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2005 HP Desktop Computer – Currently Non-Operational
1. 2 USB Ports

2. Adobe Professional Software

3. 4-Camera Color Remote Sensor Security System

4. MSN Hotmail

5. Lexmark Printer and Scanner

6. Dell Printer and Scanner

7. All Video Converters and Editors

8. Windows 2000 Operating System via Boot-Up Sequence July 2, 2008

9. 250GB Internal Hard-Drive files stolen

2005 - Averatec Laptop Computer – Currently Non-Operational
1. Power Supply Will Not Turn On – November of 2007

2. Software Programs Compromised

3. Microsoft Outlook hacked

4. 2 USB Ports

HP N5150 1999 Laptop Computer - Currently Non-Operational
 (Rendered Useless on or about July 16, 2008; Mouse & Keyboard Will Not Work)
1. Floppy Disc Drive

2. CD-ROM Writer

3. USB Port for Flash or Thumb Drive

4. MSN Hotmail

5. Acrobat Professional for creating pdf files.

6. AC Adapter

7. Most if not all software hacked to perform less than normal

8. Microsoft Word – always hacked

9. All computer files and work is technically isolated in the HP N5150 Laptop with the exception of copying all files and sending them to my own email account (amgauctions@comcast.net) then going to the public access computers at the Lancaster County Library on 50 N. Duke Street and copying them from my email account to my thumb drive. But of course I cannot copy any files from my thumb drives to my HP N5150 Laptop.

10. At all times my internet connection is hacked and all of my documents and accounts subject to intrusions, deletions, and modifications.

Sharp DVD-Video Player Recorder
1. Will not record on DVD Discs – Must record TV Shows on VHS Video

Apple Ipod and 60 GB Hard Drive Back-up – Had to secure in safety deposit box due to hackers

Cell Phone Camera – Cannot download photos to computer or printer

Kodak Digital Camera – Cannot download photos to computer or printer


“why do you feel it is our responsibility to support you. I bust my ass working and have a family to raise. I will help you if you help yourself. Why don’t you go out and get a job until the people who you claim owe you money pay you. Why do you think you are entitled to have us pay your bills and take care of your financial responsibilities? I have a mortgage and pay my utility bills as does Steve, and Phil. You are living rent free and its time you pay your own bills.”
Mike Caterbone
Email of March 30, 2008

”Stan thats exactly what I tried to do but you wouldn’t listen. You thought I was trying to steal your house. Stan you need to get help and get back on your medicine and I know you dont want to hear that but that’s what needs to happen. We are all on your side but you seem to think everyone is against you and thats not the case. If you would have listen to me back when they wanted to foreclose on you house things would be different.”
Mike Caterbone
Email of April 3, 2008

March 31, 2008

Stan J. Caterbone
Advanced Media Group
1250 Fremont Street
Lancaster, PA 17603

Mike Caterbone
122 Swan Avenue
Plantation, FL 33324

Re: Email from Mike Caterbone of March 31, 2008
PP&L and UGI Utility Payments


I don’t feel it is your responsibility to financially support me, although I do feel it is your responsibility and your obligation to support the truth and not to be my adversary. I will outline why it is your responsibility and obligation to pay attention to what I say, and not to listen to the intentional and malicious rumors about my activities and what I have been doing for the past 3 years. If you, Mom, Steve, and Phil had listened to me, instead of taking an adversarial role and always fighting me on everything, we all would have more money. Instead, you all have money, while everyone continues to steal and extort money and property from me.

1. Let me give you an example. If you would have worked with me, rather than against me, you could have bought my house for the mortgage owed ($89,000) plus interest and fees. This could have been before the Sheriff Sale in December of 2006, which would have been around $165,000 to $250,000. Then, we could have sold it and I could have paid you somewhere around $10,000. I would have been able to put in the bank somewhere around $70,000. Remember, on March 13, 2007, just 33 days after I settled for the $156,000 that was paid at the Sheriff Sale, the house was transferred for $195,000. All you and Steve did was write me while I was in prison asking me to give you permission to move all of my belongings from 220 Stone Hill Road to 1250 Fremont Street.Instead, I only received a check for $17,306.00, by the way which is still in escrow until all the litigation is legally adjudicated in the courts. When the Courts reverse the Sheriff Sale, I will most likely have to repay that money, unless I am awarded damages by that time.

