security Agency were all involved in covert and possibly rogue activities with ISC and the export of arms to Iraq (Cluster Bombs). This was one of the questions that Robert Gates had to answer in his Confirmation Hearings for Director of the CIA in 1990 by the Chairman of the Committee (I have the CNN video). There was also a "Presidential Finding" that was said to be filed by then President George H. Bush regarding the same. The following are supporting documents and complaints that I filed and are forwarding to you:

March 23, 2005 – Letter to Phi Wenger, President of Fulton Bank;
Email to Phillip Wenger
President of Fulton Bank
Lancaster, PA

For the Record-

1. The Project Hope Account; Project Hope was founded in 1996 with it's mission stated in its non-profit organization charter to raise funds for the intention of contributing to the education and awareness of mental illness and suicide prevention. Since it's inception, I was the sole administrator of all monies that were dispersed and donated to various local organizations to further that cause. These relationships included; The Lancaster County Mental Health Alliance, The Schreiber Pediatric Center, Contact Lancaster. I also was responsible for the local production of the video "Numbers Don't Lie" (educational video for teenage suicide prevention) and distributing that video to a host of local schools, churches, and faith based organizations. Since about 2001, Project Hope has not made any contributions from it's account, while at the same time continuing to raise funds from the annual golf tournament. In excess of $9,000 was accumulated. Every year I questioned Phil and Mike about the contributions and what organization they were going to give the money to. In December of 2004, Lois Gascho, Executive Director of Contact Lancaster, personally called me asking if we could help her with some money. At that time, her affiliation with the League of Churches had been terminated and Contact Lancaster was without funding, and the 24/7 Suicide Hotline for Lancaster was at risk of being shut down. I told her I would contact my brothers and get her some help. There was an article in the Lancaster Newspapers about the funding problems and I emailed Mike, Phil, and Jimmy Karpathious the article and message that Lois called me asking for help. Nothing was done. I kept trying to tell them that they were not operating the Project within IRS guidelines, and their non-profit tax-exempt status was in jeopardy for not distributing the monies accumulated, as required in the IRS regulations concerning the same. When I was down at Mike's last month, I found the account statements for Project Hope and being that I am a Signatory on the account, took the entire file with me and started to disperse the monies. I made one check out to Lancaster Contact for $2500. When I met with Lois Gascho of Contact Lancaster to give her the check, she wanted to give me a tour of the facility where the suicide hotline operates. While visiting, she was saying how difficult it is to find volunteers to staff the hotline. I suggested that I could design systems, with technology, that could allow volunteers to staff the hotline while working from home. This would help Contact Lancaster a great deal in attracting more volunteers to help staff the hotline. Remember, the hotline is located downtown, and volunteers must come and go during all hours of the night to staff the hotline. I designed a conceptual system and called D&E Communications to provide a proposal to provide the required software and telecommunications technology to build the system. I expect to receive that proposal on Friday. I will be making a legal challenge to gain control of that account with the Internal Revenue Service and the Tax-Exempt status of the Project.

2. Fulton Account – When my Mom got sick while in Florida, it was determined, by her, that she could not live alone anymore. Our house at 1250 Fremont Street was in dire need of painting and other maintenance for sometime. I told my mother that I was going to do these tasks now, incase we have to sell the house. They house is 2 stories, which is more difficult for my mother to live in. In January I decided that I would make sure the house is ready to put on the market by springtime, and if we decide not to have to sell the house, it would be already done and could be sold at anytime without any repairs needed. At the same time, I setup the Fulton Account with online banking so that I could manage my mother’s bills, and pay them from Lancaster without having her try to take care of this herself. My mother memory has been a deteriorating problem since the fall of last year. To give you an example, while in Florida last month, I was taking my mother out for breakfast, we were driving around looking for a restaurant, and she looked at me in the car and asked if we had eaten yet! She agreed that it would be best that I manage her bills, hence the Power of Attorney for the Fulton Account and online banking. The $2,000 transfer was for the renovations at 1250 Fremont that I am currently doing. I will now fund that project myself, because I do not want to be bothered with this at a later time. So, there you have the truth about the accounts. So be it.

May 2, 2005 Plaintiff files a complaint with Capital Blue Cross
May 2, 2005

Capitol Blue Cross
Adult Basic Program
P.O. Box 777014
Harrisburg, PA 17177-7014

Re: Policy H200460959 & Policy Laps

As per my meeting in with your customer service representative on Friday, April 29th, at your home office in Harrisburg, this is a letter of appeal for the lapsed policy and also a letter containing the complaints concerning the charges from the Lancaster Regional Medical Center and Dr. Laird, the attending emergency room physician, on February 19th, 2005, as per the request of the customer service representative.

1) As per the lapse in policy, I was told by Kay Richmond, of Cash Processing Services (717-541-7262) on several phone calls that there was a 30-day grace period. She had told me that “although it is not stated, there is a 30 day grace period for your policy”. I had called because my mail has been tampered with, and I questioned the rule of no grace period, and the policy being dependant on Blue Cross receiving my payments via the mail. If this person who misrepresented herself to me as a representative of your company was not who she said she was, this would certainly not be the first time. Enclosed you will find a complaint that I filed with the Agent Shannon J. Sarsfield, of the Pittsburg Regional Office of the PA Attorney General. In that complaint I stated, “My telephone has been used as a means of harassment and intimidation, with my calls often being intercepted, misdirected, or impersonated”. See the enclosed copy of the complaint.

2) As per my reason to visit your home office on April 29th, to discuss the charges from the emergency room visit on February 19th, I have enclosed all relevant documents for your use in determining the validity of the charges from both Regional Medical Hospital and the emergency room physician, Dr. Laird. Please direct any and all communications to me at the above address or amgroup01@msn.com, or phone 717-380- 5903.

June 2, 2005
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Judicial Conduct Board

RE: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Stanley J. Caterbone
District Court 02-2-06
Docket Number NT: 0000132-05
Commonwealth Court of Common Please
Appeal Docket No. CP-36-SA-00000141-2005

Explanation of Complaint
1. Previous to hearing, I entered the offices of the District Magistrate and requested a meeting with him to review the rules for procedure for his courtroom. He belligerently yelled at me and told me that “I will determine who is guilty in this case” and threw me out of his office. 2. I immediately contracted the Lancaster County Court Reporters (LCCR) service to record the hearing.

2. I requested and paid a service fee to have 4 witnesses subpoenaed for my defense. Prior to the start of the hearing, the District Magistrate never gave me an opportunity to explain the reason for calling my witnesses, and collectively dismissed all of my witness without an opportunity for me to explain how they were involved with this case. During the brief discussion that was on the record, the District Magistrate intimidated and threatened me with court sanctions when I tried to explain how the witnesses did have personal knowledge regarding the case. Two of the witnesses were officers of Lancaster County and were called by me to investigate a crime, in which both refused.

3. At the conclusion of the hearing the District Magistrate threatened me with offensive language again with court sanctions for merely trying to understand why he was violating the rules of conduct and the rules of procedure for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

4. A few days after the conclusion of the hearing, I entered the offices of the District Magistrate to pay for the fines and penalties sanctioned by the court. I first, asked whether I would have to pay before I entered my appeal to the verdict. They refused to provide any explanation, other than you will have to get an attorney, we cannot answer that question. I immediately paid the fines knowing that I would appeal the case.

5. After receiving the transcript for the LCCR, I found a blatant lie in the transcript. When asked whether a witness had personal knowledge about the case, the transcript reads “NO”. Now before I subpoenaed my witnesses, I reviewed the rules of procedure and was knowledgeable of the rules for personal knowledge of a witness, and would not have answered “no” to that question because they did have personal knowledge.

6. The District Magistrate was intimidating me and obstructing justice by trying to deter me from filing CIVIL ACTION NO. 05-2288 IN THE UNITED STATES COURT FOR THE EASTERN DISTRICT OF PENNSYLVANIA, which I filed on May 16, 2005. The case was filed with a Motion to Seal on the same day.

Docket Number:

The acts committed by the accused were: (Set forth a summary of the facts sufficient to advise the defendant of the nature of the offense charged. Activation to the statute allegedly violated, without more, is not sufficient. In a summary case, you must cite the specific section and subsection of the statute ordinance allegedly violated.

Defendant did knowingly and willingly block plaintiffs access to the door to exit store in an attempt to intimidate and harass, and after plaintiff tried to avoid the defendant and exit the doorway, defendant did engage in an illegal sexual act by grabbing and squeezing the defendants buttocks with an inappropriate gesture with the defendants finger while squeezing. This lude act was in the strictest violation of Pennsylvania statutes concerning sexual harassment. Witnesses were present both behind the checkout counter and waiting in line at the checkout counter. Plaintiff requests the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to prosecute the defendant to the fullest extent of the law. All of which were against the peace and dignity of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and contrary to the Act of Assembly, or in violation of and (Subsection) (Section) of the (PA Statute). I ask that process be issued and that the defendant be required to answer the charges I have made.

