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Wednesday, February 25, 2009 9:09:32 AM  
Advanced Media Group, Ltd.
“An Information Technologies Company”
I857 Colonial Village Lane
Lancaster, PA 17601
717 392 7840
FAX 717 392 7897

October 23, 1991

California State Attorney General's Office
P.O. Box 94244
Sacramento, California   94244-2550
Re: Caterbone, Samuel A. 11733089 (Military ID), Deceased

Dear Sirs:

As per the enclosed death certificate of December 25, 1984, which states in it- #35A "Under Investigation”, I am hereby formally and officially requesting information as to the findings of that investigation.

Please understand, that in the spring of 1985, I had personally visited the county of Santa  Barbara’s Public Guardian Office for the above information, however they would did not provide any additional information.

For the record, on December 27th, 1984 I had received a phone call from Charles Snyder Jr., the mortician, upon receiving and examining the body of the deceased; which arrived from Santa Barbara, California.

Mr. Snyder raised some concerns into an apparent discrepancy with the cause of death, as stated by the Coroner, John Carpenter. Mr. Carpenter certified that the cause of death was "Asphyxiation ligature strangulation; Suicide - hung self with belt; Under Investigation”.

Mr. Snyder stated to, in similar words, "Stan, I have a problem, the report says that your brother hung himself, yet there are no markings on your brothers neck, there should be some kind of marks from the bruises, there is always some kind of markings in hanging, I can't find any marks*.

I had intimate discussions with attorney Joseph Roda, of Lancaster, pertaining to these matters.

Most importantly, while visiting with my brother in Santa Barbara, California, he had informed me that he was given "Bad LSD” while in the service (U.S. Airforce), and that was the reason for his mental condition.

I have always known that he had often experienced flashbacks, and in that conversation my brother confirmed, and admitted that he often times had experienced "flashbacks”, and flashbacks are medically proven to be a characteristic of LSD users. (It had been confirmed by another source that Samuel Caterbone had no drug history of LSD or any hard drugs before or after his U.S. Military Service in the U.S. Air Force).

In light of the recent information concerning alleged "experimental drug programs administered by certain branches of the United States Military” (MK-Ultra), and the use of LSD in the respective programs, and my intimate conversations concerning LSD with my brother, I have serious questions regarding my brother's death.

Especially in regards to the alleged suicide; which as I have been told by medical professionals, is impossible without any marking on the victim's neck, if indeed asphyxiation by strangulation is the cause of death.

So that I may bring a conclusion to these issues, I would expect information regarding the investigation, apparently conducted by Coroner Kenneth Carpenter, be submitted to me in a timely fashion.

I would think that I, as administering all matters regarding my brother's death, be privilege to this information.

Incidentally, I have had numerous fabricated allegations of suicide, which have always been supported by the fact that my brother allegedly committed suicide, and I would like this issue either denied or confirmed. It has caused me a great deal of emotional duress, especially when the allegations of my suicide were proven to be fabricated.

I may be reached at:

Stan J. Caterbone
615 Wyncroft Lane #2
Lancaster, PA 17603
(717) 392-3682 Phone
(717) 392-5032 Fax

I appreciate your immediate cooperation into these sensitive matters.



County of Santa Barbara, Public Guardian Office
Senator Bill Bradley, New Jersey
Charles Snyder, Jr., Snyder Funeral Home
Congressman Robert Walker, Pennsylvania
Notary: SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN TO BEFORE ME THIS  day of October 23, 1991
Nichole M. Maurer, Notary Public, My Commission Expires August 2, 1993