2. Of course, I did not mention that the Sheriff Sale was illegal, the Superior Court committed obstruction of justice, and everyone that was on that property before February 1, 2007 were legally trespassing, and I was the only person with the legal authority to be on that property. That is how they stole all of my possessions and legal files.

3. Let me give you another example. In January I told both you and Steve to apply for Energy Assistance or LIHEAP (Heat Assistance) to pay for the PP&L and UGI bills. I also applied. Mom and me both received LIHEAP benefits in the past. My last year in Conestoga, I receive $600 toward my PP&L bills, the year before I received $300 for part of the year. When I applied in January, the caseworker at the Lancaster County Assistance Office that accepted my application promised me that I would receive benefits. Then 2 weeks ago they send me a letter stating that I am not eligible because the utilities are not in my name and I an not responsible to pay them. I thought there might be a problem when I applied, that is why I sent Steve an application and told him to apply.

4. Now, if you and Steve had listened to me, the PP&L and UGI bills would have been paid by the Pennsylvania Heat Assistance Fund, which is part of the Department of Public Welfare. I believe it is federally funded. In addition, both the January PP&L bill and the UGI bills have been inflated. I formally complained to both utility companies, but they said Steve or Mom would have to file the complaint. Do you see the trend here? This conduct is textbook extortion, plain and simple. And it has been going on for twenty years.

5. Now, let's talk about what I have been doing for the past 3 years, since January of 2005.

6. If you will notice in the Document named "Appeal Exhibits with Employment Applications" and turn to page 41 to 73 you will find many JOB APPLICATIONS that I have submitted to various companies to get some work to bring in some income. I have applied to everyone from Turkey Hill and McDonalds to the City of Lancaster, the County of Lancaster, Smith Barney, Regal Cinema's, Red Rose Transit Authority and Kunzlers, to name a few of the applications. Most all of them were submitted in person in 2007. I also sent many resumes out to try to get some consulting work. So don't tell me that I don't try to help myself. I was never granted ONE SINGLE INTERVIEW.

7. I also tried to sell all of my unused furniture and appliances on Craig’s List in 2007. All I got were a bunch of people coming to look at it to harass me, and one person sending me a fraudulent cashiers check that caused a problem for my Ameritrade Account.

8. Pro Se Billings. If you review the document titled "Pro Se Sales Journal" you will find my billings for all of my COURT cases up to August of 2007. I need to include everything from then until now when I have time. You will find all of my hours listed under "Qty" for each case. The total amount of billings from 2005 up until August of 2007 is $284,327.50, and the approximate number of hours that I have spent litigating my cases is approximately 2,843 hours up until August of 2007. Now that comes out to approximately 54 40-hour workweeks. All of the entries for billable hours can be traced to the actual entries listed on the court docket sheets for every case. That does not include Advanced Media Group work, Project Hope, or the Movie Theater at Hotel Brunswick, or all the work TRYING TO UNDO THE DAMAGE BY HACKERS, AND LOOKING FOR FILES THEY DELETED. It also does not include my research work into mental telepathy and trying to find out who remotely trained me. I currently spend approximately 50 to 60 hours a week working.

9. You must also take note that while acting as my own attorney, pro se, I have had 20 criminal charges dismissed against the Lancaster County District Attorney and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in the last year or so. To date I have had 27 criminal charges dismissed or overturned on appeal. Everyone that I ask tells me that this has never happened before. And they are all false arrests, which are now eligible for monetary damages and redress in the court of law. I still have some 4 or 5 appeals to conclude in the appellate courts, then I should have all of my criminal charges dismissed. The only remaining false charges to clear are a few blatent lies about driving carelessly, the Fleeing, which should have never been charged, and two disorderly conducts and harassment charges, all of which are just blatant lies by corrupt police. The record speaks for itself, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office has no credibility in the court of law when it comes to any criminal proceedings v. Stanley J. Caterbone. I have even documents many cases of the courts changing documents and lying on the record. However, that is another matter.