I verify that the facts set forth in this complaint are true and correct to the best of my knowledge or information and belief. This verification is made subject to the penalties of Section 4904 of the Crimes Code (18 Pa.C.S. § 4904) relating to unsworn falsification to authorities.

June 11, 2005
Defendant did knowingly and willingly block plaintiff’s access to the door to exit store in an attempt to intimidate and harass, and after plaintiff tried to avoid the defendant and exit the doorway, defendant did engage in an illegal sexual act by grabbing and squeezing the defendant’s buttocks with an inappropriate gesture with the defendants finger while squeezing. This lude act was in the strictest violation of Pennsylvania statutes concerning sexual harassment. Witnesses were present both behind the check*out counter and waiting in line at the checkout counter. Plaintiff requests the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to prosecute the defendant to the fullest extent of the law. Verify that the facts set forth in this complaint are true and correct to the Recent Police Reports & Status of Ongoing Investigations

1. Break-In reported on June 12, 2005: As reported to the officer, “Adams”? who came to take my report, I left my home at approximately 2:30pm, with all doors locked. At approximately 9:15pm, I entered through my garage door and found my back door wide open. I also reported a Honda file missing, which I have since located.

2. I am requesting the status of the complaint that I reported to Officer Berger on June 10 concerning the sexual harassment by Mr. Thomas Grassel on the same date.

3. During my visit by the officer on June 12, I again asked if anyone in the department had questioned Mr. David Pflumm regarding access to my home. As I have stated in just about every complaint about a break-in over the past six months, On Thanksgiving day, 2004, Mr. David Pflumm, his son Keagan, and daughter Lizzy, approached my home. I wanted NO personal contact with them, and made sure my doors were closed and locked. After several minutes of knocking on my back door, I went down to the basement hoping they would leave. They instead went to my front door and basement door and kept knocking. I was located in the rear of my basement, waiting for them to leave. Suddenly, Lizzy and Keagan appeared in my basement asking why I did not answer the door. I quickly asked them how they got into my house. First they said the door was opened, and then they said Keagan used a credit card to open my back door. They said D
ave was upstairs in my kitchen. We walked upstairs and I quickly asked Dave how they got into my house, he responded, “We have lots of keys”. Now with all of the reports of people breaking into my house, and the fact that I first reported the above event to Officer Berger in December with the report of my missing remote control, I will again ask you why your department refused to question the Pflumm’s regarding keys to my house?

4. During my interview last evening I showed the officer the letter from Mr. David Pflumm dated June 2, 2005, which was served to me by a Pennsylvania Constable from District Justice Leo Eckert’s office at approximately 9:30 am on June 10th on Stone Hill road in front of my mailbox. The officer said, “We have a copy of that letter, and are aware of that”. I requested the officer to take the letter and my response, sent via facsimile to Pflumm Contractors on June 10th, to you. The officer refused to take the letter. I asked him to take my statement regarding the same, and he refused. I asked him why he would not take my statement, if you have a copy of the complaint from Mr. David Pflumm? He said, “I am going home”. I called him corrupt and said that the whole department was corrupt. I attest to the above statements as the truth and request a copy of all of my complaints, reports, and calls to your department, as defined and authorized under the Freedom Of Information Act, and according to the laws governing the same by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the federal rules governing the same.

Friday, July 1, 2005 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM: Stan Caterbone files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection in the U.S. Eastern District Bankruptcy Court in Reading, PA at the Clerk of Courts, pays fee 255.00.

July 5, 2005 - Advanced Media Group issues a stock certificate to Sheryl Crow for a donation to the Scout’s Trail charity fund; which was to be build in Kennett, MO beside the Sheryl Crow Aquatic Center. The stock certificate is being held my the Kennett MO Chamber of Commerce.

July 17, 2005 – Posted message on the Sheryl Crow Fan Forum
Advanced Media Group
registered: 4/19/2005 00:00
posts: 5

A new business model? This is a digital revolution. The music industry and consumers are experiencing a conversion from physical mediums (cd's, videos, dvd's) to electronic files stored in cyberspace and on mp3 players. Musicians and Artists are facing a legal dilemma in light of the preceding -How to protect ownership, intellectual property rights, and most importantly royalties from their music. Look at the statistics. CD sales and revenues are going down. Who needs to own a CD collection when you can pay Rhapsody $10.00 a month fora 1 million song catalogue with digital quality, accessible 24/7? In addition, you have the capability to port any song or albumto your mp3 player at half the cost of a CD. Convergence of mediums is what is driving the partnership between Dell and Sheryl Crow. They are leading the curve with this new technology for home entertainment. And it is not just about music. Sheryl and Dell are pioneering a new approach at formulating a new business model that helps her contemporaries meet the challenges facing the music industry at large. The musicians continue to enjoy making more music, in light of the fact that they have been short changed during this process. When was the last time you saw an artist go on strike? And what perfect timing to introduce a new album and tour.

I suspect it was all by design by professionals that understand thier markets, thier consumers, and thier respective products. Give it a chance to play out before passing judgement.
posted: 7/17/2005 10:09

September 30, 2005 Yarnell - Security system malfunction garage door not on line

October 01, 2005 Yarnell Calls 2 times Woke and found 2 calls from Yarnell Security

October 02, 2005 Yarnell Security Dispatcher said someone entered house, aborted alarm at 9:21am and changed the Master Code. Said she would reset. Code changed from 4115 to 2115. I told her she had a security breach. Mr. Yarnell called me back and told me to stop calling his office.

October 04, 2005 Judge Mary McLaughlin Resubmit original complaint of 1998 affidavit via fax

October 05, 2005 AB UNITED STATES TRUSTEE'S RESPONSE TO ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE WHY THE DEBTOR'S BANKRUPTCY CASE SHOULD NOT BE REINSTATED On September 21, 2005, this Court entered an Order to Show Cause why, in light of and Brief, his ...

October 05, 2005 - Comcast Cable

October 06, 2005 - Superior Court of California Filing Filed petitions for estate, and cause of death.

October 06, 2005- East Lampeter Police Arrest
Filed with California Superior Court for Sammy's Petitions via Willow Street Post Office. Then headed to Cingular on Lincoln Hwy East, stopped for lunch at Brasserie. Girl jumped in front of me going in, Sheryl Crow look alike. 2 girls, noticed SU, with convers...

October 07, 2005 Paid Conestoga Police Speeding Fine From Sunday

October 07, 2005 District Justice Savage see 1987

October 10, 2005 Patio Table Smashed

October 10, 2005 Southern Regional Police Visit Chief Fiorill responds and takes report - said he would send assignment number for insurance.

October 11, 2005 AB Order
IN THE MATTER OF: STANLEYJ. CATERBONE, Report to Harleysville A. Mazzuchi CIVIL ACTION NO. 05-3689 BKY. NO.

October 13, 2005 Cingular 4 Customer Service Reps will provide an audit within 7 days.

October 14, 2005 Superior Court of CA call Ann, wanted to know what to do with docs about Sammy. Never called back. Left 2 messages.

October 17, 2005 Harleysville Insurance Letter Still under investigation, reason for case not closed when due.

October 18, 2005 – Sovereign Bank would not open DIP Account. Kept giving me a hard time.

October 19, 2005 Hugh Ward, Dept of Justice Do not need DIP account, and do not have to submit anymore docs for first meeting. Instructions will follow.

October 20, 2005 forum post would not give me a private meeting. told 3 people in lobby.

October 22, 2005 East Lampeter Citations Docket No. CR-408-05 OTN- L260045-2 Hearing Nov 17, 3:00pm

October 28, 2005 Meeting with Judge Mary McLaughlin met with her, and at least 4 staffers

November 01, 2005 - District Justice Savage Meeting
Requested a change of venue. DJ Williams? told me to go to County Court House to the Court Administrator and get Change of Venue

November 01, 2005 Lancaster County Court Administrator Will change to another District Justice. Cited the Affidavit and 1987 abuse in Giest Road during arrest by MT Police, Horton and Reese.

November 04, 2005 called Hugh Ward about appointment Submittals before meeting. Resend original submittals. 48 hour notice to reschedule. was not in, left message to call if we needed to meet, told him by back was bad and not able to drive, reschedule for mon or tue.

November 05, 2005 Called Mastropietro and Dr Pool called for appt - both said to go to emergency room

November 06, 2005 Lancaster Regional Hospital Emergency Room too much pain. Went for pain pills. Did not help

November 14, 2005 Lancaster County Criminal Prothonotary Office 2 documents were not served including the notice for hearing and the notice regarding appeal decision. Clerks were not very helpful, and kept giving excuses as to why I never received any notices. Always quick to take my mone for the 2 copies.

November 17, 2005 656-2191District Judge Ron Savage Court Hearing

November 21, 2005 Creditors Meeting Courtroom 1

November 22, 2005 Joss Package per Feb 05

November 29, 2005 Chapter 11 fees Paid fee schedule. Clerk provide details for Dec 15 creditors meeting, along with mandatory requirements. Addendums and supplemental to schedules for creditors.

