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Wednesday, February 25, 2009 1:17:37 PM  
Stan J. Caterbone, Pro Se
Advanced Media Group
1250 Fremont Street
Lancaster, PA 17603
February 26, 2008
Ms. Debbie Foch
Disclosure Project
(See Disclosure Project CSETI Remote Viewing Teachings and Seminars)
PO Box 4556
Largo, MD 20775
Re: Email of February 22, 2008 and Accounts of Samuel Caterbone for Dr. Steven Greer
Dear Debbie:
The following is a listing of files that I have enclosed on a CD-ROM titled “Samuel Caterbone, Jr. Disclosure Project Report of February 26, 2008”. I also enclosed a copy of my email to you on Friday February 22, 2008 that presents my father’s situation.
I tried to give you some order of semblance to the files, and tried to include what I thought you would find most interesting to your efforts and research in the field of ET. Unfortunately, I do not possess any documents from any of the hospitals or psychiatrists that have treated my father. I will eventually have to attempt to interview the psychiatrists or recover some of the documents.
I have a case with the Citizens Commission for Human Rights (CCHR) and am in the midst of filing a complaint for my own psychiatric abuses. I may at some point involve that organization. I can tell you that during the 1960’s my father was subject to shock treatments, psychiatric emergency and evaluations, and a few short hospital stays, nothing longer than 30 days. During most of this time, there were significant business interests and assets that were extorted. You will find this under the “Sam Caterbone Dry Cleaners”. This was typical protocol and the MO for the perpetrators and their agenda.
I hope this information is useful to you and Dr. Greer, and the Disclosure Project. I would appreciate your feedback on my attempt to deliver this information. I am trying to provide you with as much information as possible without wasting your time. Please let me know how I did. I would also not in any way be insulted if this information was not of your interest.
Again, I thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you.
With Kindest Regards,
Stan J. Caterbone
Advanced Media Group
Advanced Media Group Page 1 of 3 February 26, 2008
CD-ROM “Samuel Caterbone, Jr. Disclosure Project Report of February 26, 2008” File List:
00 Letter to R Scott Smith Fulton Bank Dec 3 2007
01 Samuel P Caterbone UFO Research February 21 ZOOS
02 Samuel Caterbone Jr. Passport Renewal February 3 1964b
03 Samuel Caterbone Jr. Passport Renewal February 3 1964 bw
04 Samuel Caterbone ID Comparison jan 22 2008
05 Samuel Caterbone Jr Naval Air Gunners School Honors 1943
06 Samuel Caterbone Jr Naval Air Gunners School Certificate 1943
07 Naval Air Gunners Training Manual June 1 1943
08 Naval Air Technical Training Center Photo Abum
09 Samuel Caterbone Naval Air Gunners Honors 1943
10 Samuel Caterbone Jr Navy Photos
11 John Lehman On Seas of Glory Book & Autograph of Feb 7 2008
12 Sam Caterbone Cleaners Documents Feb 14 2008
13 Samuel Caterbone 1973 Tax Return Docs Jan 21 2O08
14 President Judge Farina & My Father Samuel Caterbone
15 Samuel P. Caterbone (My Father) Criminal Charges
16 Samuel P. Caterbone 1942 LCHS Diploma
17 Tree Top Stables Uncle Jim Caterbone Winners Circle 1963-1969
18 Samuel Caterbone Jr and Yolanda Roda Caterbone
19 Samuel Caterbone Jr Childhood Photos
19 Samuel Caterbone Family Photos

February 22, 2008
Email to Debbie Foch of the Disclosure Project:
“I am just finishing a dossier on my father's writings, accounts, and his life's accomplishments. My father was a very intelligent man. He graduated with honors from radio school in the U.S. Navy. He once told me that he used to fly over the Bermuda Triangle on training missions and on one occasion something happened. He then went on to build a successful dry-cleaning business and invented some techniques and filtration systems for the dry cleaning business.
My father was an avid world traveler and was very learned regarding Middle East Affairs and  visited there. During the Persian Gulf War we would discuss the strategies of the Middle East on a daily basis, and my father was very accurate in his conclusions. I have done the same with this current war in Iraq.
I think my father started doing research and somehow threatened the U.S. Government. I believe they used the mind invasion to quell his curiosity. My father was into the ET phenomenon with respect to communications. It was his belief that they were communicating. His conclusion was always that we would never be able to garner the evidence that we peruse. He was learned about the U.S. Navy Blue Book and SETI.
In the 90's he had a quite extensive mailing list of research, academic, and scientific people that he would write on a monthly basis in an effort to try to have someone help him understand his situation.
In December of 2005, I became telepathic. I knew that since my whistle blowing activities on International Signal and Control in 1987 I attracted the Intelligence community. ABC News 20/20 and Nightline aired 4 programs on ISC and Arms to Iraq rom ISC in Lancaster, PA. Defense Secretary Robert Gates had to convince the Senate that he had no ties with ISC on both of his confirmation hearings for Director of the CIA.
I knew that I was being remote viewed over the years, however in May of 2005 I filed my first civil complaint in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern of Pennsylvania, which included a Federal False Claims Act. I know that they began using the mind control to disrupt my litigation and to harass me.
After I began researching, I began reviewing my father's information and research and have came to the conclusion that he was the target of mind invasion and they used the ET phenomenon as the subject matter.
The U.S. Government has a problem with me right now. In 1987 when I began to whistle blow on ISC, I also began documenting everything. I immediately microfiche 10,000 documents and recorded my phone conversations with government officials to prove the truth and the cover-up. I also learned a great deal having witness my father's experience and having him teach me the important aspects of life and with Christian values. I was the closest person to my father, even though through his ordeal, he lived a fairly reclusive life.
Anyway, for what it is worth, I would like you and Disclosure to have my report when it is completed. I will send it via a CD-ROM at your address, or I would be able to drive it to your Maryland office. I had spent much time working in Washington, D.C. and the area. I was a partner with NIST in voice recognition systems, so I know the Maryland area as well.
I appreciate your help, and hope to someday meet. I would love to, if at all possible have the opportunity to meet Dr. Greer, if he would have the time.
Let me know what address would be best.”
Stan J. Caterbone
Advanced Media Group