10. My Pro Se Billings do not include hours and time for all of the public meetings that I attend for the Lancaster Convention Authority or the weekly Lancaster County Commissioners meetings. It also does not include walking or riding my bike to and from the Lancaster Courthouse or the Lancaster County Library, or filing complaints against people stealing and or damaging my property and gasoline or harassing me. Or all of the time spent trying to document and file complaints for the fraudulent COURT ORDERS from the LYING JUDGES AND COURT CLERKS. All of this is well documented. Oh, it also does not include the time spent because all of my computers are hacked and now I have to use a 9 year old laptop, without a mouse. I cannot even back up a file to thumb drive without taking an old plastic 1.4 megabyte floppy drive to the Lancaster County Library and copying the files to my thumb or flash drive.


12. Do you know that in March of 2007 I had to walk 3/4 of the way home from the office of Noble Real Estate in Akron (a RRTA Bus Driver purposely drove by without picking me up), after I had a meeting to try to find out where all of my possessions and files that were stolen from my house at 220 Stone Hill Road were at? They would not tell me a thing, by the way, about who had my possessions or where they were stored. There was no sign or any indication that Parula existed except on paper.

13. Now, Lets talk about my (Advanced Media Group) Downtown Lancaster Action Plan. I have had real meetings with so many public officials regarding these projects, which all have supported. They include Mayor Charlie Smithgall; Mayor Rick Gray; Randy Patterson, Executive Director of the Lancaster City Economic Development Office; Mike Sturla, Democratic Senior State Legislature; The James Street Improvement District; Jim Burke, Chief Zoning Officer of the City of Lancaster; and Mark Easterbrook, Administrator of the County of Lancaster. I also have a signed and executed Non-Disclosure agreement with Jeff Lefever and his group of investors to consider my business plan for Excelsior Place. They are currently the owners and are in the midst of developing the property.

14. I am currently weeks away (depending on computer hacking) from delivering my business and development plan for the Downtown Theater at Hotel Brunswick. I have the Executive Director of the Lancaster Film Commission, Jay Ingram, considering a partnership with me on this project. My early projections show that I should be cash flow positive from day one. There is no one that does not think this is a viable and needed project for Downtown Lancaster. I have amassed research over the past year and a half or so for this project. My interest and research for movie theaters goes back to 1987 when I became friends with an elderly man who was the projectionist for the Stone Harbor Movie Theater and used to let me visit with him in the projection booth for many discussions regarding my Digital Movie with Tony Bongiovi and Power Station Studios. I also spent time with Ron Gorganno, who ran the old Manor Cinemas back when they first opened in the late 1980’s or early 1990’s.

15. You must also take note that the people that owe me money fall into two categories. The one category are the defendants that I have filed civil complaints against in the court of law. When I speak of people owing me money, I am not talking about that group of people. I am talking about people that I have performed services for and was never paid; and companies that are under contractual obligations such as Harleysville Insurance Company. Remember, it took me eighteen (18) months to collect all of the money that I was owed for painting and renovating Mom’s house here at 1250 Fremont Street. And I still had to file a claim in court to get that bill paid. The same thing is happening with Sam Lombardo and Ralph Mazzacchi. I performed services and billed them $2,000 and they only paid me $300 of it. I am now in court trying to collect the rest. Harleysville Insurance Company owes me a remaining balance on my last claim of about $6,000 and they still owe me for a previous claim of about $7,000 that was never paid at all. This is for property that was damaged or flat out stolen that I no longer have. Dale High and High Industries still owes me for a past due invoice that was never paid by American Helix. That outstanding invoice for services performed now amounts to some $15,000, including interest. I met with Dale High in May of 2005 and discussed this with him personally; he did not dispute the invoice. Drew Anthon and the Eden Resort defaulted on my civil complaint, so the courts have to provide me with a judgment. That claim is another $26,000, and includes medical bills. The Fulton Bank invoice of some $67,000 is an invoice for the equity that they have extorted from the illegal sale of my property at 220 Stone Hill Road, in Conestoga. After settlement in February of 2007, Fulton Bank sent me my 1099 Form for the sale of the property and they even listed the Fair Market Value to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as $250,000. The $250 that the Lancaster County Treasurer owes me is from the last refund check for criminal charges that were dismissed that I paid fines on. They sent me a refund check in November of 2007 for some $600, however, they still owe me another $250.00.

16. This does not include the $750.00 that was stolen by the Police during the apprehension and fraudulent 302 Commitment to Lancaster General Hospital on April 5, 2006.