November 30, 2005 Charlie Smithgall visited with Dee, she explained the proposal for the Lancaster Press Building and we discussed the skyline debate and project.

December 01, 2005 Reading Court Hearing

December 02, 2005 East Lampeter Addendum for Hearing East Lampeter Citation Addendum to notes:

1. After walking outside I tried to give my credit card to the officer to pay for my bar tab, officer refused to take the credit card so I threw the credit card on the ground. I told the officer that the

Charges withdrawn - May or may not be reissued by Judge Ruetter. What a crazy discussion and hearing. Judge gave me the finger in the end while pointing to PA on a piece of paper. I'll save the specifics and details for myself on this one.

December 06, 2005 eBay account hacked 23 Ipod’s listed from my store from Beijing China

December 06, 2005 IFCC FBI I05120608348825 IFCC internet fraud account 05120608348825

December 07, 2005 - Dr. Black request for records

December 08, 2005 - IFCC FBI I05120804514805 I05120804514805 You are about to submit a complaint with the IFCC. Please review your information prior to submission.

December 12, 2005 - CD/DVD Writer Hacking tried to restore system configuration - did not work tried to install new cd/dvd writer - did not work said to reinstall operating system and reinstall all software was able to write to 3 cd on Iomega drive before it was hacked early am; Comcast Cable again disconnected service and internet service.

December 14, 2005 – Letter of Denial from the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency:
Pennsylvania Homeowners' Emergency
Housing Finance Agency Mortgage Assistance Loan Program

Pavements: 211 North Front Sheet, P.O. Box 15206
Harrisburg, PA 17105-5206
Correspondence: 211 North Front Street, P.O. Box 15530
Harrisburg, PA 171 05-5530
(717) 780-3940 1-800-342-2397 fax(717) 780-3995
ITY (717) 780-1869

S.S. #: 200-46-6095

Your application for a HOMEOWNERS' EMERGENCY MORTGAGE ASSISTANCE LOAN has been DENIED pursuant to Act 91 of 1983,35 P.S. Section 1680,401-C et seq. and/o-r Agency Guidelines 12 PA Code Sect~on3 1.201 et seq. for the following reasons:

1. No reasonable prospect of applicant resuming full mortgage payments within twenty-four (24) months and paying mortgage(s) by maturity based on: Applicant's income has been insufficient to maintain mortgage for the past two (2) years. Total monthly expenses: $3268. 2002 net monthly income: loss, 2003: 0,2004: extension.

2. No reasonable prospect of applicant resuming full mortgage payments within twenty-four (24) months and paying mortgage@) by maturity based on: Applicant is financially overextended based upon income history.

3. Property securing mortgage is not a one-or-two family owner occupied residence based on: The secured property is used primarily for commercial or business purposes. Per applicant, ~ ~ 65% of secured property is used for business.

4. Applicant is not suffering financial hardship due to circumstances beyond applicant's control based on: Applicant has asset(s) which could have been liquidated to cure delinquency – Per applicant, has stocks and/lor bonds in business valued at $4 million.

You may be entitled to an appeal hearing if you disagree with our decision. Requests for a hearing must be made in writing and must be submitted to the Agency within 15 days after the postmark date of this letter. Verbal requests are not acceptable. The hearing may be conducted by telephone conference call therefore you must include your telephone number. You also have a right to an in-person hearing at the Agency's office in Harrisburg if you so desire. Requests for hearings must state the reason(s) that a hearing is requested and must be sent first class, registered or certified mail to: Chief Counsel - HEMAP Hearing Request, PHFAIHEMAP, 21 1 North Front Street, P.O. Box 15628, Harrisburg, PA, 17105-5628.
The hearing request may also be faxed to the attention of Chief Counsel - Hearing Request at 717-780-4031. The Agency will attempt to schedule the hearing within thirty (30) days after the request is received. When sending your appeal, please be sure to print or type your name legibly and include your social security number and phone number where you may be reached during the day. You have a right to be represented by an attorney in connection with your appeal. If you cannot afford an attorney you may be eligible for Legal Services representation. You can contact a Legal Services representative toll free at 1-800-322-7572 for a referral to the office for your county. Please be aware that scheduling an appeal hearing does not necessarily stay foreclosure proceedings.

1. Disclosure inapplicable. The Federal Equal Credit opportunity Act prohibits creditors from discriminating against credit applicants on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, age (provided that the applicant has the capacity to enter into a binding contract); because all or part of the applicant's income derives from any public assistance program; or because the applicant has in good faith exercised any right under the Consumer Credit Protection Act. The Federal Agency that administers compliance with this law concerning this creditor is the Federal Trade Commission, Equal Credit Opportunity, Washington, D.C.

Rev. September 2003

December 15, 2005 - Meeting of Creditors Reading Courtroom 1 3rd Floor610-320-5255 341 Meeting with Mr. Ward of Department of Justice, No Creditors attended. Routine meeting to clarify under oath schedules submitted. Said to submit all filings to Reading Courts and would only hear from DOJ if anything additional is needed. Asked when...

December 17, 2005 - Judge McLaughlin Hearing Request
Stanley J. Caterbone (pro se)
220 Stone Hill Road
Conestoga, PA 17516
Honorable Judge Mary A. McLaughlin

December 28, 2005 - Cyber warehouse Restore System $50 to restore to factory settings $45 wireless pci card for old HP Laptop

December 31, 2005 - Depart for Los Cabos SouthWest Fl to Houston 7:20am charged me an extra $25 for luggage that they ended up loosing later in the day in Houston.

January 01, 2006 - Continental Airlines Could not talk to anyone about problem finally at about 8:30 talked to Continental at ticket counter, no flights, all booked until Wednesday. Put me on standby for other flights that day, but said probably would not get on a flight. Kept arguing about problem with several ticket agents, very

January 03, 2006 Finally got a flight out to Houston again, abuse and intimidation by Continental employees, not happy about me getting a flight. Had to pay additional charge of $100 for ticket.

January 05, 2006 - Letter to Editor Drew Anthon Civility, professional etiquette, and the public discourse for the Lancaster Convention Center debate. Tonight at the meeting at Farm and Home, I had approached Mr. Drew Anthon and politely asked him to discuss and settle my civil complaint. This was th...

January 05, 2006 - Complaint number: I06010506177009Password: luggage On January 30 I had planned to visit Los Cabos, Mexico, for a business trip. I had used the Internet to locate the airport (PTO) for that destination to locate and book the necessary travel accommodations. “PVR” (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico) appeared on sev...


January 05, 2006 – Federal Bureau of Investigation Internet Crime Unit Complaint number: I06010506177009 FBI IFCC Complaint via letter

January 06, 2006 Complaint number: I06010506177009 USPS

January 06, 2006 Complaint number: I06010506177009 via USPS

January 09, 2006 Judge Twardowski Order of Creditors 610-320-5255 phone Ext 248 Kathy, Twardowski Clerk Ext 243 Twardowski
January 12, 2006 Honda Inspection

January 12, 2006 Received Judge Mary McLaughlin Serve Order of Jan 5 2005

January 13, 2006 Lancaster County Redevelopment Authority Meeting with Randy Patterson - Discussed Concerts, said Joe probably does not have any, was not interested in getting involved, said not his responsibility, Barnstormers manage facility and their option. Said we keep going around in circles.

January 13, 2006 - Stanley J. Caterbone (pro se) 220 Stone Hill Road the Eastern District of Pennsylvania (010... 610-320-5255 phone Ext 248 Kathy, Twardowski Clerk Ext 243 Twardowski UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT EASTERN DISTRICT OF PENNSYLVANIA
In Re: Stanley J. Caterbone Debtor Case No: 05-23059-tmtChapter: 11

January 17, 2006 FBI Field Office in Harrisburg; Called about computer hacking and intruders

January 18, 2006 PA Housing Finance Hearing 780-3937 780-4031fax

January 18, 2006 Notice of Service To Fed Civil Actions Mailed all complaints and Judge Mclaughlin's Notice of Service Package, with the exception of Southern Regional Police Department

January 19, 2006 Joe Pinto Village Clair Bros Email Stan- Thanks for your help on this!! Joe
Delivery Confirmation™ Label Number: 0103 8555 7495 2644 2732 Judge Thomas M. Twardowski, Unite...

Filed Drew Anthon Default Notice and it was stamped in the Prothonotary office at 3:00pm by Audrey

January 20, 2006 Served Drew Anthon Default Notice Served Default Notice to Diane McMahon, the Secretary in the Marketing Office of the Eden Resort Inn. She said Drew was out of the office, so she gave the notice to Drew's Secretary while I was there. I went to have 1 drink at the Lounge Bar at the Eden...

January 20, 2006 Meeting with Joe Pinto & Slide at Snow Magic

January 21, 2006 Yarnell Security Sys Letter YARNELL SECURITY SYSTEMS 131 ELMWOOD RD . LANCASTER PA 17602.717-399-3900 January 20,2006 PA 175 18Dear Mr. Caterbone, We Turns to a bitchy nagging wife…….