February 22, 2008
Email from Debbie Foch of the Disclosure Project
“Hi Stan,
We know that people who have real ET contact experiences (usually these people are very sensitive telepathically or with remote viewing, etc)get the attention of those in control, who then use psychotronics, etc to give the person some sort of false ET contact experience. So, what you're telling us makes sense.
If you want to send the documentation for us to keep safe and use if needed (with your permission), that would be fine. The address is Disclosure Project, PO Box 4556, Largo MD 20775.
Perhaps some day you could meet Dr. Greer - we shall see.
Thanks so much,
Debbie Foch”

Wednesday, February 25, 2009 9:08:57 AM
Samuel Caterbone, Jr. (1924 - 2001)
Victory One Apartments
119th and 5th Streets
New York, New York  
Stan J. Caterbone
220 Stone Hill Road
Conestoga, PA   17506
November 1, 1999
     The two statement I mailed some time ago titled "WHY NEW YORK" no doubt gave you cause to wonder that this is all about.  What could be driving this Father of Six Boys who over the years could not be associated with being apart of this Family Structure.  Being aware of all the psychological malfuntions I am vulberable too, what can I say.  So I write Not to influence only to state in a simple way what I'm about.  I have good positive direction and am on solid ground in my reasoning to the the way I am.  For many years this situation has forced me to live alone and stay alone so I could keep up with it's demands.  So I am fortunate being in New York where I can  be the way I am in such an environment as New York.  All this said, "How ALONE AM I"?
     You have heard it often!  "IS ANY BODY OUT THERE"!  This is my answer for that is the company I keep.  Thru direct Audio Communication that sees everthing I see, hears everything I hear and knows everything I know and the communication is according. (Mental Telepathy and Remote Viewing - See Mind Control Research) 
For all it's worth I will state there is no psychological malfuntion involved in the Audio Communication.  If this is the case, "HOW ALONE AM I"!
     Getting any kind of recognition is something I give up on.  From 1991 to 1997 I had an active high profile list of many names that I addressed monthly.  But without any evidence Truth is Irrelevelant.  So be it!  I am convinced I live a story that is beyond everyone's comprehension.  But I do have a good lease and sufficient income for the lifestyle of one of my age in my stay here in New York.  In ending a brief summation:
     My starting date for this situation was in 1957.  They started this situation in 1943 while I was in the Navy.  A Research Situation with no intention of being identified in this World.  If this World knew what I knew it would be shocked.

  Wednesday, February 25, 2009 1:39:33 PM
Excerpts from
Video came in 1973 and Audio in 1984 and before that it was sort of psychic with felt impressions and today a Human Radio. The same following information was given to the Doctor for searching the internet and continues to be worth $1,000.00.
Sam Caterbone
How can the eye project the same image on any surface and it be an independent intelligent entity.  This eye projection exists every conscious moment with or without my awareness. I cannot accept the brain or mind to be responsible.
It’s own mobility of movement within the space of sight independent of my eye control. Two femal facial images larger then a silver dollar on any wall who simulate a computer origin model with each having their own personality. An eye projection in vivid color that is lively and simulates being of a computer control origin. For communication the eye projection uses a coded system of colors and numbers.
The total eye projection is constantly flashing with dots in color at a speed only a computer mind can interpret. When directed to myself the dots appear so I can interpret.  The facial parts are used thru dots and facial expressions.  The clock positions sometimes with hands are used for numbers and time.  The two facial images are side by side and one is smaller and can direct themselves to look up, down, to the side and facing each other.
Male and female people talking in a audio pipeline at 3 locations watch location has itw own voice ID.  They use my eyes, my ears and talk about everything I know and wherever I go and do it all better than I.  Audio sees Video and Video hears Audio.  Apartment 309, the mailing list, and the environment other then 309 is their conversation with TV and local paper.


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