November 5, 1991
Mr. Stan J. Caterbone
615 Wyncroft Lane #2
Lancaster, Pennsylvania  17603
Dear Mr. Caterbone,
          Your letter of October 23, 1991 regarding the death of your brother; Samuel Caterbone on 12-25-1984 and the information contained on the death certificate, has been referred to this office from the Santa Barbara County Public Guardian.
          On page tow of your letter you make reference to the fact that you “would expect information regarding the Investigation” to be submitted to you in a timely fashion.  I am somewhat confused by this statement in that your brother expired almost seven (7) years ago and from the date of his death to the day I received your letter from the Public Guardian’s Office, no correspondence has been received from you regarding this matter nor have I or any other staff member been contacted by telephone by you regarding this matter.
          I further do not understand why you were not referred to this Office in the Spring of 1985 when you “personally visited” the Public Guardian’s Office.  If you had a copy of the death certificate at that time and had questions about the case you would have come directly to the Coroner office and discussed the matter then.
          I would like to  clarify a few point with you before I answer your questions.  First of all the “copy” of the death certificate you enclosed is not a complete copy; I do not understand how you obtained this copy as the cause of death and injury information is still blank.  Next, I would point out to you that in Item #35A, the word “Investigation” appears no the  words “Under Investigation” as your letter indicates.
          The complete statement in item #35 alludes to the fact that the person signing the death certificate has conducted either an Inquest or an Investigation and that the signer is certifying this along with the date, time and cause of death.  Had you or your funeral director obtained a completed copy of the death certificate this data would have been included.
          Lastly, Mr. John Carpenter was the elected Sheriff-Coroner of Santa Barbara County in 1985, He did not personally conduct any investigation into the death of your brother.
          You will see that on the copy of the certificate you enclosed that the word By: appears and then a signature preceded by Dep. Which stands for Deputy.  As sworn Deputy Sheriffs and Deputy Coroners in this County we can sign death certificates in the name of the principal office holder.
          Now, I would like to address your concerns as you have expressed them in your letter.  I have enclosed a copy of the Coroner Investigative report concerning the death of your brother on 12-25-84.  I have taken the liberty to outline several important factors of the report in yellow.
          Your brother was diagnosed as suicidal and was apparently manic depressive.  This fact was brought to our attention by staff at the facility where he was residing at the time of his death.  You stated that you were concerned about your brother hanging himself from a door with a belt and that your funeral director did not see any marks indicative of a “hanging” on the neck of your brother.
          I would like to direct you to page 2 of the report I have enclosed; outlined in yellow is a sentence which states that the paramedic who responded to the scene “saw Caterbone hanging from a hook on the inside of the bathroom door, by a belt.”  As for a mark around or upon the neck; in the next paragraph of the coroner report is a sentence by the investigator which reads, “I briefly examined the victim and noted a discolored 1” mark around the victim’s neck”.  One last sentence on page 2 states that the Santa Barbara Police took photographs of the “victim’s hanging marks”.  I do not know how long the police would retain their photographs in any given case.
          As for a discrepancy between what is written/stated on the death certificate of your brother and what your funeral director and or “medical professionals” have told you, there is no discrepancy because there was indeed a mark present at the time of the investigation.  I would  further add that the body was embalmed here and transported to Pennsylvania; usually embalming can actually bring out bruises and abrasion marks, however, when these marks are not deeply embedded in tissues but only superficial hemorrhage, embalming may eliminate the lines of demarcation.
          Your last area of concern seems to be that of LSD involvement in the death of your brother.  My response to you in that regard is that at the time of the initial investigation into this death, NO information was received by this office from any source that LSD was a consideration.  This office had no information about “flashbacks” or LSD use by your brother.
          A routine toxicology screen was conducted as indicated by the enclosed copy of that report.  No “usual” drugs of abuse were found.  Had this office been aware of possible LSD use or abuse in your brother’s case we certainly would have tested his body fluids to see if LSD was present.  Obviously, the fluids collected at the time of your investigation in this case have long since been destroyed.
          With regard to you being privileged to “this information”, I would only add that if you had contact this office seven years ago you would have received the information then along with a copy of the coroner report.
          I am not sure that I understand you last paragraph alluding to “numerous fabricated allegations of suicide”.  If this is in reference to you and or your actions I certainly cannot comment as I am completely unaware of you, your history or anything about you.  I can however attest to the fact that your brother did take his life as indicated on the death certificate copy I have enclosed for your reference.
          The scene investigation, the observance of your brother suspended by a belt and the mental/psychiatric history of being a manic depressive along with documented suicidal threats all support our conclusion and classification of suicide in the death of your brother.
          I truly hope that the material I have forwarded to you will be of assistance to you and will allow you to come to a better understanding of the circumstances surrounding the death of your brother.
          With respect to your opening paragraph wherein you “formally and officially” request information as to the finding of “that investigation”; I can only say that everthing provided to you here was available in 1984 at the time of Samuel’s death and that since 01-03-85 when this case was finalized and completed, the investigation ended with the case being closed and classified a suicide.  No further investigation will be conducted as there is no reason at this late date to pursue this matter any further.
Very truly yours,
Lawrence Gillespie
Sr. Investigator
Santa Barbara County
Sheriff-Coroner Department

1108 Santa Barbara Street
Santa Barbara, California  93101
(805) 963-7101
November 14, 1985
Yolanda Caterbone c/o
Mr. Stan Caterbone
433 West Marion Street
Lancaster, PA   17603
Re: Sam Caterbone
Dear Mrs. Caterbone:
Since your son’s (Stan J. Caterbone) visit of April 29, 1985 we have not received your direction in regard to your son’s moped.
In the event that you wish the Public Administrator to handle the disposition of the remaining property, I enclosed a letter of nomination to be signed and returned in the enclosed stamped return envelope.  However, if we have not heard from you by December 9, 1985, we must move forward and release the moped to the public Administrator for handling.
Please reply at your earliest convenience.
Very truly yours,
By Dixie Pilkington
Deputy Public Guardian


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