January 23, 2006 US Dept of Justice Hugh Ward letter U.S. Department of Justice Office of the United States Trustee Eastern District of Pennsylvania 833 Chestnut Street(215) 597-4411 Suite 500 fax (215) 597-5795 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107 IN THE COURT OF COMMON PLEAS OF LANCASTER COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA CIVLL ACTION - LAW PROJECT HOPE/ADVANCED MEDIA GROUP 220 Stone Hill Road

Richard S. Solove, Esquire McNEES WALLACE & NURICK LLC
180 Good Drive
Lancaster, PA 17603 (717) 291-1177 Attorney I.D. #I7717 Attorney for Defendants

Barley Snyder, LLC, Attorneys at Law
126 East King Street
Lancaster, PA 17602-2893

28th Jan Auditorium Theater Chicago - On Sale Dec 10
Sale Dec 10

610-320-5255 phone Ext 248 Kathy, Twardowski Clerk Ext 243 Twardowski


In Re: Stanley J. Caterbone

February 03, 2006 Reminder to Artists or AMG/Interscope Send artists of label welcome letter

February 03, 2006 Rcvd LC KEGEL KELIN ALMY & GRlMM response to Fed Civil Action
Advanced Media Group
220 Stone Hill Road
Conestoga, PA 17516
24 North Lime Street Lancaster, PA...

Woke up and found Ipod and Ring Missing. Ipod was crashed and charging in van.

February 05, 2006 Conestoga Police Speeding Ticket

February 06, 2006 Ipod Found.

February 06, 2006 Donegal Policy Due $159

PAE 3015468 faxed to 426-7031

February 06, 2006 Manheim Township Police Order to Dismiss Federal cv05-0288 to Judge McLaughlin
2005 to the Court requesting permission to amend his "comp
This Court by Order dated January 5,2006, directed Plaintiff to serve his summons and

220 Stone Hill Road
Motion Due Case No. CI-05-03644DREW ANTHON If you do not want the court to grant the relief sought in the motion or if you want the court to consider your views on the motion, then on or before February 8, 2006 you or your attorney must do & of the following:

McLaughlin Order for Extension of Time

United States District Court Eastern District of Pennsylvania

February 10, 2006 Drew Anthon Motion Due
Richard S. Solove, Esquire McNEES WALLACE & NURICK LLC
180 Good Drive Lancaster, PA 17603 (717) 291-1177 Attorney I.D. #I7717 Attorney for Defendants PLEAS OF LANCASTER COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA CIVIL ACTIO...

Took back digital box for replacement, gave colored woman bankruptcy papers for her superior, was
again going to turn off cable.

220 Stone Hill Road

February 12, 2006 Joe Roda & Diane Nast email Feb. 12 2006 Dear Joe and Diane: These are the documents I currently have filed in Federal courts. I just saw you were back to work, so I thought I should share these with you. Please understand that the quotation of my statement

Re: Do you know my cousin, Diane Nast?
To: Date:...

Again went to Comcast after digital service was again shutt off. Again, another useless phone call to customer service. Told them that Mable of the Legal dept processed bankruptcy order. After about 20 minutes, said service was restored.

February 15, 2006 – Letter to the PA Housing Finance Agency;
Advanced Media Group
220 Stone Hill Road
Conestoga, PA 17516

S.S. #: 200-46-6095

Chief Counsel - HEMAP Hearing Request,
21 1 North Front Street,
P.O. Box 15628,
Harrisburg, PA, 17105-5628
Facsimile: 717-780-4031

February 16, 2006

For the record, I did not provide the statements in the report as you have determined. I protest the accuracy of the statements that were reported in the Decision, and formally request a copy of the tape recording. I also have determined there are several inaccuracies concerning the facts that were established. Given that you a Federally funded program, what courts would have jurisdiction in any appeals that may follow?

February 21, 2006 Fulton Hearing in Reading 1. If you do not want the court to grant the relief sought in the motion or if you want the court to consider your views on the motion, then on or before February 8, 2006 you or your attorney must do & of the following:Judge Twardowski Feb 2 Order

February 22, 2006 Visit Comcast to confirm appt.

February 22, 2006 - Lancaster County Commissioners Meeting Art Morris, and Planning Commission. Walked out after hearing they awarded the consultants bid 1 week before RFP was due.

February 22, 2006 Suburban Cable Appt Cable modem turned on before Comcast tech even entered my office, how could that happen? Blue light on Vonage modem was lit for first time since Friday, the week before.

February 23, 2006 – Letter from Lynn Stoy of the PA Housing Agency denying my request for a transcript of the Hearing in January.

February 24, 2006 Received Leo Eckert summons from Conestoga Police

March 01, 2006 Lancaster County Commissioners Meeting

March 01, 2006 Lancaster County District Attorney Office Drop off letter to Donald Attorney

March 01, 2006 Lancaster Chamber of Commerce Request 2006 fee schedule for Project Hope and Advanced Media Group. See Sharon Roda, who works for the Economic Development and David Nikollof. Did not know she worked there and asked
to visit with her.

March 01, 2006 Visit Joe Pinto at Clipper Stadium Stopped by to see Joe about the concert schedule for the summer. Joe was busy.

March 02, 2006 Phone call from Attorney JoLynn Stoy of PHFA Another argument about getting the recording of my Appeal Hearing on Jan 18th in Harrisburg. She again tried to lie her way out of the fact that they fabricated my statement in their finding. Hung up
on her.

March 02, 2006 Mail Certified letter to JoLynn Stoy

March 04, 2006 Interrogation

March 05, 2006 NSA

March 07, 2006 Hypnosis Seminar Talk to someone and they said smoking would be over at 8pm and the diet would start at 8pm and end at 10. $59. fee to attend. The went to Dispensing com and had 2 beers, then to Alley Kat had 3 drinks and 3 cokes until 1:15am, then went home. Went back ...March 08, 2006

Desk Sergeant and tall shorthaired officer carrying black gym bag were at front desk. Laid my business card on desk and asked if "they knew what chlorphorme was, and that I heard rumors around town that someone was using that stuff, and they should clean...

March 21, 2006 Someone just shot at me At approx 6:30 am this morning I was out by the side of my house in the woods tying up a tree and someone from the adjacent valley shot one shot which sounded like it was it could have been at me. There were no hunters in the area that I could see. Their...

March 21, 2006 EXCELSIOR PLACE INVESTOR Excelsior to get new investor Partner to be revealed today for E. King project BY PAULA HOLZMAN, Intelligencer Journal Staff Today's city Redevelopment Authority meeting could break the deadlock on plans to renovate several

March 22, 2006 – Facsimile to Lin Patch, Appeals Officer of the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency
Fax Cover Sheet
To: Lin Patch, Appeals Officer
Hemap Appeals Unit

Company: Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency
Fax Number:
From: Stan Caterbone
Date: March 22, 2006 2:58pm
Re: Appeal to Commonwealth Courts

I have received the tape recording of my appeal hearing on March 15, 2006, and upon further review, the following statement was not found on the recording of my hearing: The applicant provided the following statement with respect to the cause of the mortgage delinquency: "These circumstances came about when I met with officials from International Signal & Control, plc., in 1987 and became involved with agencies providing the United States of America associated with the highest level of Intelligence and National Security. I was called upon by ISC to help to provide financial assistance for portions of their [sic] operations. I immediately became suspect of these circumstances following my meeting of June 23, 1987; and alerted various officials of local, state, and federal authorities. It was these allegations that resulted in a 'Billion Dollar Fraud' that was successfully prosecuted by the United State Attorney General and the Federal Bureau [sic] of Investigation in 1990. Thiese circumstances have been before now, a dire problem within the scope and bounds of our National Security. These circumstances are now able to be adjucated within the Court of Law under the provisions and doctrines of the Constitution of the United States of America. During these activities, certain agencies of the intelligence community began extracting information on present and future issues concerning the current state of affairs of the United States of America." I also have learned that Mr. Cooper in the hearing stated that an appeal to the Commonwealth Courts time expired after 30 days, or 6 days after you provided me with the recorded transcript, which I initially requested on or about February 10, 2006. Was it your intention to delay the delivery of the tape recording so that the time for filing my appeal would have expired?

March 25, 2006 Key to Honda Stolen Mom's House and Billy Plank Found beer can in back yard, and newspapers in kitchen. Noticed people may have been inside house. While there, white small car pulled up in back beside Billy Planks truck, got out and crawled under truck. Was a clue about the key under my van that was...

March 25, 2006 Went home to get key for Safety Deposit Box March 25, 2006 Hypnotized (Key) Fulton Bank Safety Deposit Box Hypnotized with the Key Trick, Alarm went off on car, don't know how, younger woman beside my car, lipstick. Lost key to ignition, got out of car, stood beside car, went back into car and key was gone. Went to get key under car, and it was gone. Wanted...

March 25, 2006 Hypnotized (Key) Fulton Bank Safety Deposit Box Hypnotized with the Key Trick, Alarm went off on car, don't know how, younger woman beside my car, lipstick. Lost key to ignition, got out of car, stood beside car, went back into car and key was gone. Went to get key under car, and it was gone. Wanted...