17. This also does not include the gasoline that has been stolen from my pickup truck over the last 3 or 4 months. This has to be about $150.00. That does not seam like much, but when you factor in all the time walking to gas stations to get gas, documenting and copying receipts every time I get gas, and all of the complaints and meeting trying to have the Lancaster City Police take incident reports for the stolen gas. It adds up to a lot of time, money, inconvenience, and an awful lot of pain and suffering considering I can only put 2 gallons of gasoline in my pickup truck at one time. Do you know how many times that have stolen my gasoline? Probably in excess of 30 times. And I believe that Billy (Lefty) Plank and his band of crack heads have done it on occasion.

18. Now, let's talk about the State Farm Insurance Claim for my laptop, DVD recorder and other items that were destroyed here at 1250 Fremont Street. I believe that claim is for about $1,200. Now, I filed the claim with the home office of State Farm Insurance in New York. They sent the forms to fill out to Steve and Mom in Miami. What did Steve do? Refuse to send me the letter and the forms. He just flat out refused to mail me the forms. I called him in November or December of last year (2007) and argued with him to send me the forms. I believe it was the last time I had talked to him. Now that makes no sense. Then in late December, right after Christmas, he sends me this letter telling me that I will have to pay for the PP&L electric bill and the UGI gas bill starting in January.

19. I had forgot to mention that I had already won a cash settlement last September in my lawsuit against Copy Max, one of the largest office supply retailers in the country, as a pro se litigant in the Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas. They used an attorney from Philadelphia. The law firm has about 60 attorneys, so it was not won against some attorney from Lancaster.

20. Now, let's talk about the house and expenses. When Mom first went to Florida to recuperate from here Heart Stint in December of 2004, everyone thought she was coming back. Then when I visited Mom in Florida in January of 2005 we discussed the need to paint and renovate the house incase we had to sell it or rent it. She agreed whole-heartedly. After I was finished I argued with everyone about getting someone to rent out 1250 Fremont Street, including Ron Roda. Everyone argued with me. No one wanted to hear it. My calculations find that I have doubled the investment that Mom paid me to renovate and paint the house. The realtor that wanted to sell the house in 2005 only had an offer of $89,000. The house is now worth at least $105,000. That is what the houses sold for on this block in the past year. I have also continued to make improvements since then. I put an oriental step runner on the steps, finished most of the floors, painted the fence, repainted the bathroom, and repainted some of the living room. In addition, I will do some painting on the exterior this spring. I also would like to paint the back patio awning, if you provide the paint. I keep this house maintained and in excellent condition. If I was not here, the only additional expenses you, Mom, Phil and Steve have are the UGI Gas utility, the PP&L electric utility and the water and sewer; considering you did not want to rent the house out. Now if you take into consideration the equity and the increased value in the house, it is not costing anyone anything.

21. Now, lets talk about the money that I owe Mom. First of all the $25,000 was extorted in 1987. I did not spend that money. That will be paid back when the courts or my defendants settle. The remaining $14,000 loan in 1998 was also not my fault. I had a signed agreement with Dave Pflumm that the 1994 Ford Explorer lease was to be paid by Pflumm Contractors. I made certain, and had Dave sign a document, that in the event that my employment was terminated or I resigned, the lease would still be paid, along with my health insurance. The 1994 Ford Explorer deal was done within the month that I was made to leave by harassment and emotional assaults. I was no fool and protected myself from having that lease be a financial burden, since things were so bad. Remember, my Isuzu was paid for and I had no loans on it. He reneged on both of those agreements. I had been paying Mom a monthly payment for that loan until 2002. So again, that money was technically and legally extorted. And, I should remind you that in 1999 I tried to convince you to move Mom’s money from equities to a fixed income account in her Sun Life Annuity Contract. I had told Lucie Aument the same thing, along with others that used to come over at Mom’s for breakfast. The market went south, and Mom lost some $50,000 of value in her account, which she never recovered. I have this well documented with my notes and print outs of her account.

22. Now Mike, in conclusion, you stated in your email “I will help you if you help yourself”, I have absolutely proven that I have and keep helping myself in every way possible.

23. I expect someone better pay the UGI bill before it is shut-off on April 7th, that is next Monday, while I have a few meetings to try to get LIHEAP to pay the PP&L bill.

24. I will also accept all of your other “help” in which you refer to in you email.

God Bless.

Stan J. Caterbone
Advanced Media Group

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