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September 7, 2009 012:32:00  PM

Stan J. Caterbone
Advance Media Group
1250 Fremont Street
Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17603

Derrick Robinson
Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance
P.O. Box 9022
Cincinnati, Ohio 45209
Phone 1-800-571-5618
Fax 1-866-433-4170
email: info@freedomfchs.com

Re: Is County of Lancaster, Pennsylvania Ground Zero for Organized Stalking and Covert Surveillance?


My pleasure. Derrick, I was trying to get group rates at our new Lancaster Convention Center Marriot Hotel last week, just as a little fact finding mission. I have a theory that I would like to send your way. I thought it would be very fruitful to bring some TI's together for a conference, unless you think the exposure would be harmful.

I believe that they try new models for harassment; organized stalking and surveillance on me here in Lancaster. Remember, Lancaster is now one of the most "Watched Communities" in the country. "With those cameras, the Safety Coalition will operate and monitor 165 cameras across Lancaster City — making Lancaster the most watched city of its size in the nation." See article attached, Watching you: City to add 105 more cameras.

I believe that Lancaster may be ground zero for some of the models of organized stalking and harassment that we TI's experience and wanted to get some reaction from Lancaster. Some history on the Lancaster Convention Center first. Dale High of High Industries is the lead partner in our new convention center/hotel. It is first class all the way. Now in the late 1980's I was a joint venture partner with Dale High in American Helix Technology Company/Advanced Media Group. American Helix was a cd manufacturer and I and my company Advanced Media Group was the CD-ROM division of American Helix. I was one of a handful of CD-ROM manufacturers in the domestic United States back then. Also in 2005 I filed a civil action against the lead hotel, the Eden Resort Inn, for trying to block the development and building of the Hotel/Convention Center, see attached.

Now, some history about Lancaster and the intelligence community. Back in the 1980's there were several defense contractors located in Lancaster, the main being International Signal & Control, which I, of course, blew the whistle on a billion dollar fraud and arms to Iraq. 

Click here for an overview of ISC.

Click here to see the Lancaster Newspapers Archives regarding International Signal & Control, or ISC.

Click here to view the live video of the WGAL-TV News Broadcast of October 31, 1991 the evening of the ISC indictments. The U.S. Department of Justice and other U.S. Agencies held a Press Conference in the Philadelphia Federal Courthouse to announce the indictments and $ Billion Dollar Fraud.

Click here for Part 2 of the WGAL-TV 8 Broadcast.

Now politically, Lancaster is and has always been predominately Republican. Lancaster is one of the oldest cities in the country and our courthouse was one of the first in this country. Lancaster has one of the oldest fraternities of the Masons. Lancaster and the George W.Bush administration has a close and very "interesting relationship". George H. Bush had a very close relationship with ISC, and of course the NSA and CIA all had a very "close" relationship with International Signal & Control, or ISC. The following are some transcripts for Ted Koppel and ABC News Nightline regarding ISC and Arms to Iraq and the intelligence community. The transcripts are contained in my Amicus for Case No. 2006-cv-2160 filed in the Eastern District of Michigan, Southern Division.

Now, Robert Gates, presently the Secretary of the United States Defense Department, and his relationship to Lancaster. First of all, the attached video is the authentic transcript of Robert Gates' confirmation hearing in September of 1991 for the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). If you fast forward to approximately 9:00:00 you will see the back and forth questions from Senator Murkowski to Robert Gates regarding the allegations by several members of the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence regarding his alleged involvement with ISC and the Arms deals with Carlos Cardoen and the shipping of cluster bombs through South Africa and on to Iraq. Of course, he denied all of the allegations.

Robert Gates also has relatives that live in Lancaster County, if fact he attended a wedding here a few months ago, on May 3, 2009 at St. John Neuman Catholic Church in Manhiem Township, Lancaster County. His wife has a niece that lives in Manheim Township.

Now, I'll give you the ABC News Nightline May 23, 1991 excerpt regarding ISC and the NSA, National Security Agency:

"It all started legally, if covertly, back in 1974. That's when the National Security Agency, a super-secret U.S. Intelligence unit asked ISC to help complete project X, a chain of electronic listening posts based at South Africa's Simonstown Naval Station. South Africa was using these posts to follow Soviet submarine traffic off of the Cape of Good Hope. To ensure secrecy, ISC and the NSA made sure shipments could not be tracked back to them. They created a company called Gamma Systems Associates. In fact, this company was nothing more than a post office box at John F. Kennedy Airport. Gamma was a cut-out. ... But this sanctioned covert operation was stopped in 1977 when President Carter, a strong opponent of South Africa's apartheid regime, told U.S. firms to stop any military-related business with Pretoria. But ISC continue shipping electronics, some civilian, some military, to South Africa. The in the early 1980's, South Africa began to intensify its efforts at ballistic missile development. For ISC, that was a golden opportunity because on of its top executives was a man named Clyde Ivey, an American electronics expert who has been the father of South Africa's missile program. Ivey had extraordinary contacts in the nations defense structure. Begining in 1984, federal investigators say, senior ISC exeutives, including Ivey, began regular contacts with CIA officials." You can read the rest. The entire transcript of the May 23, 1991 ABC News/Nightline broadcast.