March 25, 2006 Gib Armstrong Office
Pick up Right to Know and Freedom of Information Act documents.


April 02, 2006 Someone Enters 220 Stone Hill Road Ran out of house after someone hiding in basement

April 02, 2006 Registration Stolen from Dodge Pickup

April 03, 2006 Person breaks into 220 Stone Hill Road Leave driveway and with pickup go to Wagon Wheel for coffee and newspaper, group of Men laughing at me. I ask them if anyone of them was in my house, stay out of house until 1:30pm.

April 03, 2006 Chorophormed released in Car

April 04, 2006 Southern Regional Police Keep Pounding At Door Said they just wanted to talk, Fedor and Chief Fiorell Security took picture. Said I was sick and wanted to help me.

April 04, 2006 Phil Called From Austin Texas Said Lance was out of town this week.

April 04, 2006 Fax Southern Regional Police Suit to Don Totaro, Lancaster County District Attorney COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA COURT OF COMMON PLEAS LANCASTER COUNTY CIVIL DIVISION Stanley J. Caterbone County of Lancaster, Pennsylvania :

April 05, 2006 Officer Buser/Lancaster General Hospital/Millersville Police/East Lampeter

April 07, 2006 Conestoga Speeding Tickets & Inspection Hearing This court has received your plea of NOT GUILTY to the above summary violation(s). The sum of $ 112.50 has been accepted as collateral for your appearance at trial. Your trial has been scheduled as follows: PLEASE TAKE NOTE WHERE BEARING WILL…

April 08, 2006 - . Hospital Missing Mail Civil Action Complaint given to Staff to mail at 1:00am missing, rest of mail shown to me and was never mailed.

April 10, 2006 Dr. Pressley 2nd Opinion Dr. Bill Met with Dr. Bill, would not answer question regarding verifying 302 Order.

April 11, 2006 Judge Anita Brody Appeal to Fulton Bank Stay Entered

April 11, 2006 Judge McLaughlin Order for Continuance to May 11 IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE EASTERN DISTRICT OF PENNSYLVANIA Stanley J. Caterbone CIVIL ACTION


April 13, 2006 17101 717-234- 7911March 27,2006Stanley Caterbone220 ...

April 14, 2006 34 Foot Admiral Holiday Rambler Test Drove 30 foot

April 14, 2006 The Sharks Live Walked in and wanted to pay for ticket, said wanted to see Gus and walked into Village. Dave and Heather, Ken Ray & Carol, Den Lilly, Kratzert, Suzanne Porter, Brett, Fred, Billy T. Joe Klaus,

April 16, 2006 George at Village Would not let me back in. Said about ticket, and he would not let me pay him for the ticket.

April 17, 2006 Cable Disconnected Paid Comcast at Office All Cable disconnected at telephone pole. Sov Bank Project Hope Check #129 Susan Gibson would not turn cable and internet on. Said I had to pay $990.42

April 18, 2006 Comcast Suit Fax to Anita Brody Re: Civil Action 05-2288 The 5 page fax you sent through eFax.com to 12155802356 was successfully transmitted at 2006-04-19 00:28:29 (GMT). receiving machine's fax ID: .____________...

April 18, 2006 Millersville Boro Police Report 872-4657 Patrolman Michael K. Schaeffer, who took report on gave me incident no. 2006-MU-00509 Phone 717-872-4657 Fax 717-872-4705 10 Colonial Avenue

April 18, 2006 Pham Computers
Said could not order Avaratec Power cord, said it might be internal power supply.

April 18, 2006 Priority Mail Wcrow & Daile High Priority mail transaction No. 72 USPS 414408-9550 Advanced Media Group 220 Stone Hill Road Email April 17, 2006Mr. Dale High High IndustriesFrom : Advanced Media Group
Sent : Wednesday, April 19, 2006 4:58 AM To :
See Federal Civil Action No. 05-2288... Walked in to get a copy of Littering Citation, (Rick) Desk Officer began yelling at me and told me that I was driving while drinking, even though my car was parked. Officer asked for my key after he followed me out to my car, gave me a parking ticket fo...

April 22, 2006 Drove to get a paper. Took a shower at Mom's house to go back to Lancaster City Police Station for my Key and license.

April 22, 2006 Lancaster City Police Station Went in to get license and key and Desk Officer (woman) kept yelling at me and gave my key back and said I would have to come back tonight to get my license back. Told me to get out of station and never to come back again!

April 22, 2006 Lancaster County Library Update calendar and email. Tried to lock me out of system.

April 24, 2006 LiHeap Application No More walking, told to come back tomorrow Lois Gascho on vacation out all week.

April 25, 2006 LiHeap Application $600 from LiHeap, Bankruptcy papers faxed to PP&L; Docket Judge Anita Brody Order of Oct 5 PP&L to turn on Electric on Wed am

April 25, 2006 Reading Court Hearing Parking Meter

April 25, 2006 Reading Court Hearing Parking Meter

April 25, 2006 Lancaster County Library Got MSN Alert for Reading Parking Ticket Hearing, called District Justice in Reading

April 25, 2006 FBI Internet Crime Unit Reported calendar hacked and alert for Reading Parking Ticket and Alert changed.

April 26, 2006 Judge Anita Brody Appeal Due

April 26, 2006 Judge Anita Brody Appeal Due

April 26, 2006 Freemont Street Went home

April 26, 2006 Lancaster County Assistance Food Stamps Said denied last year because of resources (5,000 in bank, credit card liability) Said denied last year because failed to show to interview. Would not tell me how long to get food stamps

April 27, 2006 District Justice Ballentine Caterbone v. Comcast

April 28, 2006 Amended LGH & Southern Regional Police Department COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA COURT OF COMMON PLEAS COUNTY OF LANCASTER CIVIL DIVISION Stanley J. Caterbone COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA COURT OF COMMON PLEAS COUNTY OF LANCASTER CIVIL DIVISION Stanley J. Caterbone to Lancaster General Hospital CIVIL COMPLAINT CI-06-03349 Emily at information desk, called to corporate, would not give me directions to department, served 2 copies to LGH and Dr. Pressley

April 28, 2006 Service to William Campbell of Southern Regional Police Left copy inside door. See pictures.

April 28, 2006 Barnstormers Opening Game

April 29, 2006 Tommy's Anniversary Planted our garden.

May 01, 2006 Totaro's Office, Lancaster County DA Office Requested meeting, told to write letter. Obstruction of Justice Southern Regional Police Shellenberger

May 01, 2006 Lancaster County Commissioners Office Copy of Letter to Henderson, tried to make appointment, staff said will not see me for meeting.

May 02, 2006 Millersville Boro Police Incident Report Now, said cannot have incident report.

April 21, 2006
Advanced Media Group Stanley J. Caterbone
220 Stone Hill Road Conestoga, PA 17516Millersville Borough Police Department Michael K...

May 02, 2006 Lance Look alike peddling on near Penn Manor Middle School

May 02, 2006 Danny Hershey Talked to Danny for awhile; Gun Shop; told me about DA Detective M. Landis being a "problem and a lunatic", kept telling me about him, said he lived near Dave on Slackwater Road, asked if I was having a problem with Dave, and said he was a problem, ……aske...

May 03, 2006 Talked to Chief Rochet via phone of Millersville Boro Police requested incident Re... Told me to call Sue Moyer of the Lancaster County DA office, would not give incident report FAX COVER SHEET TO COMPANY FAX NUMBER FROM DATE RE COVER MESSAGE +1-7172953693 Stan Caterbone Ma5y/ 0033/,0 260 90:628 DATE RE COVER MESSAGE +1-7172934470 Stan I think it is the judicial branch of government, not the executive; but thanks for the information anyway. I will handle the problem we discussed today in another manner. As I stated, I will not put myself in harms way by going near Officer Buser of So... May 04, 2006 Civil Complaint Pam Pflumm AOPC 308A-05 COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA COUNTY OF: Lancaster CIVIL COMPLAINT Magisterial District Number: Ma0y2 0-24-,0 AOPC 411A-05 1-2 COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA COUNTY OF:Lancaster Magisterial District Number : FAX COVER SHEET TO COMPANY FAX NUMBER FROM DATE RE COVER MESSAGE +1-5738889802 Stan Caterbone

5/04/06 4:03 AM could you please confirm the where...

2006 Business Law Seminar: Lancaster

May 08, 2006 Richard Plum phone call Harleysville Insurance Company Said he would overnight new affidavit, argued about why no one alerted about deficiencies

May 10, 2006 Fulton Bank Commercial Loan Application Branch Manager refused to provide application or any documentation

May 10, 2006 Fulton Bank Commercial Loan Application Bill Dougherty, Branch Manager on 1st floor; would not provide me with an application. Process was to provide financial statements; kept requested documentation as to application and process, refused. Said did not mail it, would go out today, again lied.

