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The Dr. Phil show (Currently on NBC TV at 3:00pm EST Monday thru Friday)
5482 Wilshire Boulevard #1902
Los Angeles, CA 90036

“What is going on in your town that has everyone divided?  Is there a dispute or an ongoing debate?  Does everyone in the town have a different opinion of what the fate of a certain child should be?  Different opinion on what is right or wrong in human nature?  Does your town need a Dr. Phil intervention?  Is there something going on that is making headlines and is the talk of the town?  Does everyone have an opinion?  Tell us what your town is struggling to make a decision with!

  **We cannot help with sewage problems or whether a statue should be erected or not.  Please keep that in mind when responding.

***Dr. Phil cannot read all emails and cannot respond to every email personally.  Dr. Phil producers may call to discuss your story to be on the show.  Please only respond if you are willing to appear on the show”

                                            September 19, 2008


The Dr. Phil Show (Currently on NBC TV at 3:00pm EST Monday thru Friday)
5482 Wilshire Boulevard #1902
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Dear Dr. Phil:

Lancaster County desperately needs a Dr. Phil Intervention - A.S.A.P.

Let me summarize the situation as best I can in a quick letter.  You may visit my website and blogs for additional information or your producers may provide me with an email address (secure) to forward substantiating documentation.

In 1987 I filed complaints (Federal Whistleblower) of a large firm, International Signal & Control (ISC of Lancaster, PA) of fraud.  I was a shareholder and executives met with me regarding involving myself and the financial firm that I have founded (Financial Management Group, Ltd.,).  I was libeled, slandered, falsely imprisoned (5 times with 30 false arrests where all charges were dismissed), falsely hospitalized (3 times never committed) (fraudulent suicide allegations and the like) all in an effort to discredit me.

Four years later in 1991 the company and many executives were indicted and plead guilty to selling arms to Iraq through South Africa and a $1 Billion Fraud.  In essence I was covered up.  I have had one attempt on my life.  In those years I went public with my allegations to local, state, and federal officials, with some of the meetings being recorded, which I still posses.  In 1987 I also had over 9,000 pages of documents microfilmed to preserve the truth.

The twist is that the operations were covert and part of a rogue CIA program.  Some of the same architects of the Iran-Contra saga were also involved.  This is all very well documented through congressional hearings and news reports.  Ted Kopple and ABC News/Nightline did three (3) stories on ISC/Lancaster and the CIA and the illegal sales of arms (mostly cluster bombs) to Iraq.  ABC News 20/20 did the first episode on the story in February of 1991 during the Persian Gulf War.  The Nightline stories ran up until the U.S. Senate confirmation hearings for Robert Gates (Current U.S. Secretary of Defense) for the Director of the CIA (September 1991).  Questions were asked during the hearings of his involvement in the ISC-CIA operations and subsequent sales of arms to Iraq.

The cover-up continued, and all of my attempts for the courts were, of course, subverted, until 2005.  I finally was able to file in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania as a pro se litigant.  I entered on my own behalf and have been litigating ever since.

Ok, now it is 2005 and I am in federal courts and now everyone in Lancaster County again tries to subvert and obstruct my litigation, however, there is a new twist - I am now telepathic (since 2006). 

Over the years I know that some of the black budget programs (usually part of some intelligence agency which operations were either classified or not sanctioned) were delving into my mind.

I have had meetings with at least two government agencies, the NSA (National Security Agency) and the Defense Intelligence Agency.  One of my problems is that I have extensive research materials, all declassified, on mind control programs, but of course the source remains covert.  Anyway, I can deal with this issue.

For whatever reason that I am telepathic, I am constantly communicating with another person of interest.  I have communicated with several persons in the past two (2) years. 

I am literally driving this quaint little corrupt town of Lancaster Pennsylvania CRAZY.  The envy and jealousy is beyond your wildest imagination, and it is causing a high degree of stress that is just not normal for anyone, let alone a community.

What is the most challenging to deal with is all of the hostile and adversarial attitudes of Lancaster County, all because I was right and they are wrong! 

People will do anything for money, and there are many violations that will cost my defendants millions of dollars,  both for damages and for the violations to my intellectual property as well as the extortion of my businesses and assets.

They cannot handle my intelligence or my history.  This community needs an expert in conflict resolution before more people get hurt.

We need your help.



Stan J. Caterbone, Pro Se Litigant

Advanced Media Group





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