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  Updated Monday, October 26, 2009  7:36:02 AM

Corruption of Public Officials: Southern Regional Police; Sgt. Buser of Southern Regional Police; Chief of Police John Fiorill of Southern Regional Police; MDJ Maynard Hamilton; ADA Deborah Muzereus, Esquire; District Attorney Donald Totaro; District Attorney Craig Stedman; Judge James P. Cullen; President Judge Louis Farina; The Clerk of Courts Office; Court Administrator Mark Dalton; Joseph Masse, Esq., of Judicial Conduct Review Board; Thomas Corbett, Attorney General of Pennsylvania.

Short Summation: Malicious Prosecution of a Fabricated Charge resulted in a conviction that defendant was denied the right to appeal.  Libel and Slander by Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas Judge James P. Cullen.

"It is my view, having read all of the material that you've submitted, that your mental health problems, whatever they may be, are of long-standing duration and since this offense carries a maximum penalty of two years' supervision or two years' incarceration, they will not be resolved in that period of time."
Quote from Judge James P. Cullen during October 24, 2008 Sentencing Hearing.


Superior Court Docket Sheet Case No. 113MDA 2008
1. “November 19, 2008 Dismissed for Failure to File Brief Per Curiam Comment: ATTY SHALL PROVIDE CERTIFICATION W/IN 10 DAYS OF NOTICE TO CLIENT”
2. November 26, 2008 Application for Extension of Time to File Appellant Caterbone, Stanley J. Comment: MOTION FOR EXTENSION OF TIME TO FILE APPLICATION FOR REARGUMENT.
3. December 8, 2008 Application for Reconsideration of Order Appellant Caterbone, Stanley J.
4. December 30, 2008 Order Denying Application for Extension of Time to File Per Curiam Comment: AS MOOT
5. December 30, 2008 Order Denying Application for Reconsideration Per Curiam

Library of Documents Supporting Above Claims

1. CRIMINAL CHARGES DISMISSED updated October 26, 2009
2. Fleeing Case Notes in Preparation of Preliminary Hearing of July 5, 2006
3. SuperiorCourtReport 113 MDA 2008
4. Complete Scanned Case Fleeing Docket Number 3179-2006
5. Judge Cullen 3179-06 MOTION to Dismiss Campbell August 8, 2008
6. 3179-2006 Motion to Dismiss Counsel Paul Campbell Dec 27 2007
7. 3179-2006 Motion to Dismiss Court Appointed Longer Nov 2 2007
8. Court Transcript of Fleeing Case No. 3179-06 Sentencing Hearing October 24, 2007
9. Email from Paul Campbell re 3179-06 Errors in Statement of Matters Complained Jan 16, 2008
10. Email to Paul Campbell re Fleeing Case in Supeior Court 113 MDA June 25, 2008
11. Letter from Paul Campbell re 06-3179 Fleeing Appeal to Superior Court April 3, 2008
12. Caterbone v PENNDOT Bureau of Licensing Appeal re Fleeing November 28 2007
13. Judge Cullen 3179-2006 RECONSIDERATION Order & Brief of August 14 Denial for New Attorney August 14, 2008
14. Judge Cullen 3179-06 ORDER Denied Motion to Dismiss Paul G. Campbell
15. Letter from Mark Dalton Court Administration re 3179-2006 Fleeing Case January 11, 2008
16. Lancaster General Hospital CA–06-03349 Southern Regional Police Recording of Fleeing Event Transcript of April 5, 2006
17. Lancaster General Hospital Notes;Memos; and Medical Reports for 302 Petition (Fleeing) on April 5, 2006

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