May 11, 2006 – Went to U.S. Postal Station on Harrisburg Pike, Lancaster, man came up to me “Capt Palmer? Said he was Dick Shellenberger brother-in-law, wanted to talk to me, kept backing me up while trying to weigh envelopes, told him to get away, I was busy, walked outside and waited, told him I was busy and walked away”.

May 15, 2006 Availability Staffing Went to talk to Tony Spinello, would not meet, met with Amber.

May 16, 2006 Judge Brody Brief Due

May 17, 2006 FBI Harrisburg Office Obstruction of Justice Complaint Travel to Washington DC

May 17, 2006 Help Make LIVESTRONG DAY One to Remember "It's time for our nation to address our issues. Together, we can help change things for the better. As a team, we can make a difference for survivors." -Lance Armstrong
Schedule appt.

May 17, 2006 Senate Select Committee on Intelligence 2 photographers take my picture outside Hearings Gave phone number to call. FOXNews.com - Intel Panels Hear From NSA Director - Politics Visit and request meeting with receptionist or another attorney

May 18, 2006 Availabity Staffing Follow up with Amber, said she had someone else in office that could help find some part-time consulting. Talked with …. Did not even read resume, told him if he had a client that wanted to increase profits to call me. Said only dealt with manufacturing,..
March 29, 2006, 4:05 PM ET Jonathan Cohen, N.Y. Taylor for the 2006 Rainforest B... Joe Pinto Lied

As per the instructions of the receptionist in Senator Specter's office yesterday, I would like to meet with the Senator regarding information that I have previously sent.

Please forward a date at your earliest convenience.

Thank You for your considerations.

Advanced Media Group
Stan Caterbone
mailto: amgroup01@msn.com
Fax: (717) 427-1621

May 19, 2006 Dave Pflumm and Brett Stabley Thought they stole my wife

May 21, 2006 Harleysville Claim Priority Mail

May 22, 2006 Payments for Advanced Media Group Vonage Phone 17.48 Rhapsody .99 Go to My PC 24.95 EBay 15.95 Andale 16.95 Efax 10.00 Nextel

May 22, 2006 Advance Media v. Mike, Stabley, Pflumm COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA COURT OF COMMON PLEAS LANCASTER COUNTY CIVIL DIVISION Advanced Media Group Stanley J. Caterbone Ma2y2 202 County of Lancaster, Pennsylvania: Agent is not processing above claim and keeps lying to me. After I submitted claim forms and did not hear from him, I called him and he said that a sworn and notarized affidavit required embossed seal from notary, proved that was not the case. Then he s...

May 22, 2006 PA Insurance Complaint Agent is not processing above claim and keeps lying to me. After I submitted claim forms and did not hear from him, I called him and he said that a sworn and notarized affidavit required embossed seal from notary, proved that was not the case. Then he s... Mike, I (Advanced Media Group) am suing you for libel, slander and defamation of character. Just what is it you are trying to accomplish by slandering me with this mental illness allegation?

Yave told me he knew that I went to a different bank to deposit the funds, and shortly thereafter, you called me and said that your regional sales manager received some complaints from some wholesalers about the updates I was sending out to you and the other clients that I had with AIM.

You need to come clean with how my business with AIM back in 2001 was lost. I find it ironic that as soon as I received my inheritance from Dad, Dou see Mike, since 1987, you all have been interfering with my business and my finances. You take my money and my income, and when I try to resolve that through the courts, which is precisely where matters of this kind are resolved, you go back and slander and libel me with this mental illness allegation.

You have not seen me since February of 2005, and I have only spoken with you on a few occasions, very briefly, and you never mentioned anything about me being mentally ill.

Now, you are going to have to answer in court what type of behavior you have witnessed that leads you to the conclusion that I am having mental illness problems.

I am in the midst of litigating these and other past issues in the United States Court of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, Civil Action 05-2288 (which is sealed to the public), and you are obstructing justice and interfering with my right to due process. Everyone that has libeled me with these mental illness allegations will find that they will find a similar civil action filed against them.

I only have a hundred dollars left, and Mom still owes me from the judgment that was awarded to me in Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas last July. Legally, I cannot leave Lancaster until all of my legal issues are properly adjucated through the courts, or I will face bench warrants for my arrest.

So, I am asking you once again to overnight mail me the final payment of $800 and I will satisfy the judgment against 1250 Fremont Street. You can ask Mom just how much she has paid me so far. A few months ago she sent me a check for $200, and said she would send me the rest of the payments. Last week she said she would send me a check, and I still have not received it.

Attached is the civil action that I am filing.

And you also need to stop interfering with my relationship with Sheryl, and you better stay away from her.

----Original Message Follows----
From: mtciidd@aol.com
To: amgroup01@msn.com
Subject: Re: The right thing?
Date: Sun, 21 May 2006 08:45:06 -0400

Stan you need to get help. You need to see a doctor and get back on your medication. I know you don’t see this but your not well and we want to help. If you see a doctor I will help financially. Money is not going to solve your problems in your current condition. Your entire solution to every this is through the courts and what happens when you exhausted all your options and that what? Mom is getting very old and we don’t know how much time she has so please leave her alone and you can deal with me. I wish you could see what you’re doing to yourself but i guess you cant. I know you’re pissed off but we want to help. What is happening with your house? How far behind are you in your mortgage payments and don’t give me your bankruptcy info. Because donor or later your going to have to settle.

Just trying to help.


From: Stan Caterbone
To: mtciidd@aol.com
Sent: Fri, 19 May 2006 09:06:18 -0400
Subject: The right thing?

Just what did you mean, and this is your brother Stan.

Advanced Media Group
Stan Caterbone
mailto: amgroup01@msn.com
Fax: (717) 427-1621

Advanced Media Group
220 Stone Hill Road
Conestoga, PA 17516
May 23, 2006 Email Convention Center Recommendations from March 2005 1 of 2 5/24/2006 4:32 AM Sent : Tuesday, May 23, 2006 1:21 PM... Filed appeal and Forma Papaus to Appeal Reading Traffic Tickets

May 23, 2006 Convention Over Budget Lancaster New Era Lancaster New Era: Center bids $25M over budget http://eedition.lancasteronline.com/pages/news/edition/NEPM/200... 1 of 3 5/23/2006 8:19 PM costs could be 30% higher than... CV-0000160-06 Comcast must send notice to defend, otherwise do not attend. Tried to make me miss this hearing, original taken, I thought it was for June 26, went today to get

May 26, 2006 Hearing Caterbone v. Comcast CV-0000160-06 Comcast must send notice to defend, otherwise do not attend.

May 26, 2006 Barley Snyder, LLC - Lancaster General Hospital File Stolen Gave formal notice to Attorneys Meagan Ford and Mattson regarding LGH file stolen, said allegations that their client may have been involved, Caroline (African American woman) at reception desk. Called to executive secretary of both attorneys, were not a...

May 26, 2006 Judge Mary J. McLaughlin Letter faxed Advanced Media Group 220 Stone Hill Road Conestoga, PA 17516

May 26, 2006 Judicial Conduct States District Court for the Eastern District Please explain your complaint on the reverse of this from. COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA JUDICIAL CONDUCT BOARD Pennsylvania Place 301 Chestnut Street, Suite 403 OFFICIAL USE

May 29, 2006 Judicial Conduct Review Board Complaint filed Please explain your complaint on the reverse of this from. COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA JUDICIAL CONDUCT BOARD Pennsylvania Place 301 Chestnut Street, Suite 403 Harrisburg, PA
May 29, 2006 Grassel Answer to Civil Complaint Due

May 30, 2006 Southern Regional Police Dept Answer Due

May 30, 2006 Kenny Chesney -- Opening for Chesney will be Sugarland and Jake Owen

May 31, 2006 Artie email for Convention Center March 2005 Artie, thanks for the intelligent reply and discussion. You should understand, there is not too much that you have said that I disagree with. You are right on point in your analysis. However, too understand my perception, you must understand my experience...

May 31, 2006 Robert Walker email Advanced Media Group From: Advanced Media Group [amgroup01@msn.com] Sent: Wednesday, May 31, 2006 3:48 AM
amgroup01@msn.com Printed: Wednesday, May 31, 2006 9:49 AM

June 1, 2006

Mr Caterbone’s am responding to your inquiry concerning your edition. The account has been stopped. When it was started, we were provided with a credit/debit card to pay for the access on a monthly basis. Starting 4/26, when we tried to process a monthly charge, it was declined. It had been tried for with weeks of 5/3, 5/10, 5/17 & 5/24 with no success. Access was suspended on 5/26 with an amount due of $ 3.88. We received your payment of $ 3.88, which paid your account to date. If you wish to have access to the edition again, we would need to have a credit or debit card to use for the monthly access charge. If I can assist you further, please contact me at 291-8627 or sign up on our website.
Circulation Customer Service
Lancaster Newspapers, Inc.
From : May 31, 2006 9:41 AM... John Wert Assistant to Judge Scheaffer 610-478-6675 610-478-, file again to reconsider?" shoul... COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA COURT OF COMMON PLEAS LANCASTER COUNTY CRIMINIAL DIVISION Commonwealth of Pennsylvania :

June 06, 2006 - Letter from the PA Department of Welfare
832 Manor Street
P.0. Box 4967 I
Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17604-4967
June 7,2006

Mr. Stan J. Caterbone,
Per Administrative Law Judge Scott Staller's stipulation, the following information is due before 6120106 in the Lanmter County Assistance Office:

Verification of your income or lack them35 to show how you have been supporting yourself since 2003 without income. This would include the bankruptcy verification, loans against your credit cards, etc.