Now remember, George H. Bush was director of CIA. "He served in this role for 357 days, from January 30, 1976 to January 20, 1977.[22] The CIA had been rocked by a series of revelations, including those based on investigations by Senator Frank Church's Committee regarding illegal and unauthorized activities by the CIA, and Bush was credited with helping to restore the agency's morale.[23] In his capacity as DCI, Bush gave national security briefings to Jimmy Carter both as a Presidential candidate and as President-elect, and discussed the possibility of remaining in that position in a Carter administration[24] but it was not to be," according to Wikipedia.

Now, lets get to Bobby Ray Inman, former Navy, Director of the National Security Agency (NSA), former Director of International Signal & Control (ISC), and currently part of the Mind Control industry. The following appears on the Welcome page of my website:

"S.A.I.C. involvement in 1993 American Para psychological Association meeting arrangements, via their 'Cognitive Sciences Laboratory'. Science Applications International Corporation is a big time defense contractor, has held the largest number of research contracts of any defense contractor. Bobby Ray Inman (ISC Board of Directors) is on its board of directors, among others."
by John Porter, CIA Program on Mind Control copyright 1996.  In 1994, after Bobby Ray Inman requested to be withdrawn from consideration as Bill Clinton's first Defense Secretary, his critics speculated that the decision was motivated by a desire to conceal his links to ISC. Inman was a member of the so-called "shadow board" of the company which was allegedly either negligent or approved the exports." by Wikipedia on International Signal and Control, (ISC).

Now, lets list the former Navy personnel:
  • George H. Bush, former President of the United States, former Director of CIA.
  • James Guerin, President and Founder of International Signal & Control.
  • Bobby Ray Inman, former Director of the National Security Agency (NSA) and Director of International Signal & Control, (ISC).
  • My father, Samuel P. Cateronne, Jr.
  • His father, Samuel J. Caterbone, Sr.
  • George Noory, of Coast to Coast Radio (just anecdotal, nothing assumed or alleged).
  • George W. Bush flew with the Navy.
  • I will Finish later and add more.
Next we get to Jim Guerin's attorney back in 1989 through at least 1992.  His name was Joseph Tate, of Philadelpha. This link will take you to a document regarding Joseph Tate, James Guerin and Joseph Roda, Esq., of Lancaster, my former attorney who said I fabricated everything back in 1987.  The document contains a letter of September 12, 2005 from Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald regarding Scooter Libby, Former Vice President Dick Cheney's Chief of Staff.  the letter involves Scooter Libby's Grand Jury Indictment for leaking Covert CIA Operative Valerie Plame and eventually outing her. 

Now in Austin Texas in July of 2005 I was detained by 2 Agents from The Defense Intelligence Agency.  I was merely visiting a Military Museum, that had old and vintage helicopters and airplanes. near where my brother, Dr. Phillip Caterbone lived.  I was visiting on my way to California.  While inside the museum 2 Agents from the Department of Defense Defense Intelligence Agency escorted me outside to my Honda Oddesey and interrogated me making me confirm that I was visiting and staying with my brother.  They caused a problem for my brother's Medical Practice by shaking up one of his secretaries.  The reviewed my court documents for CATERBONE v. Lancaster County Prison, et. al., Case No. 2005-cv-0288 filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.  The demanded that I stay off all military bases before releasing me.

In 2006 I was telepathic with an older NSA executive on many occasions who wanted to meet me at the Clipper Stadium who told me he wanted to rent a facility in Lancaster for a training exercise. I told him to to and see Dale High and the High Group for space at the Greenfield Industrial Park. He said he was retiring and that our discussions were keeping him a few weeks longer than expected. We had intimate discussions of my history and the Chesapeake Bay Area. We also discussed Sheryl Crow, and he told me his wife was a fan. I turned him on to her new album, Wildflower, and he said she liked it. We had to disengage because he was being harassed by other telepathic assailants.

My former secretary (Susan Bare) at Pflumm Contractors, Inc., where I was controller and was hired to rescue the company from near bankruptcy in 1993, told me that her husband, Ross Bare, who grew up just some 10 or so doors from me, worked for the NSA. She disclosed this soon after I hired her in 1994 or 1995.

I will finish later later and add to this allegation.  This is a work-in-progress.

Stan J. Caterbone
Advanced Media Group

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