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Thursday, October 29, 2009  11:03:48 AM


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    "Thanks, Derrick. I just received this yesterday. I at least got a confirmation on the psychiatric abuses, but they are not taking any action now. I hope they are collecting data on other victims of mind control in an effort to take some sort of action later.

    I just completed this document.

    Updated Version - HAARP, The United States Government, The Advanced Media Group, and U.S. Sponsored Mind Control
    It identifies the relationship among all of the players involved in the ISC scandal and how mind control may have been involved. You'll notice my transcript with the Pennsylvania Securities Commission and how they covered me up. If you follow Joe Tate's career, you have to wonder about Dick Cheney. This gets real interesting with my Father. He was U.S. Navy, Bobby Ray Inman was U.S. Navy, Jim Guerin was U.S. Navy and of course George H.W. Bush was U.S. Navy. Now, the dates of my Father's documents regarding the experiments he talks about, you get to the NSA, the U.S. Navy Intelligence, and Bobby Ray Inman, former director of NSA. ISC's first major project was with the NSA. My father may have been working with one of the earlier experiments of synthetic telepathy.

    I didn't realize that the ISC Scandel was one of the reasons that Bobby Ray Inman withdrew as Bill Clinton's nomination for Secretary of Defense in 1993; which means that Bill Clinton had to have known about ISC.

    My Father's passport is another story. He had to have been a Covert Courier, or he was doing other intelligence work. The HAARP installation in Puerto Rico is also interesting. I am getting closer to identifying this whole Mind Control issue and Lancaster's role. Here is another caveat, Rufus Fulton, former CEO and Chairman of Fulton Bank worked in the Kennedy Administration's National Security detail. He worked on classified communications right inside the White House up until JFK was assassinated. He was sent their by DOD. This was a time when by Father was traveling the World, while at the same time running Caterbone Cleaners, Inc., all while being the Father of six boys. If you look at my Father's ID picture, he looks like pure intell, not a Dry Cleaner.

    I also posted my new Video Library page to my website yesterday. The proposal Jay Curtis was referring to was for the Department of Defense."

    New Video Library
    New Mind Control Video Library
    Stan J. Caterbone
    Advanced Media Group

    September 23, 2009

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