A copy of a photo identification.

Current bank statements or verification the accounts are closed.

Utility bills

Mortgage payments in the form of a mortgage book or receipts showing your monthly payment.

The PA 600 application form you took with you at your last interview.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mrs. Rychalsky, Income Maintenance Casework Supervisor, at the Lancaster County Assistance Office at (717:) 299-7487. Mrs. Rychalsky will be banding any further issues regarding this appeal.

Thank you.
Amy Montgomery
Income Maintenance Casework Supwvisor
Lancaster County Assistance Office

June 06, 2006


I had a problem at your Sunoco Gas Station on Orange and Prince street at about 2:30 am today. I went to get some gasoline and my tank was low when I left my house, but the low fuel indicator light did not come on.

I paid the cashier with 14 silver half dollars and got a pack of Eagle Lights and the rest $3.93 in gasoline, or about 1.37 gallons, and pumped the gas into my Honda.

Now, on the way home, at about half way my low fuel indicator light came on. I know that I live about 7 miles from the Sunoco, and my 2005 Honda Odyssey gets at least 20 mpg city.

So, apparently, your Sunoco Station took my $3.93 and never gave me any gas, the meter on the pump moved and shut off at $3.93, but I am alleging that I never put one drop of gasoline in my Honda, yet the pump made it look like I was pumping gas into my Honda.

I have the receipt.

June 09, 2006 - Hearing for Conestoga Speeding Ticket TR-0000245-06 TR-0000244-06
As per your request, enclosed is a document that describes the last time I had a traffic citation in Conestoga Township. As I have stated for the record, every time I seek due process that the constitution of the United States affords me, this is what happens. I have 8 (fabrications and lies) or so similar hearing in Lancaster County, I requested a continuance because of the demands of my Federal litigation and the conspiratorial approach to obstruct justice and subvert my Federal civil actions has me without the proper time to prepare a sufficient defense. I had wished to include the in court testimony, but time was lacking to prepare. I was up since 2:00 am the previous morning working on a brief that was due the Honorable Anita Brody of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania on the same day as your Court Hearing.

Every District Justice in Lancaster County denied me a motion for continuance to grant me sufficient time to prepare for the Hearings this month. You stated for the record that you could not because of a Court Order to hear this case within a 90 day time period. I was also denied an Informa Pauperis (I am indigent due to circumstances beyond my control) from every Business Judge on duty, which also conveniently denied me my right to have a Court Stenographer transcribe your Hearing, as mandated in the Rules of Civil Procedure of Pennsylvania. May I subpoena your Surveillance Camera for a transcription of my Hearing? You will not get away with your small town politics, discriminatory and prejudicial antics used to intimidate me and divert my attention, time and resources from my Federal Civil Actions. I remind you that you are an Officer of the Court and will be held accountable to the law.

June 09, 2006 Hearing for PENNSYLVANIA DEPARTMENT 717-786-2072 fax
Thank you for your response Mr. Caterbone. I would again explain to you that you should contact E-fax directly at the phone number I gave you in my initial email to discuss what you believe to be a double charge. It is YOUR responsibility to discuss the charges with E-fax as you gave them the Visa gift card number. The bank cannot be responsible for YOUR decisions in regards to which you give YOUR card number. Good luck with YOUR inquiry with E-fax. If E-fax decides you were double billed, then E-fax will refund your card. Again, call E-fax and use the reference number that I gave you in regards to YOUR account. At this point, Fulton bank will not be refunding any funds to you. Have a good day Sir.

-----Original Message-----
From: Advanced Media Group [mailto:amgroup01@msn.com]
Sent: Thursday, June 08, 2006 6:55 PM
To: Mummert, Carl
Cc: amgauctions@comcast.net

Subject: RE: Fraud Inquiry by you on Visa Gift Card

Fulton Bank owes me $45.98.

Sir, you are blind, there are (2) $26.90 charges on my Gift card Transaction details. And both were used to compute the balance of $-.81.
I did not authorize the $10.00 Efax charge.

The $10.08 from Turkey Hill is erroneous; I did not purchase 10.08 of gasoline on June 5th or 4th.

Now Sir, I have a brief due in the chambers of U.S. District Court of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania's Honorable Anita Brody, Caterbone v. Fulton Bank, tomorrow.

You, Sir, are harassing me with your lies, and you are obstructing justice and my due process by harassing me with your phone call right when I began to formulate my brief.

Date Description Amount
6/3/2006 Pending - J2 *EFAX PLUS SERV 323-817-3205 CAUS -25.9



6/7/2006 TURKEY HILL #0251 Q69 TURKEY HILL #0251 LANCASTER PAUS -0.5



6/6/2006 ATM Balance Inquiry Fee -1


6/6/2006 J2 *EFAX PLUS SERVICE J2 *EFAX PLUS SERV 323-817-3205 CAUS -10


6/5/2006 ATM Balance Inquiry Fee -1

6/5/2006 TURKEY HILL #0076 Q69 TURKEY HILL #0076 LANCASTER PAUS -10.08

6/5/2006 VONAGE *PRICE+TAXES VONAGE *PRICE+TAXE 866-243-4357 NJUS -17.48


6/4/2006 ATM Balance Inquiry Fee -1

6/4/2006 J2 *EFAX PLUS SERVICE J2 *EFAX PLUS SERV 323-817-3205 CAUS -25.9


6/2/2006 ATM Withdrawal Fee -2


6/2/2006 Funds Transfer from Fulton Financial Corp 175

Balance of all Transactions -175.81
Balance of Fraudulent Transactions $45.98

From: Mummert, Carl [mailto:CMummert@fultonbank.com]
Sent: Thursday, June 08, 2006 6:26 PM
To: amgroup01@msn.com
Subject: Fraud Inquiry by you on Visa Gift Card

Mr. Caterbone,

I just tried to call you to talk to you in regards to your request for information on possible fraud in relation to your Visa Gift card you purchased last week. As you thought it best to hang up on me as I tried to explain what I found out by calling E-fax to research your gift card, I will now explain in brief detail what the fees were you inquired about. The $10.00 fee on June 6th is a pre-paid amount E-fax charges to allow you to fax pages @ .10 per page. When you use the $10.00, E-fax will then pre-pay/charge another $10.00. As for your inquiry of being double billed the $25.90. I spoke with a gentleman named Vincent @ E-Fax and he stated that there is not a double charge and that you were only billed $25.90 one time for 2 months service (May 2nd to June 1st and June 2 to July 3rd). The monthly charge is $12.95 and since the card # you provided E-fax in May was denied, they billed you for 2 months in the beginning of June. The Reference # for this information is 001428472. If you have any further questions in regards to YOUR E-fax account, I would ask you call E-fax yourself. The # for E-fax is (323) 817-3206. At this time I do not have any information for you in regards to your inquiry at the $10.08 charged on June 6th.

Mr. Caterbone, since you again feel the best way to handle this situation is to hang up on me when I was trying to give you this information, I would request that you discontinue contacting myself. I do not have the time to continue to try and help you when you are unwilling to listen to the information I have to pass onto you. This is the second time in 3 days that you disrespected me, with the 1st being on Tuesday, June 6th when you called me ignorant and I would respectfully request that you no longer ask for help from me. I have tried to be polite and respect you and I would hope you could do the same. When Fulton bank completes its research as to what the $10.08 charge was that you are disputing, the bank will contact you by email or letter.

Thank you for your attention to this email and I hope the information I passed onto you so far is useful.

Carl E Mummert
Branch Manager
Penn Square Branch
Fulton Bank

June 11, 2006 Country Music Awards CMA Music Fest Sets Initial Lineup
February 13, 2006, 4:30 PM ET
Katie Hasty, N.Y. Brooks & Dunn, Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood and Montgomery Gentry are Music Festival. Slated for June 8-11 in down...MDT citation for leaving car unattended to go look for Sheryl in Terminal. Left car and talked to Security Officer and he said it was ok and ordered me to move car, and I did. He did not write me a citation on that day.

June 15, 2006 Hearing DJ Ballentine Caterbone v. Comcast

From : Cheryl L. Kovaly Sent : Wednesday, June 21, 2006 1:13 PMTo : "Stan Caterbone" Subject : RE: Caterbone v. Southern Regional Police Commission

Cheryl L. Kovaly, Esquire
Lavery, Faherty, Young & Patterson, P.C.
225 Market Street, Suite 304
Harrisburg, PA 17101
(717) 233-6633
June 19, 2006

H. Gus Dorn
Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania
Office Of Attorney General
Bureau Of Consumer Protection
Harrisburg Regional Office
301 Chestnut Street, Suite 105
Harrisburg, PA 17101
(7171 787-7109

May 31, 2006

Re: A-002594-2006

As per our conversation, I will address the issues contained in Mr. Yarnell’s response to your office. Please not that I was not given any of the exhibits that Mr. Yarnell submitted to your office.

“On August 26,2005 we entered into an agreement with Mr. Caterbone for the installation and monitoring of an alarm system at 220 Stone Hill Road Conestoga, PA 17518. Our standard pricing for the system he ordered is $1,899.00 and then he would pay $192.00 per year for the monitoring of the system. Another option he was given was to pay $1,324.00 for the installation and then pay $299.40 per year for 5 years. Mr. Caterbone chose the 2nd option. (Attached marked items A and B are the contracts and the service rider).”
Above paragraph is not contested.

“Mr. Caterbone gave us a check in the amount of $800.00 for the system deposit so that we could start the job. (Item C) The installation was scheduled for September 30, 2005. Our technician arrived at the site and installed the system. Mr. Caterbone agreed that the system was installed to his satisfaction and also added 2 additional key fobs. (See installers check list, Item D).”
Please see Exhibit E: Email of October 1, 2005 of Installation Problems

“This check list goes on every job for the end user to sign. Please note the highlighted item. Please find attached a copy of Mr. Caterbone’s final invoice in the amount of $1,021.40. This was to be paid to our installer. He told our technician that he would send it in. (Item E) can see we performed all of our duties as we agreed.”

Please see Exhibit A: Bankruptcy Chapter 11 Petition, Yarnell Securities is on the matrix of Creditors.
Please see Exhibit B: Bankruptcy Chapte11 Appeal Judge Anita Brody Appeal Response.
Please see Exhibit C: Bankruptcy Chapter 11 Definition and Regulations.

“We clearly state on our contracts that the customer provides the phone lines. (Item A paragraphs 7 and 8) We also offer alternate methods of communication for all of our systems. (Cellular Back Up) (Internet Monitoring). These were refused. See Item B highlighted item.”
Please refer to Exhibit D: Verizon Duplicate Bill for phone number 717-872-6984 which was a dedicated land line for the security system.

“Attached is a printout showing that the system was tested and working properly. Our contracts clearly state providing a phone line is the responsibility of Mr. Caterbone. Mr. Caterbone’s system was completed September 30, 2005 and as of this date we still have not been paid the balance of his monies due.”

Above paragraph is not contested.

Mr. Caterbone has the system. We provided the complete installation in a timely fashion. Mr. Caterbone has been called numerous times to collect the balance due. We provided more than 8 hours of labor at Mr. Caterbone residence, as well the equipment with a normal selling price of over $1800.00 plus the extra he received. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Please see Exhibit A: Bankruptcy Chapter 11 Petition, Yarnell Securities is on the matrix of Creditors.
Please see Exhibit B: Bankruptcy Chapte11 Appeal Judge Anita Brody Appeal Response.
Please see Exhibit C: Bankruptcy Chapter 11 Definition and Regulations.

In paragraph 8. of the Residential Sales/Service Agreement it states: there will be no monitoring…..if the telephone line is interrupted unless the customer elects to pay for additional technology that will report such an interruption.

Upon the execution and installation of agreement, I was told that a dedicated telephone line was required so that any interruption with phone service would be detected. Why would you pay for a Security System with alarms and a monitoring system that contained all of the technological advances if it was vulnerable to someone snipping your phone line outside of your house, and negating that Security System as moot?

I wonder if all of the customers for Yarnell Security Systems are aware of this vulnerability.

In addition, I was billed for monitoring my security system up to April 3, when in fact my dedicated phone line with Verizon was terminated on or before December 24, 2005.

And you told me on the telephone in our conversation that this is not fraud?

You see, I have issues with Office of the Attorney General that date back to 1987 that I am trying to resolve in Federal Court, and must assume that you are retaliating against me for my filing of certain Federal Civil Actions, which are now currently being litigated in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

I do not appreciate your tone, nor do I appreciate your accusations or demands. I agreed to provide the commitment documents to you as a courtesy. As stated, the 302 document was not in the paperwork received from the Chief. Although additional documents are expected from my client, I have no obligation at this stage of litigation to provide any documents to you. Given your attitude, I am not inclined to extend you any additional courtesies.

June 20, 2006 Hearing East Lampeter Prelim Hearing Docket No. CF-0000169-06 02-3-02 MDJ Commins - On June 19, found that someone hacked my computer and removed my scheduled appointment for the Hearing with District Justice Commins the following day on June 20th. The appointment schedule was apparently removed soon after I entered it. I always look forward to calendar schedule, and would have naturally been preparing days before Hearing. Then went to file and found that someone removed important documents required for Hearing, from my office. I immediately called Honorable Justice Commins at 2:25 pm. And asked for a continuance due to the fact that I had no time to prepare. She told me she could not and would address it at the Hearing at 10:30am. Arrived and requested to get a copy of my file from District Justice Staff. All witnesses from the Prosecution were present and called into courtroom about 30 minutes before me with other people), which I was not aware of. Did not know what type of hearing I was having. Kept asking for an explanation. Approximately 11:15 am - Hearing started by Honorable Commins with a woman Prosecutor (Said she was from Lancaster District Attorney Office Ms. Mazzouri?) on opposing desk. I immediately moved for a motion for a continuance due to the above, and the District Justice declined, and I asked what the proceeding was, and she said "we will begin this proceeding, Prosecutor call your first witness". Thought it was like last arraignment on December 5 in Magisterial District Justice Reuter, just Officer Bezzerd and me. Had to cross witnesses with no time to prepare. Could not raise concern that the Affidavit of Probable Cause was changed on May 18, 2006 and quite different from original Affidavit of October 2005. (See in Original Complaint File Attachments). 2 Witnesses lied extensively, and kept looking to prosecuter for direction. One witness lied so maliciously and testified under oath that I said "I wish George Bush and all the Marines would Die” Did not know what to do, interrupted the hearing and asked the judge what was going on, almost walked out of courtroom, because I was so upset. A subject matter that I am very passionate and knowledgable about, the War in Iraq and the Troops - always trying to educate so people would at least support the troops. Ordered case moved to and signed Bail Bond and received official notice for an Arraignment in Lancaster County Courthouse on July 26, 2006..................

June 21, 2006 - SRP Officer said could not get a copy of files after asking Office Manager - wanted me to cause disturbance so could cite me with disorderly conduct or get another 302 She was abusive, kept trying to get me mad with back talk and kept telling me it will cost me for citations, I would have to pay whether in Bankruptcy or not.
Said will call when files are copied.

June 22, 2006 - Digital Cable went down at 3:00 am when trying to complete Brief for Chapter 11 Motion to Convert Order. Comcast later said it was a system glitch, returned service on Friday, June 23 at 6:00pm.

June 23, 2006 - Lancaster City Bicycle Cop Said I went through stop sign, he was baiting me as I drove by him in alley street, would not ride near curb Did not run stop sign Would not give me a document for subpoena, staffer kept giving me a hard time as usual, would not give me instructions in writing, told me to put it in writing, no instructions, with fee for service, I said Informa Pauperis, she said give it to judge, I said what am I suppose to write? Judge came out and said do you want to speak with me, I'm sick of you insulting my staff, I said lets go. Gave me a lecture on insulting her staff, bit my tongue, asked for a doc or if I could use PA Rules, said "this is the way we do things in my office" I said PA Rules governs her office, she said no. I walked out.

June 27, 2006 – Pennsylvania State Police; Trooper David “Huanis”, Forensic Unit; 717-290-1976; Was referred by Southern Regional Police Department during the response to my call in the morning of June 24, 2006; said he could not provide me the service; no one will come and fingerprint my office or residence. Regardless of all of the complaints and responses by law authorities, no one will process any procedure that would result in prosecution. I contain video surveillance of perpetrator in my residence, and evidence of forced entry.







COMPLAINT NO. 2006-214;215 MAY 2006



United State District Court For The Eastern District of Pennsylvania
06-1538 – June 8, 2005 CATERBONE v. FULTON BANK

United States Bankruptcy Court Eastern District;
05-23059 – May 23, 2005 PETITION FOR CHAPTER 11 BANKRUPTCY

Pennsylvania Court of Commonwealth Pleas Lancaster County;

Pro Se Litigant

a. Restoration of Civil Rights
b. Restoration of Civil Liberties
c. Protection of Right to Due Process Without Undo Influence
d. Protection of Personal and Business Property
e. Financial Remedies Including The Value of Stolen Property; Lost Opportunity; Lost Business Interests
f. Prosecution of Assailants and Perpetrators











/SJC/ June 27, 2006


As a law enforcement agency, the primary function of the Attorney General is to represent the public at large by enforcing laws prohibiting acts of discrimination where there is a pattern or practice of unlawful activity. Your complaint does remain on file with our office and the Information contained in it may be used to establish future violations of Pennsylvania law or other issues of general public importance.


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